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Boogie Pops into Theaters

Basketball Movie-Boogie in Theaters Friday March 5

We couldn’t be named the Streetzblog without letting ya’ll know about a new movie coming soon to a Theatre near you. Boogie is written + directed by Eddie Huang. The same Eddie that brought us Fresh Off the Boat, the Baohaus Restaurant in NYC and Huangs World. You can probably still see some of Huangs World on Vice. If you get a chance to see it, check out the show where they are in NYC shopping for retro T’s-his friend has a warehouse FULL. Somebody I’d like to meet one day. And there’s a quick cameo of the Public School duo at the Barbershop.

I saw Eddie talking to Jaylen Rose this week. Eddie told Jaylen that it was on the Basketball court that he met a lot of his friends and learned about street style, music and culture. There’s not many people where I hoop. Did meet someone pretty cool about 2 weeks ago. He talked a lot and shot lights out. Was a fun day at the court, but never saw him again. I do remember, when I went to church every week, I would play basketball after. I would show up at this court in the middle of nowhere and another guy would be there every Sunday. We played intense one on one. Never talked just played. Was really fun, but a bit strange how we only communicated by playing B-Ball together. I didn’t learn much street culture. But he did have a tattoo of a tear under his left eye.


Quote from the Basketball Movie-Boogie

Looks like a movie I would like. Basketball, NYC, Streetz, A bit of Bling, and good possibility of a solid story. Huangs World was always fun to watch and Fresh Off the Boat had some funny moments. Hopefully this has some of the humor and culture we’ve come to know from Huang’s previous projects. And sure hope it has a good ending. The last 2 basketball movies I’ve seen , didn’t quite end well. I personally could go for a Happy, Positive ending of this movie. We shall see. It opens in theaters on Friday March 5, 2021. I don’t have a vaccine yet, so won’t be going to the theater. Would like to see it in a theater, but I’m not quite ready to be in an enclosed space for 2 hours indoors. I’m sure we’ll see it soon on Netflix, Amazon Prime or maybe YouTube.

It’s a great time for the movie to come out. This weekend is the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday March 7, 2021. Lots of flashy Tasty Mint Green and Black Kicks coming out this weekend, the 3 point shot contest, skills challenge and the Dunk contest. For those who usually watch the dunk contest on Saturday night, a big FYI The Dunk contest is happening during half time of Sundays NBA All-Star game!!! So be ready. Everything is Sunday, keeping things safe as we continue with da Rona pandemic.

Boogie stars: Taylor Takahashi, Taylour Paige, Pop Smoke and Eddie Huang.

See you on the Streetz and hopefully soon at the movie Theater

Basketball at the Elevators

What do you See?

Watch the video above and see what you see? You may see people playing catch with a basketball or you may see something else? Watch the first time with zero expectations and see what you see? Then take a moment and watch again very, very carefully.

Did you see the extra? Let us know in the comments section. Have a nice Day! See you on the Streetz…blog!

You can also ask in the comments section, What should I be looking for? And we’d be happy to assist you. Its pretty fun! Watch and share with your friends and family.

Photo by Petr Ganaj on

Swishfull Thinking

Who Got Game?

We’re only in the first round of the 2014 NBA Play-Offs and it seems like we’ve seen 2-3 rounds already. Very thrilling start to this year’s NBA Play-Offs. Too bad the Bulls are out and the Knicks never made it. The Clippers and Warriors are both fun to watch, yet they’re playing each other in Round One. Other than those things, it’s very exciting and we just might see some pretty BIG upsets very shortly.

Checkity-Check this sizzling HOT App and Ball to get your game on!

Sometimes I can’t believe how far things have come in regards to tech and social media and how unbelievably fast this has all happened. Here’s the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and App, quite an amazing feat of technology and real world Ol’ school ball action all hooked up in one.

94fifty-Basketball and App

The 94Fifty basketball is a REAL B-Ball set up with Blue-Tooth Technology.  It tracks your the speed, spin and arc of your shot.  Then it sends all the Nifty-Fifty basketball info directly to your iPhone app. Available at 94fifty  for $295. Even though it’s quite pricey, if it would help me shoot like Steph Curry, I’d think about getting it. Like an iPhone, I think I’ll wait until the next version comes out.  (I only buy the S versions of the iPhones, they get rid of the bugs and work perfectly).

Swishes Do Come True

Another way to make it to the NBA or shoot like a star is to get the SWISH DVD’s.  I don’t have the newest version of SWISH, but I have the first and second versions and I gotta’ tell you the system does work. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can make 7 out of 10 free throws. I used to make 3-5 out of 10. And who knows if I ever get a chance to play inside, I suspect I could make 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. I’ve never tried shooting indoors since I learned the SWISH method. Note:  A couple of tricks from the Vid include things that you can see Steph Curry doing including getting more of an arch on the ball, shooting the ball higher in the air, pushing the shot a bit and…for the rest I think it best to pay a bit of $ for 1, 2, or 3 of the DVD’s. Here’s a sample of SWISH 3.

Tom Norland from SWISH used to email me a pretty happening Newsletter every month. See if you can get on his list, but last I checked with him he was too busy to write it.Maybe he’s become inspired again-it’s worth checking on. See you on the streetz, or maybe I’ll see you this Thursday thru Sunday at the Hard Rock Cafe, The beach, playing some ball or at the Mall.

The Call & The Response

D. Rose created the video: “Derrick Roses Vegneance-the Return is Near and Lebron Responded with his own video.  What fun this is! The D.Rose vid is great, shows him slamming all over the Heat. Good to see his fighting spirit is back in action. Plus I watched a Las Vegas pre season game yesterday and the Bulls had one guy who scored 31 points and another that had 22 rebounds. I’d never heard of the two newer players, but they were GOOD. Hope they make the team.  Here’s D. Roses “Vengeance Video”:

And here is Lebron’s Response Video,”The Throne”:

For the record, Streetzblog is picking the Bulls to win it all in 2014!  See you on the Streetz or at the B-Ball Park.

Check out these new Kicks from Public Enemy:

Collecting Jersey’s Like a Sneakerhead Collects Kicks!

Wow! That’s a lot of Jerseys!



I gotta say I sure have way too many Kicks in my home than I really need, but I’ve never seen a Jersey Collection like this before. There’s over 60 Jersey’s in the picture above.  Fun game to play here is “What Famous Player(s) is he missing from the collection.  There’s a bunch of Jordan’s, Lots of Celtics, Hardaway’s, even Barkley. But who is he missing?  Have fun trying to figure it out.

I thought I had too many with 6 or maybe 8 of them. I know I have a couple streetzblog Jerseys in Brooklyn and Chicago style, a few Jordans, a Melo, a Lakers, and even a couple older All-Star Lebrons. What do you think of having over 60 of these?

Thanks to Lang Whitaker from the All Ball Blog on for tipping me off to this nice picture of Reddit User Macgarnickle’s massive amount of Team Gear. Wonder what team he really cheers for?

I’m bummed that the Bulls lost and D-Rose never came back, for even 5 minutes! I guess we will never understand that big mistake. If he could play in practice, I agree with Kenny “The Jet” Smith, he should have come out for 5 or 10 minutes at least. Sheez!  Hope he still stays a Bull, after not playing something must be up? He has a lot of fans he’s going to have to win back after this bizzare train of events.

Oh, and did you see D-Wade in the game yesterday?  He had a little Band-Aid on his knee, wasn’t playing to well. Then his coach said he had to go change his Sneakers. I don’t know if he changed his kicks or not, but He came back with a BIG Ol’ Bandage on his knee that was like 2 feet long and 3 inches deep! Next thing you know he pops a 3 then flies through the air and slams it home like it was 5 years ago. Amazing what a Bandage could do!

It gets better, when asked by Craig Segar “What exactly did that bandage do for you? D-Wade gave him a HUGE smile, then said something like, “Oh, A lot of things”.  I bet, next time I feel sluggish on the courts I’m going to tell my Court-Mates that I got to go get my D-Wade Band Aid!

Have a great evening! Go Knicks!

Just Doin’ It!

NYC Streetball B-Ball movie Just released today-Monday May 1st-2013

Doin' It in the Park-Streetzblog

Doin’ It In the Park is the new Streetball basketball movie By Bobbito Garcia that just came out Today/Monday May 1st 2013.Bobbito is the mad skilled dribbler who appeared in the Nike commercial that featured  sounds of  B-Balldribbling and no other talking.  He also had a really HOT show on ESPN about celebrities and their kicks & He produced and starred in Bobbito’s Basics to Boogie.  I’ve  always been a big fan of Bobbito-An OG sneakerhead and he taught me some pretty happening dribbling tricks through his B to B DVD.  What I really liked about Bobbito is when I was having a bit of trouble with one of the dribbling skills, he returned my email back in 2004 and gave me the encouragement to accomplish the skill that I still use in the park to this day! His new movie  “Doin’ It In The Park” has a digital download for just $9.99 and is available here.

I personally still need to finish watching The Knicks and Celtics game on my DVR, then the Bulls vs Nets Steph Curry & GS tomorrow. Then I will for sure order this movie.  NYC streetball is a big passion of mine.  I’ve watched the Goat’s story in the movie “Rebound” 8X.  If I didn’t need to be awake at 5A Thursday May 2nd (My Birthday) I’d order and watch it right now. I’ll check it out Sunday when I have more free time, then I can head out to MY Park across the street from my condo and try out some of the skills in the new movie. That’s a plan!

Check out the Trailer for the new movie here, it even has some vintage Dr. J footage in it:

Hey! Where is D-Rose, I thought he would be back by this WEEK! What is up with my prediction, my sister lives in Chi-Town too and said he would be back on Thursday May 2nd. Sure hope he comes back soon, can’t have them losing in round one!

If you’re in Honolulu this weekend, stop by and visit Streetzblog this Saturday May4th between 4P-10P at the Downtown Chinatown Block Party to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We have a booth and we’ll be selling special sunglasses that BLINK to the BEAT of the MUSIC. They go for $39.99 retail. And we have a special Synco de Musika Special on them this Saturday. One for $20 or 3 for $50. Stop by and get yours this Saturday or just stop by, say “Hi” and get some free Streetzblog stickers. Hope to see you this weekend!



NBA Playoffs start this Weekend!

December 17-30 is my favorite time of year, but my second favorite would be April – June when the NBA Play-Offs happen. I like it best for the NBA Drive to the Finals Game that we play each year.  And of course I like it to see the Bulls, Knicks and Lakers and this year Steph Curry from that team in the yellow and blue.

If you want to play Drive to the Finals with us this year, click here and make sure you sign up for the 808Ballers League.  It’s lots of fun! Each day you pick one different player to do well in scoring, assists and rebounds. Then you get points.  You can only pick a person one time, so you can either save Lebron or use him early..up to you. It’s tons of great fun and really easy to play!  *I doubt I would have the patience to play the “real” fantasy leagues for a whole year. But this is E-A-S-Y!

BULLS-Streetzblog’s Top SIX Predictions for the NBA Play-Off’s 2013

  1. D-Rose will Play in the 2013 NBA Play-Offs!  Last weekend I heard my favorite announcer Jeff Van Gundy say that Derrick Rose was playing in full contact scrimmages in practice. And he said he looked like the best player on the court. I take that as the Bulls will use D-Rose as their “Secret Weapon”. They played all season with everyone else to get their confidence up. Now when it really matters,  in the 2nd or 3rd game of the Play-Offs they’ll “sneak” Derrick on to the court in the 3rd quarter to bust out 20-30 points. Then rest him until they need him to do it again.That’s what I would do if I was Tom Tib. I just hope the Bulls don’t play the Knicks. Hope it’s Bulls vs Heat in the Eastern Conference finals! *Check the vid out-March 26, 2013, Rose is not lookin’ gimpy at all. Rockin’ the cross over every which way and Loose! 
  2. Steph Curry from GSW will Light it Up: This will be his big coming out party. Curry can shoot the BEST in the entire league, he also has a mean crossover. Watch out World-A new Superstar is arising quickly.
  3. Bulls vs Thunder in the Finals: With Derrick coming baaack the Bulls will beat the Heat then take on the winner of Golden State vs Oklahoma and the Bulls will defeat the Thunder in 6 games.
  4. Lebron will get T’d up: When the Bulls play the Heat, Lebron will lose it and get T’d up then probably kicked out of a game or two. *I’m still upset that he didn’t go to the Knicks or the Bulls when he was supposed to. I even made and wore a shirt that said Lebron NYC 2010.  BTW: I do like Carmelo better nowadays so it all worked out well.
  5. Carmelo will average 42 PPG:  Yep, He’ll score 40-62 points in each and every Play-Off game. The dude is on Fiaah! In the Zone! Killin’ it! And next to Steph Curry he is the next best shooter in the game!
  6. Lakers have no chance:  After Kobe got hurt the first time, he should have sat down, He didn’t even rest after he got hurt the second time, now he is really gone and out. That last game he played in was a MESS. Phil Jackson would have sat him down to save his health. They say Kobe wouldn’t go out, at that time Kobe wasnt thinking straight either-I could see it in his eyes,  he needed to come out of the game!  Sux.



Hello to the Melo 9’s

Carmelo M9 x Dave White -Tea For Two-London, England

I was wondering where this year’s fun and exciting Carmelo Anthony Video was just last week. And low and behold, here it is. A bit different from October 2011’s Helicopter jump into the Hudson, but still slick, fun and on point.

I like the 24 Karat Gold Leafe on the stars and the London/NYC Vibe. I just think this may be the first year I pass on the Melo’s. I saw them on-line and wasn’t so sure about them, then went to the store to see them in person. They have a Christmas Ribbon running through holes in the kicks. I seriously don’t get it,  I don’t like holes in my shoes and I sure don’t want rubbery Christmas Ribbons holding them together.

I’m hoping they do a Melo M9 Update or The M9.5 minus the holes and ribbons,  because the colors are HOT, the marketing is excellent, Melo’s one of my favorite players and last year’s Melo’s were the first Nike’s in years that didn’t hurt my (wide) feet.

Congrats to Melo for breaking the #Knicks franchise record of 30 str8t games with 20+ points. Thanks to Melo for playing against the Nets when I was in NYC and beating them. I was just a tad worried he may not play that day because he hurt is ankle a few days before it. And Carmelo has  my vote for MVP for 2013 for his play, the fact that the Knicks are finally winning this year and last, and  his excellent shooting..just not this year’s shoes. Good the MVP vote isn’t based on the kicks. What do you think about the Melo 9’s?

On the NYC Streetz-Day Two-Knicks vs Nets, Magz & Food

New York City-Day Two-Wednesday 12/19/12

Around the World Magazine Store-My Favorite Magazine Store in the World!

Around the World Magazine Store-NYC-My Favorite Magazine Store in the World!

Other than having a bit of a hard time waking up before 10A, Today was an extremely excellent day in the Big City.

Started the day off with a “little” walk from 45 and Madison to:

1. Bryant Park:  So much to do here and today, to little time. Great place to People watch, Ice Skate, Shop for Holiday gifts and make sure you have a delicious crepe or two. My Fav is the powdered Sugar and lemon crepe. #YUM!

2. Around the World Fashion Publications INC:  “’s number one choice for Fashion magazines in the entire World”.  Last year I found this store over by Bryant Park, since then they have moved a few blocks away to 148 West 37th Street between 7th Ave. and Broadway smack dab in the fashion district. Or as one could say “A bit downtown from midtown”.  The store owner’s know me well even from just two visits and a “couple” expensive mail order deliveries.  They have every Fashion magazine imaginable from 10-12 different Countries worth of Vogues and GQ’s to the ultra High end “InTrend” mags.  My tip here is get the Chic Men issues. These are very much like their $80 counterparts but are only $12 and have the most up to date trend information for the upcoming season(s). Next check the back for deals on back issues of various magz including Fall 2012’s Hypebeast, and my newest find a super great deal on last seasons $80 TOPfashionCasualMEN-this magazine is truly awesome and comes in a hard cover! They also have some great fashion books in the back and a few copies of my favorite magazine-Streetwear International.  However, the owners told me today that the USA does not receive this mag anymore. Oh well, another magazine forcing us to read them on the iPad. Very nice people work there, tell them streetzblog sent you and I bet they’ll help you find whatever it is you’re looking for!  Have fun, I sure did.

Today's Haul-2x Chic Men, Hypebeast, Fashionista, and Casual MEN

Today’s Haul-2x Chic Men, Hypebeast, Fashionista, and Casual MEN

3.  Tarallucci E Vino: I met some friends here and had delicious Panini’s, cappuccino and the best almond Croissant I’ve ever tasted!! It’s very close to Union Square, make a rez, it gets quite busy during late lunch-time.

4. Flight Club NYC:  You can’t go to NYC without stopping by here. For me it’s really fun to see all the Jordans that I have on ice  going for really good prices.  I saw some orange and blue 13’s I have going for $375, a pair of Green and Orange 4’s I have for $450 and a pair of Black 13’s that I wore this past Saturday to play ball in going for $400! It’s just down the street from Union Square.

5. Knicks vs Nets:  Each year I treat myself to one game at Mad Square Garden and this year it was a great one! Carmello went off! Tyson Chandler had 5 DUNKS and the Knicks won! Celebs in the house included Rev Run from Run DMC, Mike D from the Beastie Boys, The FoodNetwork’s Padma Lakshmi, Steve Schirripa-The main actor from the Soprano’s, Patrick Ewing, the NY Giants V-Cruuuuz,  Walt “Clyde” Frazier and of course spike Lee. Halftime Included splatter art by David Garibaldi who painted up an awesome picture of the Statue of Liberty.

And Everyone who came to the game received a FREE Bright orange Knicks hat courtesy of FootLocker. The Garden was lit up in bright orange just in time for the Holidays.  Wow! What an Awesome Day and Night!!!

According to the New York Post Knicks tickets this year are averaging $333.20 per game. Up from last years average of $281.53. Even when Lin was hot in NYC tickets were $313. Sure shows what a winning season can do for a team.  This upswing in pricing also goes for the cross-town rivals the Brooklyn Nets. Tickets to their games this year are averaging: $189.81 up from a ridiculous low of just $32 per ticket per game.

6. Deli down the street from the Garden:  Before Walgreen’s in Times Square. Sorry, I don’t know the name, just the look. it’s the same deli I go to every year. This year I bought 3 salami, butter and mustard on white toast sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, 4 drinks and a croissant.  ALL for just $30.12 at their favorite Fashion Magazine store at their favorite Fashion Magazine store

Tomorrow get ready for the Best of Downtown Shopping and a 10PM reservation at Balthazar in Soho!

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