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Comfrey Green and Dazzling Blue for Spring 2014

The Official Pantone Colors for Spring 2014


I like the dazzling blue

Pantone Colors for Spring 2014

It’s New York Fashion Week September 2013.  What that also means is it’s time for the Official  Colors for Spring courtesy of Pantone!  My favorite’s are the Comfrey Green for Men and the Dazzling Blue for Women. Check out the Pantone site and vote on your fav color for Spring 2014, it’s pretty fun to see what people are choosing.  I won’t tell you which colors are winning, it’s more fun not knowing before taking the survey.

The Official Pantone Colors for Spring 2014


I like the dazzling blue

Pantone Colors for Women Spring 2014

I’m still cheering for the Cobalt Blue and Black vibe I’ve been seeing this past Spring, Summer & Beginning of Fall. That I’ve seen on Women. It totally looks perfect together and Rocks like no other at the moment. Maybe by Spring 2014 the Dazzling Blue will be the star, it would look really good with the Paloma or my favorite of all time is Blue and Orange.  Thus, for sure I’m  going for the Dazzling Blue x Celosia Orange for Spring 2014. PERFECTO

Here is the quick list of colors for Spring 2014 or check out more in-depth detail on colors for Spring 2014 directly on the Pantone Site:

Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, Sand, Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Purple Haze, Comfrey, & Magenta Purple.

*These colors come out to help stores and fashion designers, but if I was a bartender, I would already be practicing with ingredients for the “Purple Haze” cocktail for Spring 2014.

What colors will you be Rockin’ this Spring 2014? I know I’ll be looking for the Paloma and the other 49 shades of Grey.

Note to Oahu:  Last year Ala Moana had their Fall Fashion Fun in September to coincide with Fashion’s Night Out. This year without FNO, Don’t fret yet, they just changed the dates a bit. Ala Moana will be doing their Fall Fashion Event October 4-6, 2013.

On The Trend..Colors for Spring & Menswear Fall 2013 official
What are the In Fashion Colors for Spring 2013

Pantone-Color Report-Spring 2013

Pantone-Color Report-Spring 2013

I remember Spring 2012 being the Big time for Lemon Zest and it continued thru Summer 2012. Nectarine seems to be burlbling a bit for about 3 years, maybe this will be it’s time to shine! Everything else including the Lemon and the orange is what colors are going to be in this Spring!

What are the In Fashion Colors for Men Fall 2013 (Milan Show)

And According to WWD the In Fashion Colors for Men for Fall 2013 are:

    1. Inky Blue
    2. Forest Green
    3. Dark Burgundy
    4. Violet (for real?)
    5. Camel
    6. Muted Tones

I’m still betting on Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey Book, but I suspect since they still havent cast the leading lady, Grey, Slate Grey, Silver, Shadow, Nail and the rest of the shades may have to wait until Fall 2014 or Winter 2015. Then since there are 3 movies, It may be a looong grey few years. Maybe it’s good they threw in the Violet? Although, personally Dark Purple I could do, not sure about Violet.

Since we’re on a Trend spotting adventure, I’ll give you the list of what else is supposed to be HOT for Fall 2013. These are taken directly from the January 14, 2012 WWD newspaper/magazine. Thank you to WWWD for providing us with these insights: (Editorial to the right is all done by Scott Mackenzie at

  1. Statement Coats-Oversize or Slim. (I’m betting on even more military and camo coats, the military will have even more bling and the camo will be in all sorts of far out prints)
  2. Supercropped Pants-Well Above the ankle (This one I still believe is for only special areas of the country like NYC, Milan and Paris, I don’s see it being a big trend in L.A or Hawaii, except maybe for a few 22 year olds who can get away with the look  and keep their “Preppy Nerd” look. Or the NBA stars like D-Wade or Russell Westbrook could pull the look off)
  3. The new Suit-Slim with even more details, from zip bottoms and paneling to velcro closures. (I personally think the custom and Bespoke custom suit shops will be making a killing over the next 2-3 years, I see triple side pockets, plaid top pockets, great looking sleeve buttons done so nicely they’ll look better than your best Cuff-Links, Skull buttons will be insanely popular!  And I really like zippers on expensive suit Jackets-that’s what I’m getting next suit I purchase!)
  4. Sporty Chic-Sweats inspired silhouettes.  (hmm better have ripped abs and combat boots for this one!)
  5. Top Heavy, with voluminous, round-shouldered tops over slim bottoms (England? The Runway?)
  6. Oversize collars and hoods, especially in outerwear
  7. Textured Knits-From herringbone to cables
  8. English Fabrics-Including Glen Plaids, Micro-Checks, herringbone, Hound-Stooth and Tartans

And completely off the subject, but one of my favorite movie projects has a brand new trailer. It’s just one day old, so let’s get it up quickly on to streetzblog.  It’s the newest Fast and the Furious entitled as of now SIX.  I’ve had TWO Mitsubishi Lancers because of the F&TF movies, still have a rear spoiler in the “VADER” style on my bucket list!  And even though it doesn’t quite make sense to me, I like it how this movie franchise keeps bringing back some of the best stars from the early days like Han (who I am sure died in Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift and Letty who many thought was dead, but she did show up near the credits in the last movie)  Hope they have some Mitsu Lancers and not all those Chevy’s and Humvee’s from the last movie

What are your thoughts for future Trends in color and fashion?  Coming up in February TWO new “Hawaii Designs” spotlights. See you on the Streetz!

Brooklyn Nets and sweet

50 Ways to Say Grey

Moleskin Hooded ways to say

50 Shades of Grey is one of the biggest book trilogy’s of all time. Last I checked over 40 million were sold! I’ve been meaning to do a trend report for fall color fashion for a while now and I was gonna’ post a bunch of cool grey clothes and let you know that grey or gray is the color for Fall. Well, I figure it would be more fun to see if I could find 50 ways to say the word Grey and find fashions that used these words.  After almost giving up twice, I think I did it. Listed below are many ways to say Grey in the fashion and street culture world. Hopefully You’ll have fun reading all the great words and maybe you’ll find a new street brand or two to check out later this week.

And BTW, as I was looking for ways to say grey, I noticed three pretty big trends for fall:  The color grey because of the book and the fact that fall is just a few weeks away, the fashion mags pushing the color purple, and CAMO is coming back in a Big, Big Way! Green and grey camo, flourescent camo, Grunge 90’s camo, Neon camo, camo on wing tip hi top shoes, bright camo on top of dull colors.  One of my favorites back again!

50 ways to say Grey and the matching street culture merchandise:

  1. GRAY with an A:   at 35 Items!
  2. CHARCOAL:   Gap-City by the Bay T
  3. IRON:   Rag&Bone NYC-Basic Tee
  4. GUNMETAL:   Finally-Snoop Dogg Tank available at Topshop
  5. MOONLESS NIGHT:   Gap-with their solid Oxford button down shirt
  6. MIDNIGHT:   Rag&Bone-Grosvenor Waistcoat
  7. GRAPHITE:   Obey-Juvee Jean
  8. GRANITE:   Free People-The Printed Seamless Leggings
  9. PEWTER:  Vans-The style 31 Sneaker
  10. HEATHER ONYX: VINCE Zip up Hoodie
  11. BOTTLE:   Topshop-Moto Pyramid Stud Jamie Jeans
  12. CARBON:   Elwood-Drifter Jeans
  13. RESIN RINSE:  VINCE-Straight Leg Jeans
  14. HEATHER SHADOW-HEATHER SLATE:   VINCE-Breton Stripe Cashmere Hoodie
  15. HEATHER SLATE:   VINCE-Stripe Cashmere Sneaker
  16. HTHR CHARCOAL:   J.Crew-Ludlow two button suit jacket wt double vented back in Italian wool
  17. MERCURY:   J.Crew-Vintage Cord Pants in relaxed fit
  18. SMOKE:   Spiewalk-Ash Field Coat
  19. DEEP HARBOR:   J.Crew-Sunfaded Chino in Classic Fit Color
  20. CHARCOAL WAX:   Comune-The Davis Jean
  21. SPECKLE BLACK:   Crooks and Castles-The BullyBikerButtonDown Shirt
  22. BLACK ROCK:   AH by Android Homme-The propulsion HI Sneaker
  23. BOULDERS:   Kazbah-Fyasko Shirt
  24. CASPER:   Kazbah-191 Unlimited Long Sleeve shirt
  25. SLATE:   RVCA-Toiler Jacket
  26. COAL:   Cheap Monday-Tight Fit Jeans
  27. CEMENT:   KR3W-K Slim Fit Erik Ellington Jeans
  28. LITHIUM WHEEL WASH:   Analog-Creeper Jeans
  29. TUMBLED MERLIN:  Levis-508 Jeans:
  30. H CARBON:   VINCE-Peacoat Sweater and double-faced top coat
  31. GRAVEL:   Vans-V66 Slim Fit Jeans
  32. STEEL:    Puma-Heritage Wind Jacket
  33. POOL:   Gravis-Arto Sneaker
  34. LEAD:   Adidas-AR 2.0 Sneakers
  35. ALUMINUM:   Adidas-Ar 2.0 Sneakers
  36. STONE:   HUF-Mateo Sneaker
  37. DARK SHADOW:   Vans Footwear-The 106 Vulcanized sneaker
  38. WILD DOVE:   Vans-The Sk8 hi Sneaker
  39. NICKEL:   Alexander Wang-Zippper Sunglasses
  40. DUSTY BLACK:   Obey-The World Tour Cut off Armhole Tank
  41. MINERAL:   Obey-The Push Peace Tee
  42. STORMY SEA:   Obey-The Waves Tube Skirt
  43. NIGHT:   Funktional-Slash Leggings
  44. PEWTER ANIMAL:   Dittos-The Dawn Mid Rise Skinny pant/pany
  45. SHADOW:   J.Crew-Wallace and Barnes Slim Fishtail Pants
  46. DARKNESS:  Denimocracy Anarky knit Sknny Pants
  47. ALUMINUM:  Sol Republic-Amps HD Headphones
  48. BLACK SPECKLE:  All Day-the short sleeve Henley
  49. GUNNY:  Supra-Vaider Sneakers
  50. STONE WASHED METAL:  Palladium-Pampa Boot
  51. STEEL:  Puma-Blaze of Glory LWT Sneaker
  52. BLACK ICE:  Creative Recreation-Cesario Sneaker
  53. BLUE NITE:  Sebago-Docksides Boat Shoes

And here are the grey names that I just made up over the last hour or two.  Some would work well as colors for the 50 Shades of Grey clothing deals.  *According to an article on, the 50 Shades of Grey author E.L James has 3 clothing deals coming up.  These are with Freeze Clothing, Briefly Stated and HYP.

  1. SLAB
  2. Used Nail
  3. Seattle Sky
  4. Thunder
  5. Dirty Pigeon
  6. Denim Rail
  7. Dodge and Burn Black
  8. Slippery Skate Ramp
  9. New Year’s Day
  10. Lake Michigan
  11. Tarnished Bullet
  12. Acid Rain
  13. Industrial Storm
  14. Old Screw
  15. Silver Medal
  16. Crushed Saw Blade
  17. Dirty Martini
  18. Indian Nickel
  19. Nuts and Bolts
  20. Chicago Slush
  21. New York Hail
  22. Elephant
  23. Blurred Black
  24. Blank DVD
  25. MacBook Pro
  26. Change Without Pennies
  27. Frog Pond
  28. Hapa Black
  29. Winter Sidewalk
  30. City Sky
  31. Ash

BTW:  Today, Hawaii Five-O was shooting a show down the street from where I work.  They were right in front of Soho on Pauahi near Bethel in Downtown Honolulu.  I like to be respectful of what they were doing, so I won’t tell you about the scenes that were filmed.  But I will tell you that to do the shoot, the day before I noticed 4-5  booths being set up. I thought that they were for an HPU Fun Fair or something. Come to find out, they were built specifically for the set of today’s #H50 shoot.  They had a shave ice stand, a fruit stand and 2-3 others-Amazing!

It was fun to watch some people who were either in a hurry or didn’t notice the cameras trying to go over to the stands for lunch or dessert..LOL

And of course, if you have any great ways to say grey, leave us a comment or send an email.. Have a Great Day!

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