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Streetz of New York-Big Uppin’ Bryant Park

Bryant Park Fun and Festive Day at Bryant Park NYC Dateline: Tuesday December 20, 2011.

During December Bryant Park transforms to a specialty shop outdoor mall complete with a Pop-Up restaurant, bright blue Astroturf and an outdoor ice skating rink. And each year when I visit NYC, I make it a point to stop by and enjoy the Holiday Cheer at this special place. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s festivities at B-Park with

I don’t know the exact number of little red booths at Bryant Park, but I know there are a lot and it’s really funny how they are named. Some are either named with very creative names and the others are named with names that say exactly what they sell. It’s quite amusing to me.

Here are some of the Creative names:

Metal Park-sells Predator, Alien and Star Wars statues with exquisite details
Scent in a Basket-Colorful fake pieces of fruit that have delicious scents
Miss Tea-exotic and local teas
Ooh LaLa and Handsome Howard-Not sure  just liked the names

And Here are the names of places that are called exactly what they sell:

Made From Coins-Things made by Coins
Pottery Lady-Pottery done by a Lady
Creative Letter Art-Signs with creative Letters (Custom made on the Spot)

Additional Fun from Bryant Park included:

Animated Closet sells clothing with animated animals on them.  The Boxer Briefs were especially well named.  They were underpants similar to what CK sells, but where your ding ding is located, they had a picture of a Boxer-DOG on them. Get it Boxer Briefs. Some more fun naming. This Bryant Park place just plain has some of the greatest names and plainest names in the World!
The Skating Rink:  Remember who lame the rented skates used to look, well at this rink they rent you nice grey hipster skates that look and feel good enough to actually own and use.  
Celsius Restaurant:  Looks like a portable restaurant, comes complete with Heat lamps at your table, coffee, tea, snacks and even BEER! along with the best view of the skaters in a nice comfy setting. Ask to be seated in the luxury couches, they rock, pretty much like being at a nice club in the middle of a park!

A few places to hit up before or after Bryant Park:

Around the World Magazine Store:  For a street style, fashion, kicks blogger, this place is like Heaven.  Fashion magazines from every part of the world.  They have some of the more expensive yet extremely new mags like the InTrend for $80, other business and street clothing mags for $70, and the New SportsWear International for just $17.  But it’s in the back-end of the store that hides their secret ingredients.  They have a magazine I’ve never seen before entitled Chic Men which looks and feels just like the pricey mags for just $20, they have tons of books on fashion, How to draw like a fashionista, Graffiti, Graphics, and design books all of which I’ve never seen in any Barnes and Noble.  And for me the best part is they have older issues of fashion mags for just $2-$7.  They might be a bit old, but the contents are still 2-3 years ahead of most of what Hawaii wears, thus Rockin’ Great Store!

48-39th Street Barbers/Near 6th Avenue/Ave of the Americas:  Kind of a secret place, Haircuts are just $2, and since it’s a learning center, they take their time and do it right.  Usually it takes my barber about 15 minutes to cut my hair, these guys made nice pointy sideburns, short on the sides, nice up top and a little style and flair on the back and they were very careful and delightful to get it all done perfectly. $2 and half hour later, I had myself a $72 looking haircut. (Actually I tipped them and gave them each $15, so it was $32 later) Say Hi to Mike and Juan if you can find it. If you can’t just text me.  Or walk a couple of miles to Astor Place-they also cut hair really well in NYC, but they do it really quick, but it does always look good.  I kind of liked the leisurely cut and style, just missed the smell of the Club Man scent at Astor Place.

Wow! Nice view from BP of the Empire State Building-Lit up in Blue and White for Hanakkah

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