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Rick Owens Goes for the Goth

Rick Owens x Converse x DRKSHDW 7/27/21

On the search for some good Olympic content centering around clothes, kicks, and headphones, I ran into a collab I somehow missed coming our way. The shoes appeared in my IG Live feed late last night/this morning. Releasing all day today 7/27/21. They’re already sold out on line, have some in store in Amsterdam and Italy. And at some good pricing on Stock X as of 8pm Tonight. I’m thinking pricing on these will go down a bit in the beginning, but in about a year should double. Since they’re sold out on the Converse site and the Rick Owens EU site. They should increase in price, but may be a good deal for the next few weeks.

When it comes to Rick Owens Collabs, they are kinda pricey but not nearly as pricey as the Rick Owens main line. So re-sale should stay around retail plus $30 for a bit. Then over time, the price will increase. The RO x Doc Martins are still within $30-$50 of retail, but there are some very nice replicants out there, so be careful when purchasing the Doc x RO collab.The shoe that pretty much kicked off the latest 10 years of Streetwear is the Iconic Rick Owens Ramones. It is basically an oversized Black + White Converse shoe. Made with exquisite Italian Calf-Skin leather with a crisp cool stainless steel zipper. Yes, it looked a bit weird when it first hit. But, quickly became the go to staple of the high-end 2011-2015 streetwear scene. I took a picture wearing a pair in the Barneys store back in 2012. You can see it here. Or same pic is below:

Since the Ramone was a blatant take on the OG Black and White Converse All-Star, it’s kinda perfect that this collab brings us full circle. Rick making Dough for Converse. Converse making cheddar for Rick Owens. A bit Bizarre. Yet it’s happened … Today.

And little did we know, these were the exact same shoes as seen in the Rick Owens Runway show that the streetzblog reviewed here Just 5 months ago. I’m thinking Rick’s been listening to some Good Goth or Industrial Dance lately. These are more Goth than the Air Jordan x CDG @ DSM Collab and those were pretty Goth/S&M/Bondage themed.

Shown below are the Converse x Rick Owens TURBODRK Chuck 70’s. They come in Hi-Top BlK and Low’s in WHT. Both with stacked sole and oversized tongue.

What do you think of them? Do you want a pair? Or are you going take a pass and wait for the next RO collab..we know we will get it sooner than later. Pretty sure they are already working on another RO x Converse iteration. BTW: There used to be some really DOPE Adidas x Rick Owens kicks at the RO store in Soho, NY. I know I should have bought a pair, but were about $300 8 years ago and that was just a bit too high at the time.

Converse x Rick Owens TURBODRK Chuck 70s High-Tops:

Converse x Rick Owens Chuck 70’s Lows:

Pix courtesy of and various IG accounts.

What do you think? Turbo DRIP? Turbo Dunk? Turbo DRK? or Turbo Dork? Let us know in the comments section and LMK if you see any cool threads or kicks in or around the Olympics.

See you on the Streetz!

Vinnie’s got the New J’s!

They're Baaaaack!

These are the Converse First String Standards Dr.J Pro Leather shoes that just released this past Friday August 5th. The Shoes honor the legend of Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the shoe he made history in, Converse recreated the classic silhouette in a premium crafted version. Only 168 of these limited edition Kicks were created in this White/Navy colorway. With Hopefully more colorways to come soon.

I saw these onhypbeast last week and they sure brought back big time memories. The Original shoes launched back in 1976 and when I think about it, that was the start of my interest in Shoes. At the time I remember there were only three things you could wear for Basketball-The J’s, The Pony’s and an ugly pair of plain white Nike’s that had black swooshes on them. Well actually before these three shoes, the years before that you could either have Canvas Colored Converse All-Stars or PF Flyers. My favs were the Bright orange converse hi tops with flourescent light blue laces!!

The Dr. J shoe in the 70’s was the shoe that ushered in the REAL start to the original “Sneakerhead”. When I saw the re issue, I thought “cool” I gotta get a pair, but they are very limited and I actually want to wait to get the star chevron logo’d shoes in the plain greyish color, so I can color them in with a sharpie just like we did back in the day.

My favorite Player on Northwestern’s Basketball team-Billy McKinney added purple to his star logo and by the end of the game his shoes were practically all purple, it was pretty fun to watch. But what it really did is ushered in the first custom kicks. We all copied him and made our own customs by coloring in the logo’s with Orange, Purple, Blue, and red. And the best place to buy them was from Tony Brown on the “After Hours” market over at they YMCA-He’d hook you up for mere $25 bucks.

As I mentioned, the new re issue of the J’s only came out with 168 pairs, but look who was wearing a pair on tonight’s Entourage-Vinnie Chase has them on as he walks into Ari’s office. It’s usually Turtle with the HOT kicks, but tonight Vinnie blew him away withe the OG J’s.

Vinnie Chase wearing the New OG Dr. J's on tonight's Entourage

Hey-did you see the show tonight? I told you a few weeks back that Ari would hook up with Dana Gordan and look what happened tonight! Although I didn’t much like the end of the show though, a little too intense..sheez the guy blew his own head off..WTF!

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