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Just Doin’ It!

NYC Streetball B-Ball movie Just released today-Monday May 1st-2013

Doin' It in the Park-Streetzblog

Doin’ It In the Park is the new Streetball basketball movie By Bobbito Garcia that just came out Today/Monday May 1st 2013.Bobbito is the mad skilled dribbler who appeared in the Nike commercial that featured  sounds of  B-Balldribbling and no other talking.  He also had a really HOT show on ESPN about celebrities and their kicks & He produced and starred in Bobbito’s Basics to Boogie.  I’ve  always been a big fan of Bobbito-An OG sneakerhead and he taught me some pretty happening dribbling tricks through his B to B DVD.  What I really liked about Bobbito is when I was having a bit of trouble with one of the dribbling skills, he returned my email back in 2004 and gave me the encouragement to accomplish the skill that I still use in the park to this day! His new movie  “Doin’ It In The Park” has a digital download for just $9.99 and is available here.

I personally still need to finish watching The Knicks and Celtics game on my DVR, then the Bulls vs Nets Steph Curry & GS tomorrow. Then I will for sure order this movie.  NYC streetball is a big passion of mine.  I’ve watched the Goat’s story in the movie “Rebound” 8X.  If I didn’t need to be awake at 5A Thursday May 2nd (My Birthday) I’d order and watch it right now. I’ll check it out Sunday when I have more free time, then I can head out to MY Park across the street from my condo and try out some of the skills in the new movie. That’s a plan!

Check out the Trailer for the new movie here, it even has some vintage Dr. J footage in it:

Hey! Where is D-Rose, I thought he would be back by this WEEK! What is up with my prediction, my sister lives in Chi-Town too and said he would be back on Thursday May 2nd. Sure hope he comes back soon, can’t have them losing in round one!

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Clippers Get Buzzed by High Flying Hawks-“Streetzblog on the Scene” 4-24-12

On The Streetz at the Hawk’s vs Clippers Game-4-24/12

I flew in to the ATL real early Monday Morning, did a bunch of Bizz all afternoon, then took a break at the Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers Game live at the Phillips Arena smack dab in the midst of the big City-IN DA ATL Baby!

The game itself was pretty exciting, real close throughout and very bangin’ near the end, looked like Blake Griffin was getting kinda’ pissed off.  He had over 30 points hitting almost all of his shots, but the D on the Hawks was pretty awesome in the last 5 minutes and the Hawks prevailed for the win. Much due to a close to half court bombing 3 pointer by Joe Johnson.

Since it was the Hawks game and not my typical escapade to check out the Bulls or Knicks, really good up front tickets were  fairly easy to obtain. AND for the first time in years, at face value!  SWEET like the TEA in the ATL! Above is an action shot taken from my seat behind the basket-my favorite place to sit for the best price!  Below is one more pic of the action, then on to more of the culture and street scene at the game.

Joe Johnson had on some of the custom HOTTEST J’s I’ve ever seen and that is a hard quote to say!  They were like a chrome blueish Purple all with the fly wire casting and the Jordan insignia on the back outside corner.  I tried all night to get a good picture of them, but was hard, most came out pretty blurry, but trust me they were FIRE. But I did get this up close and personal shot of him!

Celebs in attendance included the real “DR J”-OMG!,  Singing Sensation “Brandi” Rapper/Hip-Hop artist the Dream totally blinged out in gold and some pretty fly looking white black and red Jordans.

When I go off of the train/The Marta I received two free packs of the brand new Mentos, then as I walked into the arena I received a FREE Atlanta Hawks T courtesy of the Hawks and KIA and a FREE program-Wow-pretty nice!

Front and back of the Free T courtesy of The Atlanta Hawks and KIA!

Then I saw Dr. J-one of my biggest idols back in the Walter Payton/Dr J Days.  then the cool lights out! let’s yell and scream for the starting line-up-then the game.

Above-Art Like pic of the “Calm Before the Storm”  Used a bit of instagram on this baby!

Blake Griffin was wearing some nice red and blue Nikes-He looked just as monstrous as you would expect and plays without too much emotion,solid yet very emotionless. Well until the end when he got into some crazy scrambles right next to our seats, was pretty intense-thought they were gonna’ fight!

One of the announcers best phrase in a very loud voice was: “That Foul!!  .. was ..OFFENSIVE…MO WILLIAMS!”  The crowd loved the phrase I think more than the play..LOL

And you wouldn’t believe it, in my last blog I wrote about white Jeans and guess what, the guy two seats in front of my was wearing a pair! I’d say he was young and hip enough to pull the look off-And the Kicks and cell phone also added some flair to the look. and he had the ever sought after special grand wristband that let him go somewhere in the back for free drinks that looked like fancy bourbon.

And I did see a guy three rows in front of me with real Jordan 11’s released this past December, but I couldn’t snap a pic fast enough, but I did get a picture of these cool grey  11’s, not sure if they are real or fake?  what do you think?

I also bought a custom Hawks Jersey that has my main man Jordan’s number 23 on it and Streetzblogon the back.  When I was at the train after the game an 8 year old boy asked me who number 23 was? I said Michael Jordan, he said who? I said Michael Jordan and his response was “in your dreams” Well, I don’t exactly know what he meant, but yes, I will have good dreams tonite from my great day in the big City of the ATL.  I’ll probably add a bit to this blog some other time, but for now i gotta get some sleep. Aloha. Sweet Dreams!

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