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Street Alert-“Entourage” unleashes new trailer for Season 8 ..

So, most of us have all seen the Season 8 Trailer where the boys walk out into the sunset telling us that it’s the last season. Well finally today July 1st 2011, I just saw the trailer we have been waiting for – the trailer with scenes for the new season starting Sunday July 24th.  I only saw it once, but wanted to tell y’all that it’s up and running on HBO.  It has a pretty cool Eminem Tune playing in the background and shows some conflict between “Drama” and 80’s chain smoking jokester Andrew Dice Clay-seems “Drama” gets him a part in his new Gorilla Cartoon and something goes astray.  Other than that, I only had  chance to see the trailer once, but looks to me like Ari is gonna hook up with the scorching hot with the even more scorching personality Dana Gordon-some call her the female version of Ari, I call it some crazy sex on the way! And Ari’s separated wifey ain’t gonna’ be too pleased-Can we say Knarly “Cat Fight” on the way..oh yeah!

Ari and Dana Getting ready for Season 8!

This is gonna' be the year for you and me "Baby"

So far, no sign of Vince’s latest flame-Sasha Grey..but Bobby Flay does make an appearance or two on season 8 and one of the guys from the Big Bang Theory.  And even though it’s not on the trailer or on the internet, I suspect we gotta’ see Eminim show up sometime to do something fun on the show.

Well, I scoured the internet tonight looking for the new trailer, but guess it’s so new, no link yet.  But as soon as I find it I will add it to this post.

In regards to Street Fashion and Culture, this is purely a Street Alert, no need to comment on the fashion on Entourage. With that said, I can’t resist:   Ari always looks immaculate and  has perfectly tailored suits, “Drama” needs some new clothes or a hot new brand to wear, Turtle usually looks pretty street and always has HOT Kicks on and I really don’t care much about Eric. For some reason he irritates me even though I don’t personally know him.

I can’t wait until the premiere on Sunday July 24th and I’m hoping to get a part in the Entourage movie-I already know what I will wear:  My favorite worn and torn long sleeve dark yet faded blue Diesel shirt, my favorite super comfortable, perfectly fitting Holy Monarchy Jeans and either my new Electric Green Statue of Liberty Dunks or my patent Black Stealth Jordan 20’s.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!   Call me at 808 479 9928 if you want to know where to hang out this weekend on Oahu.  I know all the special hidden parking spots to see the fireworks and secret parties for the weekend. Have fun, be safe, Celebrate Life!

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