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Cowboys Kick Alien Butt!

Sweet! Nice Shirts!

I went to the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens Tonight/Thursday July 28, 2011, Daniel Craig was fun to watch, it had some real exciting action, a bit of humor and comp Shirts that I would buy in the store.  Grey and slate grey thin materialised shirts are my favorite. This one even has the distressed lettering. Pretty hip cool shirt for a movie premiere giveaway.  It even has the infamous nautical star that many people are getting tattooed over the last 5 years. The only thing missing is something to do with Aliens. The star shows the feeling of Cowboys, but I think it would have been Hot if they snuck the Alien in the background of the Star.  Although-fashionably over all an awesome shirt that I will wear this Summer and beyond. If you see the movie let me know what you think?  I think the critics can go many different ways on it.  Have a Great Weekend!!

Grey is the New Black-Summer 2011 Honolulu, HI

Grey is the New Black .. at least in ladies trousers

 Well, for years you hear people say that grey is the new black or brown is the new black and  nothing ever changes, black has always and will always be the coolest color and black will always be the new black.  Although, in the past few years with the economy acting up in some people’s heads and reality’s..Flat is the new in if your revenue numbers are flat from last year-you are doing good.

Grey all the Way!

Anyways:  For two months I have witnessed the ladies in downtown go from black to grey and in the beginning when I first noticed it, I thought “ah that’s just a trendy ahead of the time jet setter from NY or L.A” but after watching the downtown Honolulu crowd for the last two months straight. \This is not an isolated case of Grey taking over black. It is really happening.  BUT, before you throw everything out of your closet and run to the store to get Grey Clothes. I want you to know its Grey pants that are the “in thing” in downtown Honolulu. Ladies in Grey guys like business pants cut slim and sleek are the number one pair of grey slacks. Then you have the grey chinos, The grey tights, Jeans and everything else.  If you want to be “in” this summer and you’re only buying one pair, get the cool, hip, trendy, grey business pants cut sleek and slim..Winners!

Grey is good to go!

Note:  This is real, after a few weeks, I was going to write about it, but didn’t believe it, now after two months of seeing the grey pants everywhere in downtown. this is Real!  Grey pants on ladies in downtown Honolulu in the business district IS the NEW BLACK!

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