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On the NYC Streetz-Day Two-Knicks vs Nets, Magz & Food

New York City-Day Two-Wednesday 12/19/12

Around the World Magazine Store-My Favorite Magazine Store in the World!

Around the World Magazine Store-NYC-My Favorite Magazine Store in the World!

Other than having a bit of a hard time waking up before 10A, Today was an extremely excellent day in the Big City.

Started the day off with a “little” walk from 45 and Madison to:

1. Bryant Park:  So much to do here and today, to little time. Great place to People watch, Ice Skate, Shop for Holiday gifts and make sure you have a delicious crepe or two. My Fav is the powdered Sugar and lemon crepe. #YUM!

2. Around the World Fashion Publications INC:  “’s number one choice for Fashion magazines in the entire World”.  Last year I found this store over by Bryant Park, since then they have moved a few blocks away to 148 West 37th Street between 7th Ave. and Broadway smack dab in the fashion district. Or as one could say “A bit downtown from midtown”.  The store owner’s know me well even from just two visits and a “couple” expensive mail order deliveries.  They have every Fashion magazine imaginable from 10-12 different Countries worth of Vogues and GQ’s to the ultra High end “InTrend” mags.  My tip here is get the Chic Men issues. These are very much like their $80 counterparts but are only $12 and have the most up to date trend information for the upcoming season(s). Next check the back for deals on back issues of various magz including Fall 2012’s Hypebeast, and my newest find a super great deal on last seasons $80 TOPfashionCasualMEN-this magazine is truly awesome and comes in a hard cover! They also have some great fashion books in the back and a few copies of my favorite magazine-Streetwear International.  However, the owners told me today that the USA does not receive this mag anymore. Oh well, another magazine forcing us to read them on the iPad. Very nice people work there, tell them streetzblog sent you and I bet they’ll help you find whatever it is you’re looking for!  Have fun, I sure did.

Today's Haul-2x Chic Men, Hypebeast, Fashionista, and Casual MEN

Today’s Haul-2x Chic Men, Hypebeast, Fashionista, and Casual MEN

3.  Tarallucci E Vino: I met some friends here and had delicious Panini’s, cappuccino and the best almond Croissant I’ve ever tasted!! It’s very close to Union Square, make a rez, it gets quite busy during late lunch-time.

4. Flight Club NYC:  You can’t go to NYC without stopping by here. For me it’s really fun to see all the Jordans that I have on ice  going for really good prices.  I saw some orange and blue 13’s I have going for $375, a pair of Green and Orange 4’s I have for $450 and a pair of Black 13’s that I wore this past Saturday to play ball in going for $400! It’s just down the street from Union Square.

5. Knicks vs Nets:  Each year I treat myself to one game at Mad Square Garden and this year it was a great one! Carmello went off! Tyson Chandler had 5 DUNKS and the Knicks won! Celebs in the house included Rev Run from Run DMC, Mike D from the Beastie Boys, The FoodNetwork’s Padma Lakshmi, Steve Schirripa-The main actor from the Soprano’s, Patrick Ewing, the NY Giants V-Cruuuuz,  Walt “Clyde” Frazier and of course spike Lee. Halftime Included splatter art by David Garibaldi who painted up an awesome picture of the Statue of Liberty.

And Everyone who came to the game received a FREE Bright orange Knicks hat courtesy of FootLocker. The Garden was lit up in bright orange just in time for the Holidays.  Wow! What an Awesome Day and Night!!!

According to the New York Post Knicks tickets this year are averaging $333.20 per game. Up from last years average of $281.53. Even when Lin was hot in NYC tickets were $313. Sure shows what a winning season can do for a team.  This upswing in pricing also goes for the cross-town rivals the Brooklyn Nets. Tickets to their games this year are averaging: $189.81 up from a ridiculous low of just $32 per ticket per game.

6. Deli down the street from the Garden:  Before Walgreen’s in Times Square. Sorry, I don’t know the name, just the look. it’s the same deli I go to every year. This year I bought 3 salami, butter and mustard on white toast sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, 4 drinks and a croissant.  ALL for just $30.12 at their favorite Fashion Magazine store at their favorite Fashion Magazine store

Tomorrow get ready for the Best of Downtown Shopping and a 10PM reservation at Balthazar in Soho!

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