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Cyber-Monday-2012 #cybermonday official

This is good and bad, I misplaced both my Credit Card and my Debit card and my driver’s license lat Saturday night.  Good of course because now I really can’t shop on Cyber Monday and bad of course because i wasted 2 hours tearing up my house and car Sunday night looking for the 3 cards. I’m sure they will all three show up sometime around 11P on Monday Night-just after Cyber-Monday is officially over.

it’s ok, I’m still on a “no buying clothes and shoes with credit card ban until December 18 and a no buying kicks probation with any type of money or CC until the same date”.

Here’s some of the Great Deals I spotted on my email and twitter feeds, IF I could buy today. Since it’s so early or so late at night right now 3:24AM, I’m not bothering with many links or pictures, I’m sure for one day and for such good deals you can just google them. Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!  *Note:  You may need to sign up for some of these newsletters and alerts yourself, or they just may work with the codes I listed.  At least the info is all listed below and 4 for 40 percent off a little work is probably worth it!

  1. Adidas Cyber Monday Special: Spend $75 get $10, Spend $100 get $20 and my favorite is spend $150 and get $40! Code is holiday. (Email offer)
  2. @MarcJacobs:  40% off Fall, free shipping and GWP.  Now even without a CC or Debit Card handy, I have tried this sale twice but don’t get it. Everytime I click on something I like it seems to be full price. Even when I put it in my basket it comes to full price. They tweeted me, so I tweeted them back asking what was up?  Been about 20 minutes and I still dont know. I tried the same  thing on Thanksgiving.  I don’t get how this 40% off sale works, unless their isnt anything for Guys available at 40% off, maybe all the good stuff is the winter line not the Fall?  If you know, LMK. Thanks (Twitter Feed)
  3. Eastbay:  Get $25 off orders of $99 or more.  Use promo code EMEB2V69 at Check-Out. (Email offer)
  4. SWELL:  Get 25% off all day long on Cyber-Monday. Use promo code:RGIFT2U  (Email Offer)
  5. Hackney’s Restaurant:  Purchase $100 in gift cards and receive a $20 GC for yourself. Would be fun to use when the Bears play and they have that 50% off hamburger deal.  BTW their best burgers are the blue cheese burgers on dark Rye-YUM! (Email Offer)
  6. Tobi: 40% off of entire site.  This is where I found some pretty trendy pants I read about in Details magazine. Many HOT designers on this site. But so far this morning all I can find are the Women’s clothes and I can’t remember my password to get on the site. oh well, if you want to work hard enough to get this deal, I think it is worth it-the designers are actually pretty awesome and typically big time Quality items. You may need to sign up quickly for their news letter.  Promo code is:GOBBLE40 (Email Offer)
  7. Amazon:  They just say to keep clicking until I find something for a good price. That’s ok, I want speed and info quickly now so I can go back to sleep. LOL (Email offer)
  8. Barney’s:  Has 11 pretty happening designers listed including Theory, Vince and Michael Kors.  They say “shop the sale and get free 2 day shipping” (Email offer) I think its much more fun to shop in person at Barney’s, real similar to a Nordstrom shopping experience.  Lots of great fun people to help you!
  9. Case-Mate: Save Up to 50% off site wide.This is actually pretty fun. I had a choice of 4 windows filled with snow, I got to choose 1 and see my deal. Then I clicked on another button and received my own personal “active” promo code. I did get my own personal active promo code. but the snow thing didn’t work too well, the iPhone just thought about it and it tried to access something but nothing happened. so I called them and no one answered. Cute and fun idea, but not exactly user-friendly. oh well maybe it will work for you. I’d actually recommend shopping on your laptop or iPad and not the iPhone, second time tonight I couldn’t access things quickly. (Email Offer)
  10. @Megan_Massacre:  Get 20% off everything on her webstore all day today. She’s from the TV show with Ami where they do the live tattoo’s in Soho.  Not sure what she is selling, I’d buy a tat from her, not sure if I need anything else, from a tattoo artist. (Twitter Feed)
  11. Brooklyn Nets: Spend $100 and get $25 back, Now that is a deal! Promo Code: CMDEAL  (Email Offer)

*Marc Jacobs Update (4:36AM)  They said to look for the full list of sale items at   Hope this list helped a bit with your Cyber-Monday Shopping. Let streetzblog know what you bought or if you find some cool deals for our readers.  Just click in the comments section or email me at   Or if you’ve got something great for me to write about for Cyber-Monday or the Holidays just text me at 808-479-9928. Have a great day!

Hey and since I was having too much fun during Black Friday Weekend, I didn’t have a chance to write up the deals.  But the best thing I saw was over at the Volcom store in Haleiwa. They had $23 Shirts with the Volcom logo and the Hawaiian Islands  on them for 2 for $20. That’s 4 for $40 instead of 2 for $46!!! I bought 4. Perfect Christmas Gifts, LOL-I already gave 3 away and wore the other yesterday!.  Anyways if you live on Oahu, I’d head over there or call them and see if the deal is still on.  It was still on Saturday Afternoon and that was not Black Friday it was Saturday.  OK, going back to sleep now, gotta’ work in the morning. Lates!

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