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Heat of the Moment

Designer Spot-Light:  Daniel Patrick

Soho, NY & Melrose, LA


High-End Street Wear Brand, Daniel Patrick is the Hottest shop in Soho, NYC in January 2017. Streetzblog will cover the brand and store in this blog posting. Before it, here’s the ascension to that moment:  I have a bit of a set program when I hit the Streets of NY each and every December. This year being no different:

Friday: Stay at the Roosevelt Hotel. Say Hi to Alfredo, Check into the hotel, Get Dressed and head Uptown.  Uniqlo for warm clothes, Aldo, H&M, Saks, Sephora, See The Rockefeller Tree, Barney’s (My Fav), Bloomingdale’s and get some food from Scott’s Deli. This year I added in the new Adidas Store on 45th and 5th and a couple other cool places

Saturday: Soho no matter what! Cold-hot, Raining-Snowing. This is where I go the Saturday before Christmas.  Hit the Sample sales, H&M, Pink, Opening Ceremony, the new Rick Owens spectacular store, Astor Barber, Chinatown, Coffee from the deli (Extra Sweet, Extra Light: Since I’m on Vay-Cay) Rag n Bone, Anna Sui, Alexander Wang and All Saints. I Miss Canal Jean Company, Unique Boutique, and this year DRB-One of the best places to get Christmas presents, It was gone for good-some people didn’t get their presents this year, #Ugh.

It’s a little after Alexander Wang, that I strolled upon Daniel Patrick.  Come to find out the store is pretty new in Soho, so was very lucky to find it. Listed below are some pictures I took, a bit about the brand and some flavorful pictures from their IG account. Hope you enjoy seeing and hearing everything.     *I’ll post up NY’s Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays itinerary at the end of the article.

Daniel Patrick-Soho, NYC: 96 Grand St. Near Mercer; close to The Alexander Wang Boutique

I left the Alexander Wang Boutique and was attempting to get to the new Rick Owens store. Over the years, the maps on my iPhone have gotten better, but I still can’t quite figure out North from South, so I went around the block 2x and saw a nice looking facade with color coded clothing from the street view. So, I entered the Daniel Patrick store in Soho.  I think I was the first customer of the day. Since I live in hot weather, I went straight to the shorts.  Bought a pair of the Comfy Army Lounge drop-crotch shorts. At the end of the day, I came back for the black pair of the same shorts!


The store was filled with excellent High End Streetwear. Best part about it is it was all color coded and easy to find all the great gear.  Comfy Shorts, Soft to the touch shirts, Layered clothing, Bombers, and even Kicks. Me being a shoe guy, it was so weird I didn’t even notice the kicks, the clothes were so unbelievable! After visiting the Soho Store, I’ve seen some nice shoes on their instagram account.

Arriving back in Hawaii, I researched the brand a bit and Wow! There are lots of Celebs and Hot Models who wear these clothes.  Kinda’ fun the way I found the store.  I’ve always worn my own style, but over the years, I’ve noticed many people getting extremely attached to what they see on the web. And I wondered how much I’ve been influenced too. Something I may blog about some day. Anyways, I liked how I found the store because I totally dig the clothing with no pre bias.

Here’s some great pictures of the brand: Pictures taken from their IG account.

If there were a place to get your streetwear basics plus stay on trend Daniel Patrick is the place to shop.  Like shopping at the Gap used to be and kinda still is for Norm-Core, Daniel Patrick is the place for streetwear. You get your Blacks & Greys along with the seasonal colors. Everything feels good, looks good and is totally on trend and on Fia’ for a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. –Streetzblog December 2016.

Here’s a little excerpt from the DP Bio on their website that pretty much sums it all up:

The collections draw a number of inspirations that are true to who Daniel is and this identity becomes more and more poignant from collection to collection. Drawing inspiration from his favorite cities, Los Angeles and New York, his love of hip hop music and desert hikes, while also combining his athletic background with a minimal and militant appeal each collection unfolds. Daniel is continuously creating and tweaking and is known to drop new pieces more frequently than the regular fashion calendar dictates.

My personal purchases included:  2 pairs of the Roaming Shorts (Army & Black), Orange NYC Tee, and even though I live in a warm part of the world, I had to get the Black NYC Hoodie. I wore it everywhere, including Chicago and crashed out on the plane with it on all the way from Chi-Town to Hawaii. It’s my favorite item, very comfortable, kept my warm & the hood is the perfect sizes for hiding out. Just need a pair of shades to go with it and you’ll be an instant Celeb!

A couple more pix of the women’s gear:

For more on Daniel Patrick, check them out on-line, or in Soho New York City or in Los Angeles on Melrose.  Their Instagram account is pretty LIT too. If you go to the NY store say Hi to Jay and let them know Streetzblog says Hello!

I could shop there all day, my wish list includes:  The black denim trousers with the zippers and holes in the knees, a Black oversize Tee, The Ink colored Layered Tee, some of the darker camo clothing and maybe even a pair of Kicks.

*And here is the rest of the usual Trip to NY itinerary:  Is there anything you would add to a trip to NY? If you have something, please add it to the comments section below.  I’ll be there next December right before Christmas. 

Sunday: This is always brunch day with friends from NY, it’s also cultural day where I go to a museum, see a play or the Knicks or Rangers, it’s also the first time I get a solid sleep.

Monday: I see my friend who used to live in Hawaii and either have lunch or go to the Knicks game. Check out Dover Street Market/DSM on Lexington, hit up Mood and the fashion district for great fabrics and accessories to make more clothes, then head back to Soho to make sure I covered everything.

Tuesday: Pretty much sleep, Eat at the Roosevelt’s All You Can Eat Buffet (Best Bacon and Fruit in NYC) do some last-minute packing, and rest before heading to Chicago.

See you on the Streetz!

Hot on the Streetz of NYC-12/16/11

Streetz Blog Dot Com on the Streetz of NYC-Mid-Town

I like to be positive whenever I write a streetzblog, but I gotta’ tell you right now, writing a blog in NYC is very frustrating, the internet and the phone goes out about every 10 minutes out here. I really don’t know how people communicate here. I suspect they text most of the time. So, I will write this up, but it may get jagged, because the internet keeps going on and off both yesterday and today. Staying positive, I’m doing my best to hook you up w/ the action on the streetz of NYC Dec 2011 and the Streetz are blazing this year!

I’ll write quick and edit it more later when the connection is better, here goes for Saturday December 16, 2011:

1. Premium Laces on Spring Near Lafayette. Kicks galore, but don’t let what you see on the wall tell the whole story. when the guys working there were having fun playing mini baseball, I saw some crisp new Cements in the back. Just ask and you may find your Holy Grail at this store!!  I was out of money at the time, hopefully i wasn’t dreaming and they’ll have some “CRIPS” when I go back.
2. Kid Robot:  you’ve probably seen the logo, the T’s and the Toys. But it’s the store where all the fun is really at!  I spent about 30 minutes here just having fun.  We answered a trivia question and won a limited edition kidrobot vs Adult Swim mini toy, I bought a few “surprise” boxes, and the limited Edition SkullCandy VS KidRobot headphones are to die for.  What a fun time, even if you don’t spend a dime here, it’s a fun place to hang. BTW I spent and got some really cool KR logo’d bags too.  
3.  82 Mercer-Pop up Store with Yelp:This place was so much fun!  It was just a two-day pop up store, but extremely entertaining.  They had 35 local Soho and Brooklyn based booths.  Free Cocoa when I walked in, then free pop chips with a toss and win game.  I bought a pretend butterfly in jar that looks super real. It flutters around in the jar just like it’s stuck in the jar.  So cool!  I also bought a jar of liquid coffee brewed like a fine wine. You just mix the liquid coffee with water and voila – Killer coffee in seconds.  Here’s the picture of the liquid coffee Concentrate bottle:

Can't Wait to try this out-it tasted great at the Pop-Up Store!

The 82 Mercer-Pop-Up-Store also had a really fun Custom T-Shirt Booth.  It was very, actually lets say VERY,VERY Old School, Yet pretty contemporary with the shirts it outputted. Basically you could choose a design or a few designs to customize your shirt. then the man spread the paint down, then took a really heavy plate and placed it on the shirt. then He put it on a table with an old looking metal crank and he hand cranked the plate and paint on to the shirt.  Was pretty cool and a fun experience. Here’s a picture of the shirt making contraption from   

The Ol' School Printing Press

My favorite part about the 82 Mercer Street Pop Up store was the B.GOLD clothing release Party in the back.  I had a great time talking to the Posse of the designer and goofing around with them.  I hooked them up with a couple of Starbecks shirts and they really liked them. I tried to buy a couple of things, but most was too cold weather. but i will order something from them later on.  They have really nice clothes for guys that are extremely detailed.  They also had free beer, free shots of vodka, free meatballs and free mix tapes. Along with a DJ who played everything from Jay-Z to Rihanna to Swedish House Mafia.  Great Time all the way!  Thanks for the fun time!  
Here’s a picture of the vodka bottle withe a blue neon scrolling sign embedded on it.  WOW!  Awesome!
 These bottles were on the table at the B.GOLD clothign line party. the Neon sign scrolled across the bottle. Was really Cool.
And before I even knew I was going to their party, I put one of my stickers near their poster in a real “Phone Booth”  Who would have thunk, I would end up having such a good time with the B. GOLD Crew!!  Also, thanks to Yelp for putting on the party!
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