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Double S in the Streetz wearing Broke2Gear- 2/19/12

“Double S”- Shane Sparks can be seen in the above video wearing clothing. Remember if you have an idea for your own Custom Rhinestone Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Hoodies etc just click here.

S/O to Hawaii’s own In Japan!

Yo, Yo, Yo, Hope you’re all having a great Friday night in the Cit-Ay!  I’ve been surfing the web and saw my friends custom rhinestone clothing line coming up all over the place on the Japanese websites.  They’re on sites in Japan selling everything from Kitson, Coach, 7th heaven, cia.maritima, Marc Jacobs and even Gucci and Prada!

Broke2Gear originating in Honolulu,  Hawaii is all over the place in Japan.  click on any of these sites to see the  custom rhinestone clothing popularity explosion in Japan!  Including: Men’s, Women’s and Kids custom rhinestone clothing.  For more information check out

I recommend the Bob Marley Shirt or filling out the form and ordering your own customized Rhinestone Shirt, Jeans, hats and even shoes!  Check out the LFMAO shoes in the Party Rock Video!   Have a Great Weekend!


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