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Love is in the Air for the 15th Str8t year!


LOVE Festival 2013 Details Here:

Love Festival Hawaii is the original and first  Ultimate Dance Event in Hawaii.  This year marks the 15th year of the event. I was at 1-4 and the last 2. Here is just a sampling of this years (2013) Offering.  I can’t wait for this year’s event especially AC SLATER.   Check back to this post anytime for updates. I’ll be doing them every other day or so until the night of the show.

AC Slater: Who I have on my master play list, These are my 4 favorites that he was either responsible  for doing or remixed: “Flickery” by the  Audio Bully’s-one of my favorite London Bands-who I bet could do a great remix of  “Waikiki Beats”.  “Chrome Knight” featuring one of my home boys bands “Chromeo”, AC SLATER’s own “Jack got Jacked” (Udachi Remix) and “Stomp Yo Shoes” (One of my favorite Electro bands the Bloody Beetroots clap remix-Aston Shuffle Vocal) *And I’m very sure that AC’s own “Little Chronic” will “blow” up  BIG at this year’s event!

Check out LC by AC right here;

Here’s one of AC Slater’s latest hits:

Performing at Love Festival 2013 on July 20th at Kakaako Park – 40 artists on 6 Stages including:

Flosstradamus, DJ Craze, G-Spot, DJ REZA and more.  Including: Modern Romance, Mike D, Daniel J, DJ KAM, Brett Bakman, Soundsex, Tide, Techmarcher and even more!  Tix available here

In the meantime, let’s go from Hawaii to NYC and Check out this Vid on some of the history on NY nightlife I found on the toast blog. Some of the cinematography is pretty amazing. Stories are true, I remember being at few of them..LOL.

Get Busy (Child) This Saturday with the Crystal Method

Crystal Method in

The Crystal Method Return to Oahu this Saturday!

The Crystal Method return to Hawaii This Saturday August 11th at the newly opened Republik Concert Venue Thanks to BAMP Project and 00spot. Sorry the flyer picture is so small, I got it from a friend of mine as a link on Facebook, But if you need more information on the event, just click here or here  The last time they were here it was my same friend that hooked me up with an interview with them for Our world-famous XLR8TV Show that played on Olelo on Oahu. Now that was totally AWESOME! #funtimes

I remember the last time I saw them in Hawaii, It was quite a night! They played in Pucks Alley and Matt Grimm played a snippet of a song I was really digging and was telling him about at the time-“Music Sounds Better with You”.  He had it powered up on a pumped up remix with major steroids that I didn’t even recognize it, but I was still stoked he played it for me. Matt got the crowd warmed up and warmed up is NOT and understatement at all.  That place was a major Sweatbox. Even though it must have been 10 or so years ago, it was one of those times I felt too old to be at a place like that.(It was actually just too hot and there were too many people packed in there) But many years later and many more raves, concerts and EDM extravaganzas later, I’m still not too old to go to things that I like. What am I supposed to do?  See the Opera? or the Symphony?  No way Jose-I would rather stay at home and crank the IPhone in the iHome Speakers.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you like something do it, no matter what your age is. And even though this isn’t a fashion blog post today, if you didn’t hear me before, if you like to wear something and it makes you feel good-then wear it. Don’t listen to GQ or Details when they tell you some of the crip clothes and kicks are just for the kids.  I believe we only live once, so wear and go where you want.  And actually, you notice what you’re wearing much more than the crowd, nowadays many of them just care about themselves or they’re too busy tweeting on their smartphone to see you or the entertainment playing at the gig!

picture on
“We want you to See you This Saturday!” or “The 3 Finger Shaka”

Here’s one of my Favorite Crystal Method Tunes-“Get Busy Child”.  See you at the show.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky again and get to interview them Or maybe go surfing with them on Sunday?

And Since I’m not quite ready for sleep (12:04AM) Here’s “Keep Hope Alive” – The Live in the club Version.  Check out the Gals in the Angel Wings.

No Sleep Till Sunday!


Import Car Show Models-April Joy and Jenn July 20, 2012


When the Beastie Boys are in NY they shout “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Here in Hawaii this weekend, we scream “No Sleep Till Sunday”. Saturday from Noon – 1030PM is Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown and Saturday night til’ 3am is the 14th annual Lovefest at Kakaako Park.

Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown

Saturday July 21, 2012-Aloha Stadium-Noon-10:30pm:  Cars, Trucks,Hotrods, Bikes, Dog Show, B-Boy Contest, Bootie Contest, Hawaii’s first ever Tow Truck competition and as you can see from above-Import car models in the “Dream Model Lounge”.  $15 Pre-Sale tickets are available at Junk Shop Pros located at 1015 Dillingham Blvd or $20 tix available at the door.  I’ll be there around 2p taking pictures and checkin’ out the scene. Then I’ll be heading over to the Lovefest. *Thanks fo April Joy and Jenn for stopping by the station today!

The 14th Annual Love Festival

Saturday July 21, 2012-Kakaako Park-Whenever you get there until 3:00am:  The Biggest Dance party of the year featuring MSTRKRFT, SWITCH, MIMOSA, and of course the DJ’s who probably have been at ALL 14 Lovefest’s- JUNIOR SANCHEZ & DJREZA AND G-SPOT! Tix available all over town or at the door. If I were you, I’d upgrade to VIP or some VIP Cabana-Action, last year at the waterpark this event was so massive, it moved to practically the WHOLE Kakaako Waterfront Park.

I’ll be at the door from 4p-7p, so stop by and say “Hi” because just like last year, I’ll be checking out the fashions, kicks and garb.  Hopefully I’ll get some better pix this year. If you do say Hi, make sure I remember to get your pic!  *See what Last year’s Music and fashion was like by clicking here     

And on the music tip at Lovefest, I’m looking forward to MSTRKRFT, I’ve been playing Bounce on Sounds from the Scene since 2008, also played their remixes of Chromeo’s Tenderoni and D.A.N.C.E by Justice.  You may know them better from some of their latest tunes like Heartbreaker with John Legend, Beards Again and Back in the USSA. Or from some of their latest remixes of Katy Perry’s California Girls, Scream and Shout by Kelis or Zero by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

BTW:  For some reason I like to call them Mysterycraft but their name is really pronounced mastercraft-it’s basically the name of a Canadian Tool Company with all the vowels taken out of the name.

See you at the car show or the rave..either place, say “Hi” so I can get some good pix for streetzblog and remember “No Sleep Til Sunday!”

Official flyer of the 2012 Lovefest on July 21, 2012 on Oahu

Street Styles at LoveFest 2011-WnW Hawaii 8/23/11

I was at the 13th annual Love Fest at Wet n Wild Hawaii last night and as you know, wherever I go I try and spot out the hottest street styles that I can find.  Here’s a quick sampling of what people were wearing at this Huge 8,000 people plus Rave in Hawaii.  For lots more pictures of the event, check out Tracy Chan’s blog on Non Stop Honolulu, she usually has some really good pix of all the hot weekend events.


Black patent and pink Anime Harajuko style dresses and corsets with knee hi socks

Various cartoon characters like Minny Mouse and Cat Woman

Lots of black tops and black skirts

Flourescent beaded bracelets a la 1994

Bright and Light blue hair

Clear Black rimmed and colored eye glasses


Lots and lots of Nike Shoes-Jordans, Dunks, Airs, etc.

T-Shirts with foxy girls on them.  Girls naked, Girls with Girls, Girls kissing,Girls smoking, and Girls just plain looking sexy.

Shirts, no shirts, shorts, some dark skinny jeans, and Lots of backward/sideward baseball caps.

Flourescent rimmed Sunglasses and regular sunglasses at night.

And my favorite shirt of the night was a basketball jersey that said DEADMAU across the back with a number 5 on it to spell out DEADMAU5.  Here’s a picture of it that I found on-line and you can get them at

Deadmau5 basketball jersey as seen at the LoveFest 2011 in Hawaii

If you’re a reader of this site, you know I like a nice pair of shoes, here’s a perfect pair to go with your DEADMAU5 Jersey.


Let me know some of the Clothes and Shoes you thought were HOT at the 13th Annual LoveFest in Hawaii or at the latest Rave that you attended. Smile, compliment, be thankful and blessed. Have a great week!

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