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Fast & Furious & Full of Action

Spoiler Alert-I saw Fast & Furious 6 on Tuesday May 21, 2013-I usually don’t write about movies I’ve seen because I tend to tell too much. So don’t read any further in case I say too much about this movie.

I’ve been to 5 of the 6 premiers for the Fast & The Furious Franchise movies, only missed one, which I saw opening weekend (close enough). Even though, Paul Walker isn’t in it, my favorite is Fast and& the Furious-Tokyo Drift. From that movie is the reason I have a 2012 Black Mitsubishi Lancer & my daughter has a 2008 black Mitsubishi Lancer.  I suspect my second favorite would be the new F&F-Six. It’s really fun to see all the old cast members and if I needed to put the movie into a one sentence capsule it would be: Fast & the Furious Six has tons of action, it’s very entertaining, has cryp familiar faces, a couple car races, a massive amount of explosions and is like watching Oceans 11 or 13 vs GI Joe or the Avengers.

What’s Hot and Not about Fast & Furious Six


1.  Fast Cars:  At least 2 car races,  3-5 car chases, a speed racer style racer ala mad max & a Tank.

2. Lots of  Familiar faces:Vin, Han, Brian, Letty, Riley, The Rock,  Mia, Gal, Roman, Luda, Rita Ora, Elena, even Jason Statham/Ian Shaw shows up near the end.

3.  Classic F&F Humor:  Like when the Rock shoots out the candy machine and when they make fun of Tyrese.

4.  BIG finale-then BIGGER real Finale:  Just when the movie seems like it ends, it starts all over again with an even better finale Scene. Crazy!

5.  Mostly Happy Movie:  Only one person I cared about died, the rest I either cheered or laughed when they got toasted.

6.  Up Beat Soundtrack: Continues the tradition of catchy, beat bouncy EDM and Hip Hop through most of the flick. I especially liked Here we Go by Hard Rock Sofa  when Vin raced Letty. That was Bangin!!

2 Chainz & Wiz Kahlifa  with “We Own It”


1.  No Mitsubishi Lancers: Come on now. You get me to get TWO cars and for the last two movies I’ve noticed ZERO Mitsu Lancers, actually barely any imports in the last two movies. Mostly American Muscle cars and Military lookin’ vehicles.

2.  Cool People die:  I personally didn’t think it was needed at all. But Hans girlfriend dies. Then the already dead Han gets killed again in a flash-back?/flash-forward? at the end of the movie.  NOTE to F&F. I usually fast forward through Tokyo Drift when Han dies the first time. I surely didn’t need to see him die again in Fast Six.  Ugh!

3. No new Tech gadgets:  There’s no new fun smartphones used by Vin’s team.  They use ratty old walkie talkies. What’s up with that? Where’s the Samsung Galaxy S6? or the iPhone6?

Well with 6 HOTS and just 3 NOTs, I would give it a for sure “Go See at the Movie theatre” rating. I may actually go again this weekend. I will just leave before Han dies…again.

Luda & Guetta, & Usher are Getting Fast & Furious with “Rest of My Life”

The newest Daft Punk song-Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams sounds like 2008 Chromeo to me. What do you think?

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