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What’s Hot for Pop Father’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day is all about making sure that you send or deliver Flowers and maybe eat a bit of brunch and a phone call or two. Father’s day in my household is all about our annual tradition of  Breakfast at IHOP on Kuhio Ave in Waikiki, some presents for my dad and either getting some new kicks or wearing a pair that were just on ICE. Not sure what yo do for Father’s day, but to make it rock, You can’t go wrong with brand new Kicks to give  your father, grandfather, cousin, Neighbor or son.

Jordan 5's -

1.  Streetzblog Recommended Kicks for June 2013:  Any of the newer Lebron’s are a great choice-Super high-tech and the colors are pretty crazy perfect for dads all over the world.  And you can’t go wrong with Retro Jordan’s-this Sunday some nice black/grape 5’s are coming out.  Places to find these Hot Kicks for dad include, Premium Laces NYC,  FlightClubNYC, Eastbay and Mental Kicks.  Or if you’re a gambling kid, take your chances on finding some of these at your local Footlocker, Footaction or Champs.

Jordan 5 n the Black/Grape/Aqua colorway:  This is my favorite pair set to release this Saturday June 15, 2013. Eastbay might be a good place to get them at cost. I tend to like black in most my weekend clothes and especially as the main color of my kicks and I really dig the icey blue soles on these. TIP: If you put a pair of Dr. Scholl’s “Back” or “Knee” insoles in the Jordan 5’s they are great to play in and usually don’t even hurt my feet!

Next up are any of these various colorways of the Lebron 10’s.  They are a little pricey, but they are top of the line in technology and come in so many colors you’re bound to find your dads fav.


Lebron X Picture courtesy of

Lebron X -

Lebron X Knicks Colorway. PIcture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron X-picture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron X MVP-picture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron-X-My favorite.  Picture courtesy of

And any Jordan Retro 1-20. Especially hot are the 1-5’s, 11’s and 13’s.  Have a Great Week!  Cheers and Aloha!And as an added bonus, here’s the Adidias Real Deal “Knicks” Kicks that Iman Shumpert will be sporting during the 2013-14 season.  Not yet available to the public, unless  you know somebody.

Adidas Real Deal “Knicks” Kicks. Photo courtesy of official

More Hot Kicks for Halloween 2011

I Scream for Halloween!

As Halloween gets closer, Here’s some more options for you to wear this weekend.The Kicks pictured above are the “Screams” by Adidas.They’d look best at a job where you can put your feet up on a desk. Other than that you can’t much tell they’re for Halloween.Although the Bottoms are pretty sweet.

Blood Splattered Skate Shoes that look more like Boat shoes, either way they're pretty bloody!

These above are NIKE SB’s Janoski’s. To me, they look more like Boat shoes, then Skate shoes. At least the Blood looks real, but i sure wouldn’t skate in them or go on a boat with them. Just not my style, How Bout’ You?

NIke Dunk SB Lows. Picture courtesy of Freddy Krueger Stylee'

These are pretty Cool. But not quite as cool as the next pair. The Freddy Krueger Hi-Tops.

My Favorite Pick for this year's halloween

The Blood, the shirt he wore in the movie and the nice silver Nike Swoosh make these my Faves for this year’s Halloween weekend. This is a good year to wear lots of different kicks. Start on FRiday and go all the way through Monday. That’s at least 4-8 pairs you could wear. Hey-Dont forget to DVR Hawaii Five-0 on Halloween, because Freddy Krueger is rumored to be a “scary” guest star!

Should I get these or the upcoming Knicks Spikez? Tough Decision.

Or if you want to stretch your cash this year, you could get a pair of these sweet Melo 8’s we talked about the other day on Could wear them for Halloween then keep wearing them throughout the year, they def won’t go out of style.What are you wearing this weekend. Hit me up by text at 808 479 9928 and LMK. Send a picture if you like and we’ll post it up on in the blog.

Air McFly’s become Reality!

Aaah! All Week long, I thought I’d be talking about “Fashion’s Night Out” tonight, but when something like this comes around, it takes precedent over everything.  If you grew up in the 70’s or 80s or 80s and 90’s you must have seen at least 1 if not all 3 “Back to the Future” movies. And what do you remember most about the movies?  The DeLorean? well maybe  The Awesome Michael J Fox Guitar licks? maybe or maybe not. What you do remember is the Hoverboard and how cool it would be to have one! And if you’re into shoes, a full-blown sneaker addict or as I  remember back then just thinking “Wow that board is something I gotta’ have and Hey what are those crazy shoes he’s wearing?” I want those too!

Well after about 25 years, The Hoverboard is still not how we get to work in the morning. For reasons I just do not know! Because I know it can’t be too hard to make a flying skateboard. Ya know, I bet Rob Dryzeck has had a hoverboard for at least 10 years, him and probably Tony Hawk.We should be taking our hoverboards to work by now and HEY-Michael J Fox rode his in the 1985 movie, Whats the Deal!!  Putting Hoverboards on the back burner  for now-back to today’s real point:   Before today, we couldn’t get the Air McFly Shoes that have been buzzing the internet since..well..since the internet was born!  But today’s the Big Day!  Check out  the pretty interesting video at the top of this page that shows a warehouse of  full blow crazy A Shoes!!! I got the VID off of my favorite on-line magazine:  Pretty simple yet extremely eye-catching Video,and low and behold—— LOOK!  These are the new Air McFlys!!

Once I saw this Vid I went str8t over to HypeBeast to see what they had on the subject.  Here’s an up close and personal look at the shoe-they are actually called NIKE MAG-Air McFly-I dont know why they use the word MAG, we all know them as the Air McFly why not use the perfect name instead of MAG, Nike-Air McFly sounds perfectly fine to me. However, the name doesn’t  matter much right now, what matters is where do we get a pair?  Well, seems they only made 1500 pairs and the first 150 or so will be auctioned off on eBay. the others, who knows, check the local sneaker boutique and see what you find out. If anyone knows, hit us up over here at  for more pictures and lots more details, just click here and check out all the great information that Hypebeast has on these super-duper, long-awaited, highly anticipated Kicks release of 2011.

They are finally here,Wow! that took like forever.

Ya Know, I did go to Fashion Night Out this year, but it wasnt nearly as fun as last year, so kind of glad the Air McFlys came out.  I don’t know what I would have said about Fashion Night Out at Ala Moana 2011. But 2010’s Fashion Night Out was extremely Fun!!! And pretty hard to beat a great night out!

I just went to eBay to look for the shoes and as of 10:35 Hawaii Standard Time, these are priced at $8,200.  I guess it’s serious, but sure sounds like a lot, but maybe its movie stars doing the bidding.  the proceeds do go to a great CAuse-Michael J Fox’s foundation to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. But today,  I don’t even have $820 to pay for shoes, let alone $8,200!  Wow!!  As I hear them say “Happy Bidding”.

Street Alert-“Entourage” unleashes new trailer for Season 8 ..

So, most of us have all seen the Season 8 Trailer where the boys walk out into the sunset telling us that it’s the last season. Well finally today July 1st 2011, I just saw the trailer we have been waiting for – the trailer with scenes for the new season starting Sunday July 24th.  I only saw it once, but wanted to tell y’all that it’s up and running on HBO.  It has a pretty cool Eminem Tune playing in the background and shows some conflict between “Drama” and 80’s chain smoking jokester Andrew Dice Clay-seems “Drama” gets him a part in his new Gorilla Cartoon and something goes astray.  Other than that, I only had  chance to see the trailer once, but looks to me like Ari is gonna hook up with the scorching hot with the even more scorching personality Dana Gordon-some call her the female version of Ari, I call it some crazy sex on the way! And Ari’s separated wifey ain’t gonna’ be too pleased-Can we say Knarly “Cat Fight” on the way..oh yeah!

Ari and Dana Getting ready for Season 8!

This is gonna' be the year for you and me "Baby"

So far, no sign of Vince’s latest flame-Sasha Grey..but Bobby Flay does make an appearance or two on season 8 and one of the guys from the Big Bang Theory.  And even though it’s not on the trailer or on the internet, I suspect we gotta’ see Eminim show up sometime to do something fun on the show.

Well, I scoured the internet tonight looking for the new trailer, but guess it’s so new, no link yet.  But as soon as I find it I will add it to this post.

In regards to Street Fashion and Culture, this is purely a Street Alert, no need to comment on the fashion on Entourage. With that said, I can’t resist:   Ari always looks immaculate and  has perfectly tailored suits, “Drama” needs some new clothes or a hot new brand to wear, Turtle usually looks pretty street and always has HOT Kicks on and I really don’t care much about Eric. For some reason he irritates me even though I don’t personally know him.

I can’t wait until the premiere on Sunday July 24th and I’m hoping to get a part in the Entourage movie-I already know what I will wear:  My favorite worn and torn long sleeve dark yet faded blue Diesel shirt, my favorite super comfortable, perfectly fitting Holy Monarchy Jeans and either my new Electric Green Statue of Liberty Dunks or my patent Black Stealth Jordan 20’s.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!   Call me at 808 479 9928 if you want to know where to hang out this weekend on Oahu.  I know all the special hidden parking spots to see the fireworks and secret parties for the weekend. Have fun, be safe, Celebrate Life!

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