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Hungry for some Panem Style?

Get your Hunger Games Groove on at Net-A-Porter

Capitol Couture at net a porterCatching Fire Opens this Friday November 22, 2013 and it’s looking like another hit movie.  The story is already a good one and the graphics and CG effects not seen in the first, will be seen in full glory for Catching Fire. Get ready for the clothes to crank  it up a couple notches.  They will be  even more outrageous than the first movie, especially in the Capitol City. Effie even wears a lavender ensemble straight out of Alexander McQueen’s 2012 Collection and get ready to see her in this  Classic  orange and green Alexander McQueen dress she wears during the Reaping .


Check this out! Trish Summerville who collaborated with H&M and the The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo back in 2011, is at it again, this time teaming up with Catching Fire and Net-A-Porter. Beginning this Thursday November 21, 2013, you can get your Hunger Games Groove on with the exclusive Capitol Couture collection. There will be 16 luxury pieces of Clothing, jewelry and laser cut leather goods all  based on the Catching Fire’s Fashion Forward looks.

Capitol Couture

Get ready to get on-line later this week, I suspect but don’t know for sure that these clothes will be limited in some way, shape or form. At least we’ll have a fair opportunity to nab them, the only way to get them is on-line at NET-A-PORTER.

Living in Hawaii, I wonder if someone will be selling the Wet-Suits they wear in the movie? Those look pretty slick!

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