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Just in Time for the 4D movie..we find 3D Jeans!

3D Jeans by Timezone

Just as the 4D movie “Spy Kids” is hitting the theatre, Street and sportswear designer Timezone comes out with these new 3D Cotton Denim Jeans entitled the “Lewin”.  These jeans are ergonomically preshaped 3D jeans with a fit that features an extra width in the knee section as well as a slightly twisted seam on the side near the calves. This way the pants adjust to the body when worn and they fall straight along the leg when you’re standing still.  The new fit is available now in the “Lewin” design with more versions coming soon. A hologram card explains the functions of the jeans when they com in the mail for you from the timezone website.

If you check out the website, watch the nice HD video, It has a great vibe and gives one a feeling of “Wow..I gotta’ get some of these clothes to have as much fun as these Hot models are having”.  Special Thanks to the hard to find sportswear International Magazine (the real touch and feel magazine) for the tip on these hip, happening 3D Jeans.

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