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Lucky You Live Hawaii!

I spend most of my year in Hawaii, although this year I’ve been lucky enough to go to L.A and Seattle and in about a week I head to NYC then over to Chicago.  And since I grew up in Chicago, it totally freaks me out when I see people in Hawaii wearing winter coats! Just today as I walked to work from my parking structure, I saw TWO different girls dressing like it was 34 degrees outside.  The first girl had a full-blown red Down Jacket WITH Hood and it was totally zipped up.  The Second Girl was even more bundled up wearing a long black jacket down to her knees buttoned up and Yes, She also had a hood and Yes, she had it on over her head!!! If you’re reading this from anywhere else in the world you must be thinking WTF! like me!  It’s like 76 degrees outside.  I was in too much of a hurry to get to work, but this is similar to what one of the girls was wearing:

I saw a Girl wearing this today in Honolulu, Hawaii!!

I guess all I can say is cold weather is all relative to wear you live.  Cold at 76 degrees?  Me, I don’t really mind 35 degrees on up. When it gets to 17 degrees that is not fun for me! Well, now on to another subject. Last night I was prett over worked and the too lazy to post a blog so I tweeted pretty quickly about the fashions at the 2011 Surfer Poll.  The Surfer Poll hosted by Freddie P and Sal M  took place last night at the Turtle Bay Hotel on the North Shore. Now, here’s a couple of sample shots of what most of the pro surfers were wearing. Almost all of them had either bright plaid or dark plaid.  and most shirts weren’t flannel, More of a nice soft cotton variety.

Here’ another shot of the hipster plaid look that seems to be pretty in right about now. (“The Funk Soul Brother, Right about now”: Fat Boy Slim)

Pretty happening shirt December 2011

And here’s a picture of a shirt similar to what the great Kelly Slater was wearing last night:

My sister actually bought be a knock off of this designer dud at Target the other day.  I’ve actually gotten a few great looking plaids over at Target.  Check out the Missoni and Meroni Brands.  I especially like the feel and long-lasting material that the Missoni’s are made from.  I have a Missoni in an untraditional plaid of Orange, Blue, Black and White.  And my Missoni is Dark grey and black similar to the look as seen above.

BTW:  My favorite surfer to watch in the Ocean is John John Florence with Kelly Slater coming in a close second.  John John was wearing a pretty nice black suit with black shirt and dark jeans.  Looks like he’s gearing up for BIG things to come.  Right now, he’s surfing the best in the WORLD!  He came in 5th in Haleiwa, 1st at Sunset and Today he totally went off!!! at Pipe! He even received the first score of a perfect 10 today at Pipeline!  Hope the finals are John John vs Kelly Slater-that would be killer.

And since I’m going to the mainland soon and I have a new iPhone, I ‘ve been seeing a lot of these gloves in the mags.  Fingerless, usually made of wool. Some have some pretty cool stripes and colors mixed in with the all black gloves. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’ve been seeing in the magazines.  I’ll let you know if I actually see them in the Streetz of NYC or Chicago.

Been seeing these in lots of mags and the Express mailer

Must be cold in this guys house..LOL

And to finish tonight’s post off, I leave you with a pretty happening piece of Jordan jewelry.  Me, I like it, but I’m saving up for the Air Jordan 11 Concords set to drop on December 23rd 2011.  See you in the line-up, probably somewhere in Chicago!  Text me if you’re there and we can chat about what’s happening in your city for the holidays.  My text number is 808 479 9928.



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