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Attack of the Feiyue wearing Werewolf

Attack of the werewolf – Movie from Feiyue on Vimeo.

We’re having fun now! OMG-This is going to be so much fun to have a blog for the Halloween Season. My favorite holiday which I’ve been writing about on my site for 5 years.But now with WordPress, more people like you will be able to see all the fun things that happen during the Halloween Season. I’m so Stoked!! This is a video entitled “Attack of the Werewolf” by a French Kicks maker called Feiyue. A few years back I almost ordered a pair of these kicks since I hadn’t seen them before in Hawaii. But, (at least back then) the shipping was almost as costly as the shoes, so I still don’t own a pair of these bad boys. But it’s pretty cool how they did some Advertising with their stylish Kicks and many a person’s favorite Holiday of Halloween!

Check out the MIchael Jackson Fashion references and dance moves and beware! The end is a slightly bit scary for an American Audience. It Probably doesn’t phase the Europeans one bit, but Americans you may freak a slight bit or not. Speaking of Europe, my dad just got back from Brussels last night, I hope he brought us some tunes or hot mags to write about here on I’ll let you know as soon as I have dinner with him on Saturday night. Until Then..Sweet Dreams (the song reference is of course the Marilyn Manson version.. which BTW I first heard at the Limelight in NYC long before the Limelight turned into an indoor mall) And Sniper Wells was the first to play it in the 808!

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