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Your Fashion Fix for Labor Day Weekend?

Which Pill do you slurge on?

pictures of the Kitson babes

Upscale, Trendy, Fashion Palace of the Rich and famous-Kitson is getting a lot of exposure from their latest T’s and Sweatshirts. They come in Xanax, Adderall, and Vicodin. Some say it’s just a fun Pop culture fashion statement, other’s say it encourages drug use. These dope duds don’t come cheap either. The White with Black lettering T- shirts are $58 and the Black with white lettering sweatshirts are $98 What are your Thoughts on the T’s and Sweats? One thing I notice for sure is they did a great job choosing the models, these gals and guys would probably look good in plain black and white T’s and Sweats. (All Available here now, before they either sell out? or get taken off the site and go for double or triple on Ebay)

Street? or Take a Seat? Your thoughts?

Street? or Take a Seat? Your thoughts? LMK here in the comments section or on the streetzblog FB page.

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