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Comfrey Green and Dazzling Blue for Spring 2014

The Official Pantone Colors for Spring 2014


I like the dazzling blue

Pantone Colors for Spring 2014

It’s New York Fashion Week September 2013.  What that also means is it’s time for the Official  Colors for Spring courtesy of Pantone!  My favorite’s are the Comfrey Green for Men and the Dazzling Blue for Women. Check out the Pantone site and vote on your fav color for Spring 2014, it’s pretty fun to see what people are choosing.  I won’t tell you which colors are winning, it’s more fun not knowing before taking the survey.

The Official Pantone Colors for Spring 2014


I like the dazzling blue

Pantone Colors for Women Spring 2014

I’m still cheering for the Cobalt Blue and Black vibe I’ve been seeing this past Spring, Summer & Beginning of Fall. That I’ve seen on Women. It totally looks perfect together and Rocks like no other at the moment. Maybe by Spring 2014 the Dazzling Blue will be the star, it would look really good with the Paloma or my favorite of all time is Blue and Orange.  Thus, for sure I’m  going for the Dazzling Blue x Celosia Orange for Spring 2014. PERFECTO

Here is the quick list of colors for Spring 2014 or check out more in-depth detail on colors for Spring 2014 directly on the Pantone Site:

Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, Sand, Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Purple Haze, Comfrey, & Magenta Purple.

*These colors come out to help stores and fashion designers, but if I was a bartender, I would already be practicing with ingredients for the “Purple Haze” cocktail for Spring 2014.

What colors will you be Rockin’ this Spring 2014? I know I’ll be looking for the Paloma and the other 49 shades of Grey.

Note to Oahu:  Last year Ala Moana had their Fall Fashion Fun in September to coincide with Fashion’s Night Out. This year without FNO, Don’t fret yet, they just changed the dates a bit. Ala Moana will be doing their Fall Fashion Event October 4-6, 2013.

What Season is it?

One of my favorite looks for Fall/Winter.

One of my favorite looks for Fall/Winter.

Men’s Trends 2013-14

When I started this blog, I would look to the streetz, my personal likes and dislikes,  the internet and magazines for inspirations on what is HOT now.  As the blog progressed I noticed it got very confusing which Season and which Year the various media were talking about.

Some forms of media including WWD tends to be way ahead of what is going on now. Then when that same season comes around they are in with the Moment. Others seem to stay one season ahead and others are in the moment.

In Hawaii, because of the weather, things don’t change much. This winter was a bit cooler than usual so we saw more men wearing long-sleeved business shirts. And we did see many women Rocking the Cobalt blue that was so talked about for the last 9 months or so.  Here and there we do get a few trends going on.

Today, whether you want to be in the now, looking towards Fall/Autumn or looking for inspiration for next spring. Here’s a few samples of what I’ve found from scouring the house magz and internet for information.

Spring/Summer 2013

Well Spring has sprung and we’re now into Summer 2013.  GQ Japan June 2013 reports these 6 Hot Trends to Rock for Men.

*Hot trend from GQ Japan, editorial after it c/o

  1. Flower Print. Colorful shirts and pants. Check out Ralph Lauren Purple Label for inspiration.
  2. Pattern:  Stripes, checks, & plaids. Have fun mixing them up and having fun with this. My mom used to tell me “Don’t mix your plaids and stripes”  This season it’s ok, try it see how it goes. Might want to stick to the same color palette or go for broke and mix some red or black plaid pants with red and black striped shirt, or a purple and orange business man’s shirt with Cooks/Chef checkered pants (This pattern is better known as Black and White Houdstooth or Prince of Wales Checks in the Fashion World).  Check Diesel Black Gold for some striped pants inspiration.
  3. Color:  This is that whole colored pants trend you maybe seeing a lot in the magazines or in person dependent on where you live.  Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, & Bright Blues are just a few to try.  Summer is a great time to try this color plan out. The light will give them a nice glow and might make you feel a bit cooler. For Inspiration check Gap, Express, Alpha Dockers or Ralph Lauren Purple.
  4. Tailored: Out of everything, this is what I’ve been noticing the most this Summer and continuing to be even bigger heading into Fall, next Spring and possibly next summer. The skinny Jean fad lead us all to more of a better fit for Men’s clothing. Be it your pants, shirt or suit.  Custom, bespoke, or just going down to your local tailor and tweaking a few pieces of clothing will get you set for this continuing trend.
  5. Denim: I bet we all have a few too many pairs of jeans. This trend doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get another pair.  It’s about the color denim in your short and long-sleeved shirts, possibly your trainers/kicks.  And I remember last year they were trying to get the jean Jacket back in action, I havent seen that come to fruition. Maybe in Japan? Diesel Black Gold has a nice darker blue Denim shirt that looks pretty crisp.
  6. Leather: Once again not just your pants or jacket, but your shirt can now be made of leather.  For sure, this is a bit too hot for where I live, but I guess it could look ok in a layered look.  This is by far my least favorite of the 6 trends. It just won’t look right on everyone.  GQ Japan suggests Balmain Homme for inspiration.

Winter 2013

The September 2013 issue of Details magazines recommends:

  1. Plaid: I thought this was a two years ago trend. but seems to still be rocking. Especially by some of the more Luxe designers like Saint Laurent by Hedi Simane ($890), Rag & Bone $290), A.P.C $235, Public School ($325), Band of Outsiders ($295) or Armani Exchange ($88). I’ve personally seen some nice plaids at Rag & Bone, just seemed a bit pricey for something I only wear once or twice a year to watch the Pipeline Pro at 4AM. Streetzblog Tip:  check out Both the Army Navy Store (they get lots of left over stock from Japan so they have lots of Large and X Large in stock-2nd or 3rd floor) and the basement of  RagStock-“Premium Recycled Clothing” on Belmont in Chicago for some great deals on some pretty nice plaids. Two years ago at RagStock,  I scored a couple of pristine Hilfiger and Land’s End plaids for less than $10 bucks each. And they weren’t boxy, actually fit quite well.
  2. Black shoes: Cap toe, Loafer,  and the double monk strap is still being pushed hard. I’d also add in black mid cut boots from a luxe designer like Dsquared, Grenson, Emporio Armani or Saint Laurent.  Or my favorite at the moment: The LUXE designer Hi-Top. They may be pricey, but that’s my favorite trend to rock in 2013.
  3. Color:  Once again we get the color green light.  This time it’s olive green, toned down blue, Aqua Blue,  bright YELLOW and RED. (And Details also threw in Brown).  Personally I’d stick to the brighter colors for Spring and Summer. I like the darker greys, slate greys, black, and Midnight blue for Winter.

Spring 2014

WWD is one of the best places to check to the future.  I like the news Forget summer pastels and bright shades, A darker palette rules the Spring Designer market.  Here are the 4 colors that WWD recommends for Spring 2014.

  1. Dark Burgundies
  2. Navies
  3. Deep Purples

I also see more blues and a darker shade of green in the pictures.

And Also from WWD, be on the look-out for these Spring Trends in Mens Fashion: Flowers on pants, shirts, jackets and T’s, Volume Shorts, Loose Tailoring, Darker colors, the Active Lifestyle look, and Clashing Separates.

Whether you’re dressing for now or the future, hope this helps. I always say If you feel comfortable in something, if you feel you look good in it, it gives you confidence or makes you smile, Just wear it!

Have a nice week!  See you on the streetz a lot this week. Friday night at Wet n Wild Hawaii, Friday evening at the Power Bash and Saturday early evening at the Duke Kahanamoku KINE luau!

T-Time at Lovefest 2013

Scene on the streets-Love Festival Saturday July 20, 2013


Hottest Fashion Statements at This Year’s Love Festival in Hawaii-2013

This year I had a great time working the front. A perfect spot to spock out the clothes of the young, the beautiful and at times slightly buzzed crowd. Here’s What People were wearing. In the comments section LMK what you wore or what you wore to your country’s biggest Summer festival this year. Let us know what’s trending where you live!

  • Flourescent Everywhere: Mostly Bright Yellow, Bright Neon Green, Bright Pink.
  • Groups of 4-5 in Various Characters. Like Sesame Street, The Avengers & Barney & Friends.
  • LOTS of BIG TOP Hats. Black, Purple, Yellow, Green & Grey.
  • Colorful Animal Caps. Like cats with many tails, dogs with big ears, Elephants with long trunks.
  • The Color Purple
  • DJ’s wearing Jordan Cement 3’s, Jordan 20’s, & Air Max 90’s.
  • Lots of Batmen. Batman logo’d T’s and many Bat masks.
  • The Black Love Fest short shorts with Big furry Boots.
  • People wearing 10-30 of the colorful beaded Rave Bracelets. I remember making those back in the 90’s for Christmas presents for my family and friends. Too funny that they’re so Hip nowadays. Note:  They were great Christmas presents and very fun to make!

My Favorite T-Shirts Included:

  •         Molly is my Home Girl
  •         We Are All Going to Die-sounds a bit morbid at a rave but was on a Happy Vibe shirt
  •         The Official Red & Black on White Love Fest T’s
  •          I’M so FKN HI
  •          Pencil Neck Geek
  •          POG-Parent On Guard-I didn’t quite get this one, but creative-ish
  •          Nerd to the second power, was like the word NERD w/ a small 2 above the D
  •          And one girl made her own T with so much writing on it, it would take the whole night to read the whole thing. I asked her what it said, she just stared and said nothing.

What did you see at Love Fest? or at a concert/Festival in your part of the country?  Let us know in the comment section.  Have a Great Weekend!

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$120 White and Dark Navy T’s!

picture of the A.P.C x Kanye West capsule collection of clothes

The A.P.C x Kanye West capsule collection came out on Sunday July 14th (Bastille Day) and SOLD OUT immediately, crashing the A.P.C web site.  People also lined up outside of A.P.C’s Soho Store from 7AM which also sold out of the minimalist garments.  When I say Minimalist I mean Minimalist. I checked out the site and the shirts that were sold out were PLAIN white and PLAIN dark navy blue “Hip-Hop T shirts!” Basically, nice fabric/Egyptian Cotton in extra long length-but no visual or logo on the outside!  Just the inside tag has an A.P.C and KANYE on it. *When I go to New York I typically see a lot of advertising for A.P.C, but for some reason I’ve have never been to the Soho Store, maybe I’ll stop by in December 2013.

The collection also included some hoodies and two pairs of Jeans.  The T’s were $120 each! The short sleeve hoodie (Kanye wore prior to the sale) was $250, the long sleeve hoodie was $280 and the skinny jeans were $265-One Pair was faded the other clean, dark blue. Last I checked Ebay prices were double and even triple.

But good news if you’re into these clothes you can still get some on a “Pre-Order” basis at A.P.C.  But I think  this sale wil end soon. I read somwhere that things will be on sale through this Wed July 17, 2013.

Me, I will be passing on this. The stuff just wouldn’t look right on me.  Especially the T’s, be careful of how they might fit on your body shape. Just because Kanye looks good in them with his Cement 3’s or own brand of Kicks, doesn’t mean we all will look good in the same clothes.  But might be fun to try and order a few things if they are still available and sell them later on ebay. But by then, we’ll probably be on to something else. I think it’s pretty crazy how fast things sold and how there isn’t even a logo to let people know you paid $120 for a T!  Maybe you could paint a big K on the Front. That’s what I’d do if I bought the “Hip-Hop” T- shirt. I’d make it a little “Punk”-Rock.

What do you think of the A.P.C x KANYE Capsule Collection?  “Street” or “Take a Seat”

HOT Spotting-Fort Street Mall-Honolulu, Hawaii-March 2013

Crocs in New York Knicks Colors-March 2013

Crocs in New York Knicks Colors-March 2013

HOT-SPOTTING on the HI Streetz-Fort Street Mall-Honolulu, Hawaii-March 2013-As seen by:

Every Monday thru Friday I walk from my car to my place of work in Downtown Honolulu. One of the best parts about walking from the parking garage to work is noticing the various clothing and kicks trending along the streetz of Honolulu.

…I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center-Kurt Vonnegut

Near where I work is Hawaii Pacific University.  This is nice because it gives the streetz a nice international flavor.  Here are a few of the HOTTER trending items I’ve been noticing over the last month of March 2013:

  1. 80’s Stripes: Bright, Bold, Thick striped shirts and skirts. They look like they’re from the 80’s mostly because of the colors. True Red, Flo-Yellow, Neon Green, & Bright Blues. Many colors & various styles. Some striped shirts worn over one shoulder ala 1982-85.
  2. Leggings in Exotic Patterns and Colors: Designs of Snakes, dragons, flowers, and Paisley’s. Or colored in bright solid Neon Pinks, Greens, Yellows and Orange. Typically worn under short black skirts or extremely short cut-off Jean shorts with the inside white pockets sticking out.
  3. The January, February and March 2013 Trendy color is for sure purple! I’m not sure if this is just a Hawaii color of the moment the color of the moment elsewhere? Here in Hawaii  it’s for sure the color to have now. Shirts, purses, shoes, Sneakers, Scarves, Sunglasses. Various shades, mainly Concord grape, then variations of purples, violets and darker pinks.
  4. Hot Handbags of Today:  Mostly Louis Vuitton or Louis Vuitton knock-offs. Typically the bigger the better. Guys in Hawaii Like to Rock Jordan’s and Drink Heineken, The ladies go for the Heels and drink Mojitos. And they either have a LV or are in the process of getting one. Doesn’t matter if its real or a knock off, the knock off’s are of such high quality nobody can tell the difference. I don’t care what the people at the second-hand purse store say; The Real and not so real both Look extremely good! Next hottest handbag would be Michael Kors, I’ve been seeing a lot of bright Gold MK logos in Downtown Honolulu.  And the newest to pop up around down town is Marc Jacobs.  And the long over the shoulder “Yoga” bags have been in style for the last 3-4 years and still haven’t peaked.
  5. Blue:  Not as big as the purple, but the Cobalt Blue is the HOT color to POP.  Also a few Sapphires and ultramarine’s out there.  Usually used as the Popping color with blacks and greys.
  6. Electronic Cigs:  Not sure if these have hit where you live or not? But around downtown this is the “must have” accessory of the moment.  Seen on the streetz, at the ball games, in the cars and bars,  in Gold, Silver, Black, Red, with very intricate designs, puffed vertically not horizontally like the traditional Cig.  If and when Marlboro makes their version-buy stock the day they go on sale. People be smoking these electronic cigarettes like Crzy!
  7. Crocs:  It seems that Crocs and Uggs will never go away. In Hawaii it’s mostly the Crocs.  Lately I’ve been spotting them in NBA colors with tops and bottoms that match the NBA team colors.  A couple weeks ago I spotted a couple wearing the Knicks (Blue on top Orange on the Bottom) and Lakers (Purple on Top and Yellow on the Bottom). And a few days ago I saw the first pair of Chicago Bulls (Black on top with red on the bottom).


Trend:  Seen or Heard a Minimum of 3 Times. Definition as heard by me from a teacher of mine.  This is a very vague definition of trend especially in our extremely fast paced world of 2013.  Sometimes I’ll call it a trend after ONE good look or it may take 6-20 looks.  Depends on my eye at the time of the sighting.

And even with the hype from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Flux Magazine and the Honolulu Weekly, I really do NOT see an Aloha Shirt renaissance trend.  All 3 have written about the shirts getting hipper and more fitting. And talked about Zig Zane and Reyn Spooner.  I’m just not seeing it quite yet. There’s still lots of Traditional Inside out Reyn Spooner, Tommy Bahama and Costco/Sam’s Club shirts.  I do suspect we shall see a change, but now it’s mostly media driven.  I work right smack dab in the center of town and have yet to see much of a change in Men’s work attire. (Sunday March 24, 2013)  I do suspect it will happen, just not an overnight sensation on this one.  I have a couple of designs on my computer, just looking for the textile manufacturer right now.  And even mine won’t change the culture over night, might take a couple/few years … or more!  I’ll keep you up to date on the Aloha Shirts because  I personally would like something newer, hipper to wear to the office!

And my last trend isn’t much of a trend, just a future prediction. It’s #hashtags for blogs. Since Twitter made the #hashtag huge, you can’t post an instagram picture without a # and Facebook has them coming out in Late March or April 2013, the next place will be blogs. I’ve been hashtagging blogs here and there for a couple of years. In the beginning I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just thought it looked “cool” or it did something.  Now I’m gonna’ continue hashtaggin’ #streetzblog so that when the world turns into ONE big hashtag and ONE monstrous @At sign I will be there for #it. @Streetzpix #StreetzHI #StreetzNYC #StreetzCHI @Streetzblog   See you on the #Streetz

Check out Streetzblog on instagram @streetzpix

Men’s Trend’s Fall 2013

“Too Cool For School?”

Men’s Fashion Trends Fall 2013

Taking a Flash-Forward approach to  upcoming trends for Fall, here are the NINE various trends seen at the London, Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. Trends courtesy of and named verbatim by the WWD-February 28, 2013 Edition. With Editorial about the trends courtesy of

Suits, Green, & cropped Pants.  Photo courtesy of David Hart Men's 2013 Collection

Pretty much everything all in one Shot! NewSuits, The Color Green, Heritage Fabrics & cropped Pants. Photo courtesy of David Hart Men’s 2013 Collection

1. Pared-Down Suits: Trousers still looking pretty skinny, yet length depending on where you live and what look you’re going for are either very short & cropped or pretty short & scrunchy. Presently I prefer mine with zero or 2 small pleats,  tailored fairly close to my legs with a slight break above the ankle with a ¾ inch Cuff.
2. Volume Coats: I suspect the designers were over doing it a bit here to show the trend. The coats fit at the sleeves but are big, bulky and basically look like they don’t fit. It’s taken my 15 years to realize most of my clothes are way to big. This is one trend I won’t be participating in during 2013. I find the fitted yet comfortable look to be the best at the moment for my clothes and my future winter coats.
3. 3-D Effects: Puffy fabrics, protruding elements, and various depths to one piece of clothing. I suspect this is a look for fashion forward Paris or Milan. Looks a bit retro 80’s. I’m not very into this look, kinda’ like trying a bit too hard; maybe it will grow on me or possible “on top” my fabric of choice.
4. Cropped Pants: Well above the ankle. Almost like long yet tailored shorts. This looks good if you use High Quality Designer duds. I’m one of the biggest proponents for mixing Fast-Fashion and Hi-End Fashion, but for this to look good I would suggest spending some bigger cash and get your gear from DSquared2 Marc Jacobs, Rag&Bone or Junya Watanabe. Or if you do go FF-HF, invest in some nice hi-top brogues or play with your socks a bit. The Cordovan hi tip brogues look great! Or try  the Pebble Brown Doc Martin’s or some Army/Navy Surplus store combat boots.  The black socks with the Black pants are a look I dig. I’d say it would also work well with Flo-Orange, Flo-Green or Paisley socks as well. Like the look, just spend a bit of cash and get some nice high quality fabrics, or some nice kicks and socks and this should be a pretty stylish Pick!
5. Mr. Green: Basically WWD is saying that dark green, forest Green, and army green are going to be Big colors for Fall 2013. Looks ok to me, I tend to go for the blacks, greys and midnight blues on the weekend. But I do wear a lot of green to work, so no prob’s with green on this end.
6. Heritage Fabrics: Grey, Black, dark camel Tweeds, plaids, Checkers and squares, In nice thick hi-quality pants, shirts, jackets and vests. I think we’ve been seeing this trend taking form for a couple years now. Chic Men Magazine has been doing it up since issue number one. This version has a bit of a “Blow Up” retro Sixties look to it. I like it; you would just need to live somewhere cold enough to make this look work for you.
7. Chic Athletics: Looks like more and more designers going the Y-3 x Adidas Style. Marni, Duckie Brown, Kenzo, Kris Van Assche, Time Coppens and Trussardi using High end fabrics with a sporty weekendy type of look. Things look a bit baggy here, not sure if we’re ready to going back to the big and baggy look. I for one am going to try and stay true to fit for another year or two. Anyone need some XL & XXL NBA or NFL All-Star Gear? I have lots in my closet, waiting for the trend to come back around or prepared to sell it in my new “Kicks and Clothes on Wheels” Mobil Mobile that I designed last week. Right now, you could just email me if you’re interested and are big enough to fit the Gear.
8. Bold Patterns: Flowers, Paisleys, Birds, geometric shapes on pants, shirts, coats, sweaters, and suits. One trend I can do without. Unless I was Dj’ing or doing some sort of Red Carpet entrance. Then I’d still probably stick to my Black, Grey and Orange plaid pants on plaid shirt with black suit jacket look. No birds or toads on my clothes this year!
9. Leather on Leather: Leather Jackets, Leather pants Leather gloves, leather shoes all worn at the same time. If you’re a Rock Star or think you’re a Rock Star this is the look for you. Have fun!
What will you be wearing in Fall 2013? Comment or Hit up the survey just below this blog posting with a quick click. See you on the Streetz.

M.M.N.A-New York Fashion Week 2013

Mark McNairy “New Amsterdam” Men’s NY Fashion Week Presentation


I needed a bit of a break after all the Jordan fun and I had my first real cold in at least 12 years. I dont ever get sick, I say to myself all the time “I’m 100% Healthy”. And I never get sick, but I got it and even missed a day of work! ugh.

Back with a little vid of Mark McNairy’s debut of their New Amsterdam Men’s collection from New York Fashion Week 2013. I like the two-tone shorts, The various camo,wools and tweeds. But my eyes were very fixated on the shoes and brogues. We’ve written about his shoes before and I still like them the best. Check out the nice blue soles on the pair at the end of the show.

The Ski Mask’s would go well with that new TV commercial about the convenience store and the convertible car they drive in the Snowy Weather.

What do you think of the collection? Or What Collection have you seen lately that’s nice? 

Coming Soon:


NYC Streetz-Day 3-The Best Day of the year-12-20-12

“Take me to Astor and Broadway”

That’s 6 of my most favorite words in the Whole wide World!

When I first came to NYC in 1987, that’s where a friend of mine from the New Music Seminar took me and that’s still my favorite place to go. Back in the day, she took me there and the stores were a bit different, yet still awesome. In the late 80’s I shopped at Unique Boutique, Antique Boutique, and of course my favorite-Canal Jean Company. Thanks so much to my friend who first turned me on to this awesome area of town.

What i recommend is walking from Astor & Broadway all the way down to Canal-if you get lost just keep heading to the nice looking building at the end of the street.

Since, I do need some sleep and tomorrow’s the big day for the Jordan Xl BRED release, I will keep this brief and fill it in later on this week or next.

Here’s my recommendations for 2012, some are str8t down Broadway and a few you’ll need to make a right or a left here and there, but all is easy to find:

  1. Astor Street Hair Cutters: (Astor And Broadway)
  2. SuperDry:
  3. The NYC book Store:
  4. Atrium:  “This is the place that would be the Hypebeast store if had a store”.
  5. The Adidas Store:
  6. Blades:  Need some SB’s or 5Boro Gear, they have it.
  7. Bloomingdale’s in Soho:
  8. Premium Laces: (68 Spring St)  Say Hi to Eddie and Matthew, tell em’ Streetzblog sent you and see what you can find! I bet you’ll get some nice looking Kicks. They specialize in Supra, but don’t let that fool you, they have lots more to be found, just be patient.
  9. Baltazar Restaurant:
  10. The magazine Store diagonally across from Baltazar:
  11. Old Navy:
  12. ChinaTown:
  13. Little Italy:
  14. Rag&Bone:
  15. John Varvatos:
  16. Kid Robot:
  17. Hester Street Fair:

So I need to get some sleep and tomorrow is the big release date for the Jordan X1 “BRED”, it’s also museum day. So, I’ll see you at FIT and the Harry Potter Exhibit.  I usually take at least one day off from carousing to get some culture and save  a bit of $$ by going to the museums. Tomorrow is the day. I’ll finish up many more great details on this blog posting later this week or early next week, depending on my connection. for now, that’s the quick list of the greatest shopping I’ve ever been anywhere near.  Hope you have just as much fun as I did!

Yep, This is really them! Jordan X1 "BRED" Black/Red DEC 2012

Yep, This is really them! Jordan X1 “BRED” Black/Red DEC 2012



On the NYC Streetz-Day One Str8t off the plane!

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Seeing that I always have a great time in NYC the week proceeding Christmas, this year I figured I let you know of all the big highlights. In case you are coming to the Big Apple,This is’s recommended itinerary. I typically do something quite similar to this each and every year. And have the most awesome time year after year. Last year I blogged about my trip on streetzblog. and the 5 years prior to that you could find the Hot finds under Hot Trends on another website of mine.

This year, I will just have fun. might have a few spelling or grammatical errors, this week, I’m not going for Journalistic award winning essay’s, just the fun and excitement of the big city without the stress of making it perfect. Hope you enjoy the listings:

Here’s Day One:

The Roosevelt Hotel: Str8ght off the plane I always head to the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th and Madison. Many of the people remember me and treat me just like family. Special shout outs to my good friend at the front Desk-Alfredo, who year after year it is a pleasure to hang out with and chat about what’s been happening over the last year. He is so totally awesome and Freindly, I truly recommend this hotel because of Alfredo and his expertise.

Then head down the street Uptown to:

The NBA Store:  About a block from this store this year, I saw a man wearing the most amazing big brown yet extremely stylish boots, looked up and noticed his  Military style sleek black top coat looked crisp, expensive designer type and pretty expensive looking. Then I looked into his eyes to compliment his shoes and got tongue stuck.  It was the NY Knicks very own Amare Stoudemire! #Celebsiting on Day One. Oh yeah!

H&M:  I usually hit this up on day one for some yearly essentials like real comfy black and slate grey v-necks and T’s (on sale this year for just $5,99). This year I also bought some of the David Beckham gear. And,  It’s also a great place to get what I call “throwaway” trendy threads. Many of the looks are very NOW yet perfectly priced.

Uniqlo:  Get yourself one of their ultra light thin shiny black, blue or silver down jackets. They are perfect for inclimate weather anywhere from 30% to 45%.  And they take up ZERO room in your suitcase. They also have some great thin yet effective long underwear in extremely stylish colors and fabrics. Fun and exciting store to get rid of any jet lag that may still be stuck in your bones. Lots and lot to look at, see and do.  Sit up at the top of the escalator and people watch, its so, so perfect. This is where I spotted my first real Trend for 2012.  These were Women’s shoes: Short black or brown with silver zippers. With Light Brown WOODEN soles.  They look totally Terrif!

Momofukus Milk Bar:  For sure pick up some of the Milk Cereal for yourself and some for perfect office presents.  The stuff tastes just like it sounds. Just like the sweet milk as you are finishing your morning bowl of fruity pebble’s cereal. I also recommend the cereal milk ice cream-have a scoop for a mid morning pick me up. And be sure to get some of their perfectly chewy cookies in Marshmallow, blue berry and chocolate chip.  (I had 2.5 of these today, ohh so good)

Niketown:  Wow! 5 or 6 stories of Nike products, kicks and on the top floor they have a NIKEID factory!  The lady there also said that Spike Lee likes to come in every couple of weeks and that he was just there two days ago. I asked if he bought some SpikEz, she said “No no shoes, just B-Ball Gear”.  Maybe you’ll see him when you go there.  Ask him where he purchased the nice Bernard King Black and orange Jersey he’s been sporting at this year’s games.  As you know I like black Jerseys and I would like a custom one of those. And don’t forget the Jordan “Bred” 11’s go on sale this Friday November 21st.  I tried to figure out how to get a pair something about twitter and Niketownnyc, but it didn’t quite work for me. my advice: Better start finding a way to get your hands on a pair; this is the shoe of the year!!!

Barney’s:  This is the Sneakerhead’s upscale boutique for some kicks and practically any and every other style of dress and casual shoes you can ever imagine. Last year I picked up a pair of Grendel “Fred”  hi-top brogues in black with white soles. This year, I nabbed a super excellent deal on a pair of Paul Stuart slate grey, black and dark purple high tops I’d been eyeing for the last 4 months. And they usually have a big sale in mid December. Mines were close to $300 off their original retail tag. $610 shoes for about $317. It’s the only time of year I pay more than $100 for a pair of dress shoes, but they do have something here for everyone and last year I picked up a Barney’s card in a matter of minutes. Took my 9 months of $35 payments to pay of the “Fred’s”, how easy is that?!?!?!

And check this out!  They have the Rick Owens High tops I’ve mentioned a couple other times on my blog. I didn’t purchase these ($1120) But I did try them on in the store and nabbed these two pictures! 🙂

Rick Owens on my

These are my feet, just not my shoes..LOL

These are my feet, just not my shoes..LOL

Next up I had dinner at

Trattoria Dop Teatro: Everything was delish. the antipasto, gargonzola, pear and cheeze pizza, and my favorite dish was the arugala salad with shaved parm. Great and friendly service and I got to watch the Nets game live on TV

Then hit up Duane Reade for supplies. Even if you’re here for just a few days I suggest you get a Duane Reade card. After every $100 purchase you get either $5 or $10 to spend, depends on how generous they are each year.

Then I went back to the Roosevelt, ate another Milk Bar cookie and passed out. * I didnt really pass out the cookie gave me way to much energy so I wrote this blog..LOL Although,  I do need a good nights sleep for Day Two and the Knicks vs the Nets game!

You can also follow the trip on instagram @streetzpix or Twitter Scottmackenzie3 or check out the Streetzblog FB page. I’d say instagram is the best bet. And if you live around here and want Streetzblog to come by and write about you, your products or your store,  just email me at or text me at 808 479-9928. I’ll be here until Sunday then over to Chi-Town for some Belmont Street Action!



Cyber-Monday-2012 #cybermonday official

This is good and bad, I misplaced both my Credit Card and my Debit card and my driver’s license lat Saturday night.  Good of course because now I really can’t shop on Cyber Monday and bad of course because i wasted 2 hours tearing up my house and car Sunday night looking for the 3 cards. I’m sure they will all three show up sometime around 11P on Monday Night-just after Cyber-Monday is officially over.

it’s ok, I’m still on a “no buying clothes and shoes with credit card ban until December 18 and a no buying kicks probation with any type of money or CC until the same date”.

Here’s some of the Great Deals I spotted on my email and twitter feeds, IF I could buy today. Since it’s so early or so late at night right now 3:24AM, I’m not bothering with many links or pictures, I’m sure for one day and for such good deals you can just google them. Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!  *Note:  You may need to sign up for some of these newsletters and alerts yourself, or they just may work with the codes I listed.  At least the info is all listed below and 4 for 40 percent off a little work is probably worth it!

  1. Adidas Cyber Monday Special: Spend $75 get $10, Spend $100 get $20 and my favorite is spend $150 and get $40! Code is holiday. (Email offer)
  2. @MarcJacobs:  40% off Fall, free shipping and GWP.  Now even without a CC or Debit Card handy, I have tried this sale twice but don’t get it. Everytime I click on something I like it seems to be full price. Even when I put it in my basket it comes to full price. They tweeted me, so I tweeted them back asking what was up?  Been about 20 minutes and I still dont know. I tried the same  thing on Thanksgiving.  I don’t get how this 40% off sale works, unless their isnt anything for Guys available at 40% off, maybe all the good stuff is the winter line not the Fall?  If you know, LMK. Thanks (Twitter Feed)
  3. Eastbay:  Get $25 off orders of $99 or more.  Use promo code EMEB2V69 at Check-Out. (Email offer)
  4. SWELL:  Get 25% off all day long on Cyber-Monday. Use promo code:RGIFT2U  (Email Offer)
  5. Hackney’s Restaurant:  Purchase $100 in gift cards and receive a $20 GC for yourself. Would be fun to use when the Bears play and they have that 50% off hamburger deal.  BTW their best burgers are the blue cheese burgers on dark Rye-YUM! (Email Offer)
  6. Tobi: 40% off of entire site.  This is where I found some pretty trendy pants I read about in Details magazine. Many HOT designers on this site. But so far this morning all I can find are the Women’s clothes and I can’t remember my password to get on the site. oh well, if you want to work hard enough to get this deal, I think it is worth it-the designers are actually pretty awesome and typically big time Quality items. You may need to sign up quickly for their news letter.  Promo code is:GOBBLE40 (Email Offer)
  7. Amazon:  They just say to keep clicking until I find something for a good price. That’s ok, I want speed and info quickly now so I can go back to sleep. LOL (Email offer)
  8. Barney’s:  Has 11 pretty happening designers listed including Theory, Vince and Michael Kors.  They say “shop the sale and get free 2 day shipping” (Email offer) I think its much more fun to shop in person at Barney’s, real similar to a Nordstrom shopping experience.  Lots of great fun people to help you!
  9. Case-Mate: Save Up to 50% off site wide.This is actually pretty fun. I had a choice of 4 windows filled with snow, I got to choose 1 and see my deal. Then I clicked on another button and received my own personal “active” promo code. I did get my own personal active promo code. but the snow thing didn’t work too well, the iPhone just thought about it and it tried to access something but nothing happened. so I called them and no one answered. Cute and fun idea, but not exactly user-friendly. oh well maybe it will work for you. I’d actually recommend shopping on your laptop or iPad and not the iPhone, second time tonight I couldn’t access things quickly. (Email Offer)
  10. @Megan_Massacre:  Get 20% off everything on her webstore all day today. She’s from the TV show with Ami where they do the live tattoo’s in Soho.  Not sure what she is selling, I’d buy a tat from her, not sure if I need anything else, from a tattoo artist. (Twitter Feed)
  11. Brooklyn Nets: Spend $100 and get $25 back, Now that is a deal! Promo Code: CMDEAL  (Email Offer)

*Marc Jacobs Update (4:36AM)  They said to look for the full list of sale items at   Hope this list helped a bit with your Cyber-Monday Shopping. Let streetzblog know what you bought or if you find some cool deals for our readers.  Just click in the comments section or email me at   Or if you’ve got something great for me to write about for Cyber-Monday or the Holidays just text me at 808-479-9928. Have a great day!

Hey and since I was having too much fun during Black Friday Weekend, I didn’t have a chance to write up the deals.  But the best thing I saw was over at the Volcom store in Haleiwa. They had $23 Shirts with the Volcom logo and the Hawaiian Islands  on them for 2 for $20. That’s 4 for $40 instead of 2 for $46!!! I bought 4. Perfect Christmas Gifts, LOL-I already gave 3 away and wore the other yesterday!.  Anyways if you live on Oahu, I’d head over there or call them and see if the deal is still on.  It was still on Saturday Afternoon and that was not Black Friday it was Saturday.  OK, going back to sleep now, gotta’ work in the morning. Lates!

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