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50 Word Stories-WordPress Writing Challenge

50 Word Story Writing Challenge April 2014

So, I’m checking out my Daily Reader section of my blog. This is where I see what the people I follow are writing. And I bump into a writing challenge. It says to tell a story in 50 words. Sounds easy enough to me, hardest thing I can think of is how do I figure out how many words it is the easiest way?  I really don’t want to count all the words. HAH! So silly of me, the word count is listed below my blog and this small Itsy-Bitsy introduction is already 96 words..LOL

50 Word Story-Commotion Near My Condo

Cops and Robbers-streetzblog

Dirty tweaking man running near my condo. Blue lights, Flashing close to  home. Are the two related?  Maybe, Could be. I’m  inside safe from the ruckus. I wait for the TV News. Maybe I’ll see the man, maybe I won’t. They say my neighborhood is safe, Possibly? I think not.

Wow! that sure was a quick 50 words.  Here’s one more.  Then I will go and read what others have to say.

50 Word Story-Beats By Hey

He walks to work. Red and Black  J’s on feet. Matching Headphones upon his ears. Turned up Loud. Bad part of Town. Stops at traffic light. Click, Clack, Bang, Boom. Where are the Beats? Are those bright yellow socks on his feet? He graduated college, but never learned the streetz.

This Daily Writing Challenge came from the Boy with a Hat. Here is the link to his blog. DPChallenge/Daily Post Challenge by WordPress.

What do you think of the Challenge?  50 words goes by very quickly. LMK if you try it and how it goes for you?


Does Prada Wear Nike?

New Prada shoes with fancy

Available now at

How bout’ these for a major fashion statement for Fall? I like the two-tone burnt brown/Tobacco colors on the top. Cordovan is such a HOT color, The bottoms look nice and comfy but are a bit debatable, I would need to see them in person. Although, the real question I have is “Does Prada want Nike to notice these for some free publicity?” Because no where do I see that this is a Nike air sole unit, but it sure looks like one. I know that the Cole Haan’s  do have the sanctioned Nike sole and are legit.

Maybe Prada noticed how much publicity the Lebron 10’s got from the $315 price? And figured, hey why don’t we make a sole like there’s and see if the bloggers and newspaper writers talk about us?  *As you can see it’s working. **For additional styles and colors like black and anthracite click here.  There are truly some nice new styles  in the new Prada Levitate’s-they have brogues, a Chelsea Boot, even a nice black shoe with a velcro closure; all with the Air Bubbly Sole Units! Shoes while they last are going for $660.

Speaking of the Lebron 10’s, here’s another blogger/me talking about them on their post, mainly because of the sole, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement-these kicks made the front page of the WSJ!!

The recent Nike press release was pure bizzareness!! Nike says it will no longer have stores open at Midnight to sell the new releases, but will wait until 8am. You should see all the funny comments all over the web. This Totally makes no sense. The biggest comment I’ve seen numerous times is “Ok, so let’s have them camp out through Midnight until 8am, what good will that do? 8 more hours to hang on the streetz?

And the other bizzareness is Nike asked stores not to post pictures of the new releases. That is totally whack, because all you need to do is go on the internet and the pictures are everywhere, the picture I have below is from some website in Japan. I can’t even give them props because the writing written below the shoes was in Japanese.  But it was easy to find. And if it wasn’t easy to find, I still would have found it!

And last funny thing about this whole new Nike thingy is one commenter said something like this: “Why doesn’t Nike just shut down all the sneaker hype blog sites and then we can all get the shoes we want?” Aaaah Good luck on that sillyness. As long as there are shoes, kicks, sneakers, boots that impress me, I’ll be writing about them and probably wearing them too.  How would you shut down sneaker bloggers?  Too silly.

I’m going to check out the new Prada’s at Fashion’s night out at Ala Moana on Thursday September 6th. If you’re in town or your town has a Fashion’s night out, I recommend it. The first year it was really fun, lots of free champagne, free prizes, great deals, DJ’s and I met a lot of cool people. Last year, I was kinda stressed out from work and didn’t have a good time. But this year, I plan to have fun. See you there!

Upcoming on the streetz of Oahu:   WalterFRENCH is performing at Soho on Oahu this Saturday night-9-1-12.  TopShop/TopMan is coming to Nordstrom on Oahu on September 10, 2012. #britishstyle  I’ve been to this store in NYC and it tends to ROCK!  Medium priced, yet very in the now fashions with quality higher than other “chain” stores.

Topshop coming to Hawaii-Picture courtesy of

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