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Nice Pants! Fall 2016

The men’s runway shows are bringing us some pretty dope clothes for Fall 2016. In the previous blog we saw some nice jackets and pants from Dsquared2. Today we find some pretty bangin’ pants from Yohji Yamamoto and Dries Van Noten.

Yohji Yamamoto


  • The color black. There will never be a new black. Maybe slate grey, but nah, black will always rule.
  • Straps:  I used straps on my DIY bomber jacket, Stampd used them in 2015 on their bombers and a pair of trousers. I own a pair of chapters with a couple straps. But this is next level twisting, flipping, turning, cropping, of the black strap. Very nice!
  • Layering black on black always a dope look.
  • Possible skirts for the mainstream? They don’t quite look like a kilt or a skirt with the layering, so maybe this will be the year?
  • And we can see the skinny and super skinny jeans of 2011-2015 finally and definitively moving towards a more bulky, comfortable silhouette. Whew!

Pictures courtesy of Monica Feudi and

Dries Van Noten


  • Sweet Pin Stripes.
  • Crisp, cool, a bit more bulky than before pin striped shorts. A must have for Fall 2016.
  • Once again, The skirt that’s not a Skirt. Layering and changing up the cut could be the breakthrough?
  • The layered look.
  • Comfort is in. From these 2 runway shows we see just a touch of the more bulky baggier look. In some of the other shows for Fall 2016, the pants are even wider than these. Gonna be a great year for men’s clothing especially pants.

Pictures courtesy of Yannis Vlamos, and

See you on the Streetz! This week, nothing too special, maybe some eating, sleeping, and resting. Before Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl.

Nothin’ but Noten

Dries Van Noten Men’s Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show Paris, France

Day-Glo Yellow/Green, some Plums and Purples, Greens, Blues and my favorite high frequency theme color for the season, more Greys & Grays and a bit  of Black. All accompanied by an up dated remix of the Rolling Stones tune…Sympathy for the Devil. Thanks to Fashion TV for the clip and WWD for the info on where the show took place..the former stables underneath the Grand Palais.  Seems like the Grand Palais is a place I need to add to my bucket list.

Don’t forget to take the Grey or Gray Survey, by the time 50 Shades of Grey comes out on February 14, 2015, we’ll  find out if you like it spelled Grey or Gray? So far, I’ve either found our made up 84 (As of 4/20/14) ways to say the word grey, I suspect by 2015, we will be way above 100, have fun adding to the list and we’ll mention your website/blog with a pingback to your site. Get ready for an upcoming post on Spring suits for Men See you on the Streetz. Happy Easter and Happy Week to you, your friends, family, co-workers and school-mates.

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