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On the NYC Streetz-Day One Str8t off the plane!

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Seeing that I always have a great time in NYC the week proceeding Christmas, this year I figured I let you know of all the big highlights. In case you are coming to the Big Apple,This is’s recommended itinerary. I typically do something quite similar to this each and every year. And have the most awesome time year after year. Last year I blogged about my trip on streetzblog. and the 5 years prior to that you could find the Hot finds under Hot Trends on another website of mine.

This year, I will just have fun. might have a few spelling or grammatical errors, this week, I’m not going for Journalistic award winning essay’s, just the fun and excitement of the big city without the stress of making it perfect. Hope you enjoy the listings:

Here’s Day One:

The Roosevelt Hotel: Str8ght off the plane I always head to the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th and Madison. Many of the people remember me and treat me just like family. Special shout outs to my good friend at the front Desk-Alfredo, who year after year it is a pleasure to hang out with and chat about what’s been happening over the last year. He is so totally awesome and Freindly, I truly recommend this hotel because of Alfredo and his expertise.

Then head down the street Uptown to:

The NBA Store:  About a block from this store this year, I saw a man wearing the most amazing big brown yet extremely stylish boots, looked up and noticed his  Military style sleek black top coat looked crisp, expensive designer type and pretty expensive looking. Then I looked into his eyes to compliment his shoes and got tongue stuck.  It was the NY Knicks very own Amare Stoudemire! #Celebsiting on Day One. Oh yeah!

H&M:  I usually hit this up on day one for some yearly essentials like real comfy black and slate grey v-necks and T’s (on sale this year for just $5,99). This year I also bought some of the David Beckham gear. And,  It’s also a great place to get what I call “throwaway” trendy threads. Many of the looks are very NOW yet perfectly priced.

Uniqlo:  Get yourself one of their ultra light thin shiny black, blue or silver down jackets. They are perfect for inclimate weather anywhere from 30% to 45%.  And they take up ZERO room in your suitcase. They also have some great thin yet effective long underwear in extremely stylish colors and fabrics. Fun and exciting store to get rid of any jet lag that may still be stuck in your bones. Lots and lot to look at, see and do.  Sit up at the top of the escalator and people watch, its so, so perfect. This is where I spotted my first real Trend for 2012.  These were Women’s shoes: Short black or brown with silver zippers. With Light Brown WOODEN soles.  They look totally Terrif!

Momofukus Milk Bar:  For sure pick up some of the Milk Cereal for yourself and some for perfect office presents.  The stuff tastes just like it sounds. Just like the sweet milk as you are finishing your morning bowl of fruity pebble’s cereal. I also recommend the cereal milk ice cream-have a scoop for a mid morning pick me up. And be sure to get some of their perfectly chewy cookies in Marshmallow, blue berry and chocolate chip.  (I had 2.5 of these today, ohh so good)

Niketown:  Wow! 5 or 6 stories of Nike products, kicks and on the top floor they have a NIKEID factory!  The lady there also said that Spike Lee likes to come in every couple of weeks and that he was just there two days ago. I asked if he bought some SpikEz, she said “No no shoes, just B-Ball Gear”.  Maybe you’ll see him when you go there.  Ask him where he purchased the nice Bernard King Black and orange Jersey he’s been sporting at this year’s games.  As you know I like black Jerseys and I would like a custom one of those. And don’t forget the Jordan “Bred” 11’s go on sale this Friday November 21st.  I tried to figure out how to get a pair something about twitter and Niketownnyc, but it didn’t quite work for me. my advice: Better start finding a way to get your hands on a pair; this is the shoe of the year!!!

Barney’s:  This is the Sneakerhead’s upscale boutique for some kicks and practically any and every other style of dress and casual shoes you can ever imagine. Last year I picked up a pair of Grendel “Fred”  hi-top brogues in black with white soles. This year, I nabbed a super excellent deal on a pair of Paul Stuart slate grey, black and dark purple high tops I’d been eyeing for the last 4 months. And they usually have a big sale in mid December. Mines were close to $300 off their original retail tag. $610 shoes for about $317. It’s the only time of year I pay more than $100 for a pair of dress shoes, but they do have something here for everyone and last year I picked up a Barney’s card in a matter of minutes. Took my 9 months of $35 payments to pay of the “Fred’s”, how easy is that?!?!?!

And check this out!  They have the Rick Owens High tops I’ve mentioned a couple other times on my blog. I didn’t purchase these ($1120) But I did try them on in the store and nabbed these two pictures! 🙂

Rick Owens on my

These are my feet, just not my shoes..LOL

These are my feet, just not my shoes..LOL

Next up I had dinner at

Trattoria Dop Teatro: Everything was delish. the antipasto, gargonzola, pear and cheeze pizza, and my favorite dish was the arugala salad with shaved parm. Great and friendly service and I got to watch the Nets game live on TV

Then hit up Duane Reade for supplies. Even if you’re here for just a few days I suggest you get a Duane Reade card. After every $100 purchase you get either $5 or $10 to spend, depends on how generous they are each year.

Then I went back to the Roosevelt, ate another Milk Bar cookie and passed out. * I didnt really pass out the cookie gave me way to much energy so I wrote this blog..LOL Although,  I do need a good nights sleep for Day Two and the Knicks vs the Nets game!

You can also follow the trip on instagram @streetzpix or Twitter Scottmackenzie3 or check out the Streetzblog FB page. I’d say instagram is the best bet. And if you live around here and want Streetzblog to come by and write about you, your products or your store,  just email me at or text me at 808 479-9928. I’ll be here until Sunday then over to Chi-Town for some Belmont Street Action!



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