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Get on the Hawaii Five-O Show

Wear me on Saturday!

UH plays Pepperdine this Saturday night at the Stan Sheriff  Arena. And Hawaii Five-0 is filming after the games.  They are asking attendees to wear green with an H on their shirt. 

Here’s a perfect shirt to  wear this Saturday to really stand out in the crowd!  you can get the V-Ball and Hawaii on a  black or green T. They’ll customize it however you like.  Click here to order yours.  Just let them know that you want to pick it up, so you can have it in time for Saturday!
*I like the way the V-Ball came out on this, it has a nice reflective look to it.  And it looks even better in person.  See you at the game!  SM

Hawaii Five-O Filmed Here..

Today was a pretty fun day on the Streetz outside of where I work, we had the filming of an upcoming show of  Hawaii Five-O right outside of where I work in downtown, Honolulu. When I arrived at work it was pretty fun, lots people yelling, Big clumsy looking rigs around, flashing lights, cop cars parked on the sidewalk, then right as I was about to turn into the elevator I saw Alex McLoughlin from Hawaii Five-O about 20 yards away from me with a BIG Gun pointing towards the courtyard. So, I stayed and watched as he said two lines and shot his gun 3 times.  Which he did at least 3 different takes of the same thing.

I then, went upstairs, did some work, then came back down to check out some more action. This time was even better.  Tom Sizemore was there and they shot up a pretend cop car and debris flew through the air just missing me and my friend by about a foot and a half.  And let me tell you if it had landed on us it would have hurt.  At least it looked that way, maybe it was just flimsy paper, but it hit the concrete..well .. like the sound of um .. concrete-looked and sounded pretty scary to me!   I told the grip nearby “Wow! that’s pretty cool how you exploded up something and let it fly and it just missed the people watching it by a little bit”  He did the famous “nod and smile” and went on his way.  I suspect they wouldn’t mind if the flying debris actually did scared off a few of the downtown office folk. I don’t think they’re used to having such a big crowd watch them film.

Through the day they must have told my friend to stop taking pictures like 12 times. He usually stopped, but he did manage to get a couple good vids and a shot of Billy Baldwin, Tom Sizemore and Alex M.  I was kind of amazed he didn’t get dragged away by the big security guards. Kind of cool of them that he was able to get a few shots for his Facebook page. As long as no one tells the plot much, a few pix are probably good for publicity.

Anyways, I went down there one last time around 4p today and that was the BEST!  Billy Baldwin comes raging down the walkway with a blond hostage in tow and a big, big Gun pointing around at us all, then Tom Sizemore does something, next we hear as they told us we would-24 rounds of gunshots-which is a lot more than 24 gun shots-its like a machine gun going off for about 12 seconds and it is LOUD. AFter the 24 rounds went off, Billy B falls backwards and the hostage girl runs away and I guess, all is well?  It was fun and I got to see most of the big stars. Although, Kona Kalakaua wasnt there and they had some guy who looked like Scott Caan there, but it for sure wasnt him.

Overall, it didn’t seem quite as glamorous as I would expect, they sure stood around a lot and MAN-they shot like the same scene 3-5 times and each time it took like 10 minutes to get it ready.  But, it was lots of fun to watch the stars in action and to hear the explosions and gun shots going off.  Today, was a great example of what fun it can be to live in Hawaii. Have a Great rest of the week!

Fun Addendum:  So I actually wrote this around 5pm before I went home from work, Thus I went downstairs one more time on my way home from work at about 6:10pm and the first person I saw was Grace Park/Kono Kalakaua and she was sitting on the bench right outside of my job!  She had a dog with her and I asked if it was hers, the guards in the area said they “thought it was Alex’s”  Grace looked pretty HOT and she had a bloodied bandage on her arm.  She got up off the bench and went to film the last seen, In int Scott Caan also showed up and it was really cool, I got to see Alex M take a big A** swinging punch at Tom Sizemore. I watched them film this 3 times and all three times Tom ducked just in time, But on the TV show I be he really gets “Cracked” pretty hard right across the face.  Pretty amazing how no one got hurt. The punch Alex Throws is pretty wicked!  Ahh, so glad I was able to see the last scene of the day.  After it, all the stars pretty much just disappeared, One blink of the eye and they were Gone!  Fun Day, today I looked around the courtyard and it looked like they were never there. Even the Bank of Hawaii sign that said Bank of Oahu yesterday was back to the normal Bank of Hawaii.

Other thing I wanted to let you know, is they asked us if we were background for the show. We couldn’t quite say yes and get away with it, it seems you need to sign up ahead of time to be an extra and get called in to do the shift, even though many of us thought we were in the background of the shots, we weren’t. Oh well, I’m gonna go fill out the form and see what happens. When I get the call, I’ll let you know.  Take Care.

** Friday night Tom Sizemore was down at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Tonight Billy Baldwin was down there.  Seems like the place to be. I remember when David Beckham was in town, he drank at the Starbucks down there almost every morning. And I saw Dennis Rodman years ago on the beach right out in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, he was smoking a big ol’ cigar with some body building orange tinged in the skin Hollywood type guy and a lady that had a big tattoo on her that said “Mrs. Rodman”  all across her back!

How To Make it in America Season two..Trailer #2 NEW!

About a month ago we scored the first trailer for the new season, now here’s the second trailer very HOT off the presses. The trailer is very slick, fast paced and a bit on the rated “R” tip.  Looks like Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon take a trip to Tokyo and run into their usually mishaps, fun and mischief as they do in NYC. 

For now we have Entourage to watch for the rest of the Summer, anyone who likes Entourage, Fashion, Kicks and New York City will enjoy this show.  I like it, I didn’t actually expect it back because many critics didn’t like the show. And I don’t know anyone else who watches it-but that never means much.

This year Kid Cudi returns as Domingo Dean and we’ll have special appearances by Pusha T, Javier Nunez, Pharrel Williams amongst others.  Check back here on for rumours and news on the upcoming season I’m sure we’ll have them. 

Special thanks to GQ and HypeBeast for the clip.  I gotta’ tell you it was hard to get on to this page, it wasnt on YouTube, so I had to send it to my other blog, then copy and paste it over here. Now I need to erase it from over there..or maybe I’ll just keep it on there. It’s fun to watch, why not let more people see it.

Is that some Ink on your shirt?

Well, I have no idea how I missed Most of NY Ink this year, I watched shows 1&2, then for the last 3 weeks I tried to find it on TV and all I could find was LA Ink.  So I looked on the TLC website and they say that the whole season is over and that they will be back in November with Season 2.  Either they only had a 3 or 4 season show, Or I totally spaced out a few weeks or months of my life. I seriously only remember seeing two shows, then missing 1 show and now we are at August 18th.  If you know how many shows they aired, LMK, it would help me understand what may have happened to me when I missed the rest of the season. Hopefully, they didn’t have too many shows..LOL

Here’s a sneak peek of the biggest trend in tattooing-Tattoo Artists with clothing lines.  Here’s a sample of the upcoming Ami James Ink Clothing line.

Boom Boom Boom...Let's go Back to my Room!

These clothes are looking pretty hip.  The black shirt has the total 2011 Ol’ School meets New School Vibe, the girl looks bored, a bit uninterested and slightly pissed off and is probably much prettier with a different look to her face, but I do dig the hat-The Aqua and yellow go nice together with the pattern.  Side note:  Be on the look out for Camo’s Custom Caps Designed by Sniper Wells..coming soon to  The Guys shirt has a bit of Sex Pistols type punk lookage to it and I like the way it crops right at the belt line.  These shirts look nice, but they are on perfect bodies. Not sure how they would look on the rest of us. The perfectly shaped models are: Michael Anthony and Jaden Bach For more pictures of the clothing and models click right about Heeeere.

Ditch The “Sitch” ..Hmmm

Well, its been buzzing around for a day or so that Abercrombie and Fitch wants to Ditch Mike “The Situation” from wearing their clothes  on the “Jersey Shore” Reality TV show.   The Jersey Shore is MTV’s most highly rated show with Teens and young adults.  And supposedly the retailer doesn’t want them wearing their clothes.

This is totally silly, A&F ACTUALLY AND REALLY DID make shirts that said “GTL” the Jersey Shores famous line for what they do all day-Gym, Tan and do the Laundry.  And to make matters even sillier they made tons of money selling a shirt that said “Fitchuation” on the front. Like, what is going on here? Doesnt  the main man at A&F know what he sells in his own stores? He sells shirts that he never would have sold if it wasnt for the Jersey Shore’s cast and their TV show. Now he doesn’t want them to wear his clothes? 

Me personally, I think this is either plain stupid or they are in cahoots together and in a day or two A&F will do a big publicity appearance and make up with the Situation and they will make a special new shirt to  sell 1 or 2 or a couple hundred thousand for charity-Or maybe they will make a new shirt or a whole new line of shirts and just  split the profits. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but this sure got way, way, way too much exposure on TV, blogs, Radio etc.  I’m even writing about it now.  What are  your thoughts on this?  Who’s the winner? the loser?  Good Call? Bad Call?  LMK what you think?

Vinnie’s got the New J’s!

They're Baaaaack!

These are the Converse First String Standards Dr.J Pro Leather shoes that just released this past Friday August 5th. The Shoes honor the legend of Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the shoe he made history in, Converse recreated the classic silhouette in a premium crafted version. Only 168 of these limited edition Kicks were created in this White/Navy colorway. With Hopefully more colorways to come soon.

I saw these onhypbeast last week and they sure brought back big time memories. The Original shoes launched back in 1976 and when I think about it, that was the start of my interest in Shoes. At the time I remember there were only three things you could wear for Basketball-The J’s, The Pony’s and an ugly pair of plain white Nike’s that had black swooshes on them. Well actually before these three shoes, the years before that you could either have Canvas Colored Converse All-Stars or PF Flyers. My favs were the Bright orange converse hi tops with flourescent light blue laces!!

The Dr. J shoe in the 70’s was the shoe that ushered in the REAL start to the original “Sneakerhead”. When I saw the re issue, I thought “cool” I gotta get a pair, but they are very limited and I actually want to wait to get the star chevron logo’d shoes in the plain greyish color, so I can color them in with a sharpie just like we did back in the day.

My favorite Player on Northwestern’s Basketball team-Billy McKinney added purple to his star logo and by the end of the game his shoes were practically all purple, it was pretty fun to watch. But what it really did is ushered in the first custom kicks. We all copied him and made our own customs by coloring in the logo’s with Orange, Purple, Blue, and red. And the best place to buy them was from Tony Brown on the “After Hours” market over at they YMCA-He’d hook you up for mere $25 bucks.

As I mentioned, the new re issue of the J’s only came out with 168 pairs, but look who was wearing a pair on tonight’s Entourage-Vinnie Chase has them on as he walks into Ari’s office. It’s usually Turtle with the HOT kicks, but tonight Vinnie blew him away withe the OG J’s.

Vinnie Chase wearing the New OG Dr. J's on tonight's Entourage

Hey-did you see the show tonight? I told you a few weeks back that Ari would hook up with Dana Gordan and look what happened tonight! Although I didn’t much like the end of the show though, a little too intense..sheez the guy blew his own head off..WTF!

Entourage Premiere in NYC

Sloan Mails E back his E- Ring this Season

Last night was the Big night for all those lucky enough to be in NYC and be invited to the big, red carpet premiere of Entourage Season 8.  It was held on Wednesday July 20th at the Beacon Theater in extremely HOT weather.  Looks like pretty much the whole cast showed up and the attendees all got to watch the premiere of the first episode.  I didnt notice any Hot Kicks on anyone.  But the suits all looked nice on the main stars-mostly summer colors-Lighter blues, greys, a bit of dark blue and no black cause it was so super hot in NYC on Wed night.  So far, all I could find in attendance other than the stars of the show were: Producer and Stylist-Pharrel Williams and Friendstar-David Schwimmer, but I’m sure there were many more.

I Found the New Entourage Trailer!

It looks similar to the one I  blogged about on July 3rd when I saw it one time really late, late at night on HBO. A few new things I saw on this updated trailer:   Last time I didn’t notice Sloan Sends E’s Ring back to him in the mail.    And last time I didn’t notice that Vinnie had 90 days sober, but looks like trouble is coming!  Other than that pretty similar to what I wrote about but couldn’t find for you last time.And It still has the cool Eminem Song in it.   “Entourage Season 8 premieres Sunday July 24th.  And I’m watching it LIVE!  click below and see the latest trailer for Season 8. Be warned-spoiler alert.. it tells us a lot about the new Season.  Even though we don’t see it in the trailer..I still think Ari’s gonna’ hook up with Dana!

Street Alert-“Entourage” unleashes new trailer for Season 8 ..

So, most of us have all seen the Season 8 Trailer where the boys walk out into the sunset telling us that it’s the last season. Well finally today July 1st 2011, I just saw the trailer we have been waiting for – the trailer with scenes for the new season starting Sunday July 24th.  I only saw it once, but wanted to tell y’all that it’s up and running on HBO.  It has a pretty cool Eminem Tune playing in the background and shows some conflict between “Drama” and 80’s chain smoking jokester Andrew Dice Clay-seems “Drama” gets him a part in his new Gorilla Cartoon and something goes astray.  Other than that, I only had  chance to see the trailer once, but looks to me like Ari is gonna hook up with the scorching hot with the even more scorching personality Dana Gordon-some call her the female version of Ari, I call it some crazy sex on the way! And Ari’s separated wifey ain’t gonna’ be too pleased-Can we say Knarly “Cat Fight” on the way..oh yeah!

Ari and Dana Getting ready for Season 8!

This is gonna' be the year for you and me "Baby"

So far, no sign of Vince’s latest flame-Sasha Grey..but Bobby Flay does make an appearance or two on season 8 and one of the guys from the Big Bang Theory.  And even though it’s not on the trailer or on the internet, I suspect we gotta’ see Eminim show up sometime to do something fun on the show.

Well, I scoured the internet tonight looking for the new trailer, but guess it’s so new, no link yet.  But as soon as I find it I will add it to this post.

In regards to Street Fashion and Culture, this is purely a Street Alert, no need to comment on the fashion on Entourage. With that said, I can’t resist:   Ari always looks immaculate and  has perfectly tailored suits, “Drama” needs some new clothes or a hot new brand to wear, Turtle usually looks pretty street and always has HOT Kicks on and I really don’t care much about Eric. For some reason he irritates me even though I don’t personally know him.

I can’t wait until the premiere on Sunday July 24th and I’m hoping to get a part in the Entourage movie-I already know what I will wear:  My favorite worn and torn long sleeve dark yet faded blue Diesel shirt, my favorite super comfortable, perfectly fitting Holy Monarchy Jeans and either my new Electric Green Statue of Liberty Dunks or my patent Black Stealth Jordan 20’s.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!   Call me at 808 479 9928 if you want to know where to hang out this weekend on Oahu.  I know all the special hidden parking spots to see the fireworks and secret parties for the weekend. Have fun, be safe, Celebrate Life!

HBO’s How to Make it in America Season 2-Super New Trailer

This is the trailer for HBO’s “How to Make it in America” Season 2, it doesn’t tell us much, but it does show us that the show is for sure coming back for another season!  I was hoping it was coming back because it was fun to watch NYC street culture in an actual TV show.  The show is pretty much like Entourage where sometimes its real and sometimes its fiction.  Last year’s show had special appearances by Kid Cudi and skater Javier Nunez amongst other fledgling stars of the screen and street.

If you’re into fashion or street culture, this is the show to watch!  Last year it showed Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon spending their last money they owned to make a pair of custom jeans to follow their dream to create the Hot new brand for all the hipsters and skaters to wear.  They did get the jeans produced but ran in a whole heck of a lot of trouble along the way.   The show also followed a street hustler trying to go straight by selling some sort of Jamaican energy juice, which had even more ups and downs, which were mostly down, yet pretty funny! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens this year.  Show is also fun to watch to see what everyone’s wearing from hard to find “Dunks” to slick pea coats  & classic boots, and that’s just what the guys had on. Who knows what brands the girls were wearing, I’m sure they were pretty trendy..and the ladies were flocking to the stores to get the goods.

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