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Miranda Kerr in Hawaii-October 2014

Miranda Kerr’s Instagram shows her in Hawaii

Miranda Kerr in Hawaii-2014-streetzblog

Victoria Secret’s Super Model Miranda Kerr in Hawaii October 2014. Photo courtesy of Miranda Kerr’s Instagram account. @MIRANDAKERR

#CelebSighting in Hawaii. Miranda Kerr posted this picture having her nails done @nailsinyourroom Hawaii. Prior to this photo she posted a picture of some men dancing at a traditional Hawaiian Luau. And after this picture Miranda posted a map of the Big Island.

Seems she wants to enjoy utilizing her Instagram account and reporting to us all that she’s in Hawaii. Yet, she’s still pretty secretive on exactly where she is? It looks like a quick stop over from a trip to Korea on her way back to NYC.  Maybe we’ll see her on the streetz this weekend.  Or knowing a celeb this BIG, she’s probably already on a plane to get out of here before the Ana Storm hits this weekend. We who live out here, had yet another Hurricane scare this week, looks like it will just be a TON of rain and some high winds. But for sure no Beaching or Surfing this weekend. Good weekend to catch up on some housework and movie binging.

Instead of showing a sexy Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show or a Model shoot, which many of you have probably already seen. Let’s watch this fun vid of Miranda playing Red Cup Flip Cup with Jimmy Fallon. Guess who will win prior to watching. Hint:  It is a very close match.

If anyone knows where Miranda is staying in Hawaii, please do let us know in the comments section below. Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much this weekend, and I’ll see you on the streets of Waikiki.

10/17/14 Streetzblog Editor’s Update:  Looks like Miranda is staying in Waikiki at either Trump Towers, the Halekaulani or the Modern. Miranda was in town for the Samantha Thavasa event at Ala Moana Center on Thursday 10/16/14.  Of course, she looked pretty incredible wearing a crisp, clean nice white dress with matching white handbag with sparkling dangling earrings. Picture is courtesy of Tyson Joines Instagram Account. Photo by: Mark Ramelb.

Miranda Kerr at the Samantha Thavasa Event at Ala Moana Center on the island of Oahu. 10/16/14

Miranda Kerr at the Samantha Thavasa Event at Ala Moana Center on the island of Oahu. 10/16/14



Laying down the Law! Hawaii Celeb Sighting-12-31-12

Jude Law in Maui on 12/31/12. Photo Courtesy of:

Jude Law in Maui on 12/31/12. Photo Courtesy of:

Actor Jude seen Boogie Boarding on Maui on New Year’s Eve.  Check out his squinty eyed excitement as he catches the wave in the picture above.

I get a bit confused between the Actor on the TV show “Elementary” (Johnny Lee Miller) and the actor on the movie Sherlock Holmes (Jude Law). So, I was looking for all the tattoos Johnny has on Elementary and realized this is the actor from the movie with Robert Downing Jr. not the actor TV show with Lucy Liu.

Jude was on Maui Boogie Boarding or as many now call it Body Boarding with his son Rudy.  Looks like they had fun, glad he caught a wave, the ocean looks pretty calm in the picture below:

Looks like Jude needs a Tan and possibly some more waves?  Photo Courtesy of:

Looks like Jude needs a Tan and possibly some more waves? Photo Courtesy of:

And in  “It’s all relative to where you live News”  Here’s a picture of my friend KC from Power 104.3 wearing his winter garb in Hawaii where it is presently 73% outside.  When I left Chicago this past Sunday (12/30/12) it was what I would call cold at a mere 17%.  I guess the weather is like a big screen TV, I think a big one is 40 inches, while others think that 50 inches is too small and they need to upgrade to a 72 Inch TV. Cold in Hawaii seems to be anything 70% and under.  Too funny!  

Morning Show DJ KC in Hawaii on 1-2-13. It's Cold In Hawaii. Photo Courtesy of

Morning Show DJ KC in Hawaii on 1-2-13. “It’s Cold In Hawaii”. Photo Courtesy of

What do you consider COLD where you Live?

What Size of TV works well for you?

“Toy Boy”-2012-Hip, Hype n’ Happening Edition

Hooks up to your iPhone!!

Hooks up to your iPhone!!

Still Shopping for the Holidays?  Here’s some HOT Shots

  1. The Lazer Blaster:  Check this sucker out!  It actually attaches to your iPhone and transforms it into a full on Lazer gun.  Get the free App, slide the tricked out orange and black attachment on to your phone and you’re good to go! You can shoot up to 250 away and play with up to 24 people.  Available at for a mere $39.99.  Sure would be fun to have a bunch of these around work on a Friday
  2. Eau De Pizza Hut:  Want to be with the “IN” crowd this Holiday season. Get your hands on this limited Edition Pizza Hut parfum.  It’s very limited edition which makes it so sought after.  Supposedly smells like fresh dough.Hard to find, makes it wanted by many. Kind of like the Burger King cologne that Ricky’s sold out of a few years ago. Although this scent is pretty easy to imitate, just get some of that gooey dough in the tube  from Pillsbury, rub it on your neck and arms and you should be pretty good to go and smelling like something “Limited Edition”  Or like you just cooked a bunch of pizzas.  I think I’ll pass on this one.
  3. Rick Owens Sneakers:  Big, Black, Bold and pretty pricey. But if you want to make a real Kickin’ statement, bust out the credit card and get yourself a pair of these for just: $1,210

Rick Owens $1210 Sneakers Revone

  1. Jennifer Lawrence:  Well, she isn’t for sale or anything and I usually do a special blog on celebs in Hawaii, but with lack of time during the Holidays and lack of internet service at my house for the last two weeks. Here she is live and in person on Oahu.  Sal Masakala from ESPN said on the Surfers Poll Awards that she was staying over at Turtle Bay last week.  He joked that he was trying to time his trips to the lobby so that he could check her out.  Supposedly She was there along with many of the cast from the upcoming “Catching Fire” the second book and second movie from the Hunger Games. Here’s a  few pretty awesome pictures of her on Oahu in November 2012:


Jennifer Lawrence Already on "Fire" in Hawaii!! November 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Already on “Fire” in Hawaii!! November 2012

Getting ready for Battle!

Getting ready for Battle!


Ashley Olsen’s gotta be wearin’ a ton of Sunblock in the HI

Keeping you up to date on celebrities in the streetz and at the Beachez in Hawaii, here’s a pic of Ashley Olsen taken in Hawaii on either May 21st or May 22nd-2012.  She looks a bit cold-must be 2-3 seconds out of the water.  and for sure she has on tons of sunblock because the weather has been very sunny and perfect as of late.   Photo Courtesy of the   And she sure looks a lot different then her usual quadruple layered clothing and ubiquous starbucks cup.  If I were a betting blogger, I bet you could find her at Starbucks! That’s where D. Beck hung out when he was here!

Indiana’s In Hawaii

Indiana Evans is on Maui this week filming the Lifetime movie, The Blue Lagoon.  It’s a remake from I’m pretty sure the early 80’s. Photo is courtesy of

Fun Fact for the Day:  Two of Five 18-34 year olds have at least 1 Tattoo.  Source:  March Nielson US Digital Consumer Report

Heard on the streetz of Downtown Honolulu Today:  Man 1:  Shouting unaudable noices over and over as he stomped down the street-being chased by mall cop on segway.. Then I walk about 20 yards away and bump into Man 2: Who’s looking a bit crazed  himself-Hint: Knit hat in 82% weather, dirty, out of date clothes etc who says to me: “There sure are a lot of Wacky-Jacky’s wondering around here these days”. I’ve never heard that saying beofore and  I kinda’ dig the lingo-how bout  you?

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Visit the Big Island 2-22-12

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in Hawaii 2-22-12. Photo Courtesy of

Megan Fox star of Transformers and Brian Austin Green star of the First Version of Beverly Hills 90210 visit the Big Island on February 22, 2012. The Picture is somehow from the Four Seasons Hotel on the Big Island. In the past many famous people visited there and most pictures didn’t go public. I suspect it’s getting harder to keep their privacy with everyone having a camera on their phones. I suspect they still had a good time. Kelly Ripa is on the island that I live on right now. She’s doing her show at the new Disney hotel-The Aulani out by the waterpark. So Far, she’s had Daniel Day Kim from Hawaii Five-O, some Disney actors on her show and she went diving somewhere near where I live, but I missed it due to the Big Great Aloha Run expo and Run this past weekend. Have you seen any Celebs near where you live? or in Hawaii lately? LMK *The Knicks play the Heat live on TV Thursday night and the NBA All Star weekend starts FRiday and culminated Sunday for the big game. this is one time when I don’t mind the time difference, I can watch the NBA All Star Game at about 1p then the Academy Awards at Night, no fighting going on in my household on that one! LOL

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