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Michael Phelps x Deadmau5 x Josh Davis Headphones-Summer Olympics 2012

The Headphones Michael Phelps wore prior to winning the 100M Butterfly.

First: Thanks to everyone who’s been following Streetzblog’s Fashions and Fun at the Summer Olympics 2012.  It’s been lots of fun to write about and even more fun seeing and meeting lots of new friends from America, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, the Philippines, London,Ireland, Spain, Latvia, United Arab Area, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, Belize and Brazil.   TU!!

Second: I thought after I wrote about Michael Phelps’s Head Phones’s the other day we found all their was to know about the Sol Republic Headphones.  But, what does Michael Phelps do?  He comes out with a pair that I’ve never seen on the SR website, Thus I needed to investigate to find out what these were all about.

And OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t see it last night when I saw him come out with the new Headphones.  I saw some writing on the top of the interchangeable headbands and just figured Sol got smart and put their  name up on there.  But lo and behold, I just watched the repeat on my DVR and guess whose name is on there?  DEADMAU5!!!! How cool is that! The Best Swimmer in the World with one of the Best DJ’s/Producers in the World.  Deadmau5 actually does 2 out of my top 20 of all times tunes-“Hi Friend” and “I remember”.

Now I know I need to get an HD TV, I for sure would have noticed DEADMAU5’s name on the Headphones yesterday.

Here are the details on the Headphones:  Yes they do say DEADMAU5 on the top. they are yellow, red, orange and various other colors. They were designed by Josh Davis Who also does a lot of design work for DEADMAU5.  These were made for Phelps, but the smaller versions of them were made for Cats, yes cats.  They made 10 pairs of these for $999 each and the Sol  Republic website says they are all sold out and has a waiting list for them.  Now, I need to repeat that one more time-the Headphones aren’t available for you or me right now, but my cats and yours might be able to get a pair.  Hmmmm?  I personally have inherited 3 cats, but all their getting for Christmas is Cat Treats, they barely hang out long enough for a nap, I’d never get a pair of headphones on their scrambling, speed fuel’d heads. Below is the Video for the Cat Headphones and a couple of vids of my favorite  DEADMAU5 tunes.

BTW:  I bought some pretty awesome TYR Metallized Tracer Ti Goggles today, going to swim in them tomorrow.  Today, I made it 4 laps with some borrowed goggles.  The good thing is I can still swim pretty fast, the bad thing is the swimming sure makes my heart pound, hope it’s safe and let’s see how long I stick to this “new” endeavor in my life.  Seems like right as I get good at something I don’t have enough patience and move on to something else. Although, I’ve kept up with the blogging for over a year and I’m not planning on stopping this, I’m way too passionate and it’s just too much fun! I’ll keep you posted on this swimming thing.

The above vid seems mostly like a marketing ploy and a good way to help a charity. I bet everyone who bought the cat headphones were either HUGE rich Cat Lovers,  really dedicated DEADMAU5 fans, People with Money for non profits/ASPCA, or maybe a few who think they can get more than $999 on Ebay.

This Song is an older DEADMAU5 Song, that I played for years on my Soundz from the Scene Radio show.  Actually played it before he was on the MTV Video Music Awards.  I just played it cause I liked it.  Here’s DEADMAU5 with “Hi Friend”

And next up is DEADMAU5’s “I remember” Video.  I totally dig the Vid on this one.  Check out the Traditional English Breakfast and it’s just such a cool story of following your dreams and not the traditional 9-5.

Oops almost forgot to give a big thanks to ChipChick for the Michael Phelps photos-Thank You!!! Check out ChipChick’s blog for even more Headphone, Fashion and Smartphone fun!

Street Styles at LoveFest 2011-WnW Hawaii 8/23/11

I was at the 13th annual Love Fest at Wet n Wild Hawaii last night and as you know, wherever I go I try and spot out the hottest street styles that I can find.  Here’s a quick sampling of what people were wearing at this Huge 8,000 people plus Rave in Hawaii.  For lots more pictures of the event, check out Tracy Chan’s blog on Non Stop Honolulu, she usually has some really good pix of all the hot weekend events.


Black patent and pink Anime Harajuko style dresses and corsets with knee hi socks

Various cartoon characters like Minny Mouse and Cat Woman

Lots of black tops and black skirts

Flourescent beaded bracelets a la 1994

Bright and Light blue hair

Clear Black rimmed and colored eye glasses


Lots and lots of Nike Shoes-Jordans, Dunks, Airs, etc.

T-Shirts with foxy girls on them.  Girls naked, Girls with Girls, Girls kissing,Girls smoking, and Girls just plain looking sexy.

Shirts, no shirts, shorts, some dark skinny jeans, and Lots of backward/sideward baseball caps.

Flourescent rimmed Sunglasses and regular sunglasses at night.

And my favorite shirt of the night was a basketball jersey that said DEADMAU across the back with a number 5 on it to spell out DEADMAU5.  Here’s a picture of it that I found on-line and you can get them at

Deadmau5 basketball jersey as seen at the LoveFest 2011 in Hawaii

If you’re a reader of this site, you know I like a nice pair of shoes, here’s a perfect pair to go with your DEADMAU5 Jersey.


Let me know some of the Clothes and Shoes you thought were HOT at the 13th Annual LoveFest in Hawaii or at the latest Rave that you attended. Smile, compliment, be thankful and blessed. Have a great week!

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