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50 Word Stories-WordPress Writing Challenge

50 Word Story Writing Challenge April 2014

So, I’m checking out my Daily Reader section of my blog. This is where I see what the people I follow are writing. And I bump into a writing challenge. It says to tell a story in 50 words. Sounds easy enough to me, hardest thing I can think of is how do I figure out how many words it is the easiest way?  I really don’t want to count all the words. HAH! So silly of me, the word count is listed below my blog and this small Itsy-Bitsy introduction is already 96 words..LOL

50 Word Story-Commotion Near My Condo

Cops and Robbers-streetzblog

Dirty tweaking man running near my condo. Blue lights, Flashing close to  home. Are the two related?  Maybe, Could be. I’m  inside safe from the ruckus. I wait for the TV News. Maybe I’ll see the man, maybe I won’t. They say my neighborhood is safe, Possibly? I think not.

Wow! that sure was a quick 50 words.  Here’s one more.  Then I will go and read what others have to say.

50 Word Story-Beats By Hey

He walks to work. Red and Black  J’s on feet. Matching Headphones upon his ears. Turned up Loud. Bad part of Town. Stops at traffic light. Click, Clack, Bang, Boom. Where are the Beats? Are those bright yellow socks on his feet? He graduated college, but never learned the streetz.

This Daily Writing Challenge came from the Boy with a Hat. Here is the link to his blog. DPChallenge/Daily Post Challenge by WordPress.

What do you think of the Challenge?  50 words goes by very quickly. LMK if you try it and how it goes for you?


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