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All Points Project NYC

Thrill Seeking Photographers in NYC

This Video:

Makes my stomach Drop

Eyes Pop

Gives tips and tricks that Rock

I really need a DSLR camera to Cop

Watch out for  Cops

Parkour practice Spots

Of course, some post production Crops

To bring the world, picturesque Instagram Shots

Did I mention, it makes my stomach…DROP!

I’d like to be able to make my instagram shots pop more like these shots. But whew, just watching this video gives me the chills. If I was there looking down, I doubt I could handle it.  What do you think?

Happy Holidays from Streetzblog

The only thing that comes between me and my Calvin’s is Streetzblog…and maybe Kate Moss.

I usually do a pretty simple Holiday campaign with stickers and shirts.  In 2012 we had the SB logo in the original colors of black and red on white Anvil Shirts.  2013 I upgraded to slate grey American Apparel shirts with Orange and standard Gray colors on the logo.

In a couple of days, the 2014 campaign will unleash to the world. I’ve been seeing a CK Jean revival as of late. Mark Wahlberg is a huge movie star and Kate Moss is still looking hot and doing her thing after many years. So, with the help of Romeo Valentine, we tatted up the two and tweaked their underwear a bit. Be looking for the new stickers on the streetz of NYC this Thursday December 18th-23rd, 2014.  And possibly a shirt or two if I can get all the pieces to the T-Shirt puzzle to fit together in time.

Look to Streetzblog over the next couple weeks. Covering NYC:  December 18-23. And Chicago: December 24-29, 2014. In NYC, we’ll be reporting on the latest Street Style’s, Hottest Holiday Gifts, New Stores, Delicious foods, the Latest Kicks, Uptown, Downtown, and of course Mid Town-cause that’s where I’ll be staying. Chicago, we’ll be checking out some norm-core in the suburbs then hitting the streetz of Belmont.

Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! and Mele Kalikimaka!  Maybe I’ll see you on the streetz of NY, Chi-Town or back in HI for New Year’s.

While we’re on the CK Tip, let’s check out a couple of pictures from their upcoming Calvin Klein White label Spring Summer 2015 collection. Check out the oversized logo on the undies. Pretty Rockin’ Whatcha’ think?

Hood By Air takes Flight

HBA Spring 2015 New York Runway Show

Hood By Air or HBA for short is a New York City Based Street-Wear Brand that is Big on slapping their HBA inititals and Hood By Air name on many of their pieces. In 2014, wearing a Nice large block lettered HBA shirt, moon boot or pants is a lot like wearing a classic logo’d DKNY sweatshirt back in 1994.

Let’s take a look-see at the Spring 2015 Men’s and Women’s Hood By Air Collection.


Grey Hi-Top Kicks:  These are worn throughout the show. Untied, Tied, pants tucked and untucked. From the Runway show these look like a winner. Subtle grey, yet a bit oversized and just enough embellishment to pop.

Military Jacket: The model with the crutches rocks an extremely nice military style jacket in a perfectly layered look.

1990’s High School Chic:  I really dig the style on the female model that has the slouchy black long sleeve shirt with the ripped, worn and torn white jeans. The two pieces are quite different, yet work very nicely together.

Accessories:  Check out the dog/human collars on the models. Slightly creepy, yet adds a 3rd or 4th dimension to the show. But don’t think too far into it, then it’s not as fun! And check out the locks and chains. I saw Madonna Rockin’ the Moschino brand lock and chain the other day and I tried it out about six weeks ago. It’s a fun trend, but man oh man, the chains can get heavy come 2:00 a.m. See picture below of  Madonna and her Moschino necklace as seen on Jeremy Scott’s Instagram. And me in my silver and gold custom-made necklaces worn with a Streetzblog x Romeo Valentine How to Make it in New York collab shirt from a few years ago.

Added Flavor:  When the crowd disperses at the end of the show, did you notice the HBA logo’s on many of the attendees. A nice touch, yet an expected flavor from a brand that knows how to get their Hood By Air out.


Tan/Khaki Kicks: Ugh, the ultimate worst color for sneakers ever. Might be ok for a desert boot, but not cool for sneakers. I wouldn’t even want a free pair of the Khaki Yeezy’s.  Just not a good color for kicks.

The Music:  A bit too slow for this show. And slightly eerie and creepy, which is ok, I just would have wanted it to be more up-beat. Try and watch the same runway show with one of these 3 tunes, see and feel the vibe change instantly and completely. The clothes even become more vibrant, powerful and splendid to wear! Music courtesy: Aesthetic Perfection-The New Black, Krystal System-I love my Chains and Youth Code-What is the Answer.

See you on the streetz of the Hawaii Fashion Month. Hopefully, if I finish work on time, I’ll be at the grand opening of the new Jimmy Choo in Waikiki on Thursday evening. And of course, I’ll be at the Alexander Wang x H&M launch either on-line, in-store or both.  Have a nice Weekend.


So in Straw of it.

The Summer 2014 Straw Fedora Hat Trend

Wow! Crazy fast, Ultra quick, let’s look stylish yet all alike, mega-moving speed of light trend of the Summer.  The straw hat trend or as most of what I notice in particular the Straw Fedora Hat Trend.

Since early June, I’ve seen so many straw Fedora hats In Downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana Mall, Windward Mall and especially along the streetz of Kalakaua in Waikiki.  I saw them first, started taking pictures second. Made a draft of this post way back in early June, took some more pictures. Thought I was going to post 30-40 pictures. Realized I only had 4 good shots, 2 ok shots and 12 unusable photos. So, I figured the trend may die before I get 30-40 pictures, so figured it’s already July 8, 2014, I just better post what I have.

I’ll update it later in July, if and when I get some more shots. Just trust me on this one, In Waikiki alone, two Thursdays ago, I was counting 4 in 10 wearing some sort of straw hat and most were the fedora type.  I can’t wait any longer to post this. Hope you enjoy  the pictures. And I hope to get you some more. It’s once again time when my brain thinks it’s time for a DSLR, but once again I spent my camera money on suits, shoes and shorts. Such a shop-o-holic. I have 3 credit cards in the freezer. Might be time to put some ice around them…LOL Yep, they’re in the freezer like the Confessions of a Shopoholic heroine does with hers, but hers are frozen. Mine, so far are just in the freezer and not in my pocket. Baby steps, today’s rationalization is How can I blog about clothes, shoes and hats? If I can’t personally go shopping?

All Shots were taken via my iPhone 5s utilizing either the camera+ App or Snapseed App for post production editing. Are people wearing these hats this summer where you live?  Last Summer? Or not wearing them at all?  It would be interesting to know if it’s a world-wide phenom or just a Hawaiian Island trend.


Dance, RUN, Jump!

ID Presents the A-Z’s of DANCE

I found this video on Kitt Noir’s Blog. Check out these dance moves! Looks like they remembered everything. Do you see any great moves they forgot to include?

JAY Z and Beyonce’s RUN Trailer

Here’s the best movie trailer ever produced for a film that doesn’t exist. Some say it’s JAY Z and Beyonce’s way of taking attention away from the Solange Knowles elevator filming. I’m like, if you can make a video that quickly this good. Keep on keeping on taking attention away from Solange and whoever else and make this into a real movie. Can you count the stars in here? There’s like a new one every 12 seconds! So much Star Power! Did they really make this in just a few days. Hard for me to believe.

I noticed JAY Z, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Diaz, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida Jones, and Emmy Rossum. Who did I miss?

DJ Amen and Don Benjamin at the JUMP

See you Thursday Thru Sunday on the Streetz of Chicago. If you’re on Oahu, Don’t miss DJ Amen and one of America’s Next Top Model’s Don Benjamin this Friday May 23rd at the Jump at Vice. Go Chicago Blackhawks-See you in about 32 hours.


Trad Ivy meets Big Time Street

Brooks Brothers hooks up with Supreme NYC


Street and Skate Store Supreme has teamed up with traditional Ivy League Brooks Brothers for a Bold and pretty darn stylish Seersucker release featuring the jacket seen above and matching pants. As you can see the Jacket has the Red and White Supreme tag along side the classic Dark Navy and white Brooks Brothers Tag on the sleeve.  I suspect these are two tags that will stay on most buyers sleeve as they rock this look for Spring 2014.

The picture above appeared on the Supreme London Store Manager’s Instagram @mrjagger_  After researching it a bit on the net, it seems it’s a picture taken from an article in an upcoming issue of the UK’s Man About Town Magazine. The release date of the Jacket and pants still seems to be a mystery. Update: Monday April 28, 2014.  The Seersucker suit will be available in store NY, LA, London and on-line Thursday May 1, 2014. Available in Japan on Saturday May 3, 2014.  Price $549.  While doing this blog posting I noticed that most Supreme drops are on Thursdays. More pix of the  suit here.

The April 10 newspaper edition of WWD confirms that this jacket along with a pair of trousers will be released soon by the two Mega Brands.  According to WWD the lining will have a black and white star pattern and the suits silhouette is Brooks Brothers’ slimmer and younger Fitzgerald model.  The two piece seersucker suit will be available at Supreme.  From what I’ve seen during my December trips to NYC, Supreme has some pretty long lines for their limited edition Shirts and Kicks. I would suspect a BIG line for this gear. And I kinda’ doubt it will show up on their on-line boutique. But it’s for sure worth a try to look and find out. I wonder if like the shirts and kicks;  if this suit goes for double or triple on E-Bay? My vote would be yes.  And Yeah, I admit it would also keep the tags on it and wear it out of the house just like the picture above.

Brooks Brothers has done some things with Junya Watanabe in the past and they typically work with designer Thom Browne with their Black Fleece label.

Supreme has collab’d with many including Nike, North Face Comme des Garcons, Vans,  Champion and in 2011 they worked with Adam Kimmel on an unlined black and navy two button suit jacket and pants made from Italian cotton Twill.  I think that this Seersucker collab is a Big Time Winner for both the younger and older fans of both brands especially the Supreme followers.  I could see this jacket worn by many a bike courier and fashion designer in NYC and by many others in various professions throughout the world.  Streetzblog recommend that you should get this very stylish suit collab if you can!

Here’s a pic of the Adam Kimmel x Supreme Black and Navy two button suit Jackets with custom fitting pants. Picture is courtesy of

Adam Kimmel x Supreme Spring  2011

Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter.  If you get a chance check out my radio show this Saturday April 19th from 3p-6p Hawaii Time on You can catch it on the tune in app or by going directly to  See you on the Streetz, on the radio, at church and at the Beach this weekend.

Here’s the most up to date picture of the suit (Monday April 28, 2014/Picture courtesy of Supreme)




50 Word Stories-WordPress Writing Challenge

50 Word Story Writing Challenge April 2014

So, I’m checking out my Daily Reader section of my blog. This is where I see what the people I follow are writing. And I bump into a writing challenge. It says to tell a story in 50 words. Sounds easy enough to me, hardest thing I can think of is how do I figure out how many words it is the easiest way?  I really don’t want to count all the words. HAH! So silly of me, the word count is listed below my blog and this small Itsy-Bitsy introduction is already 96 words..LOL

50 Word Story-Commotion Near My Condo

Cops and Robbers-streetzblog

Dirty tweaking man running near my condo. Blue lights, Flashing close to  home. Are the two related?  Maybe, Could be. I’m  inside safe from the ruckus. I wait for the TV News. Maybe I’ll see the man, maybe I won’t. They say my neighborhood is safe, Possibly? I think not.

Wow! that sure was a quick 50 words.  Here’s one more.  Then I will go and read what others have to say.

50 Word Story-Beats By Hey

He walks to work. Red and Black  J’s on feet. Matching Headphones upon his ears. Turned up Loud. Bad part of Town. Stops at traffic light. Click, Clack, Bang, Boom. Where are the Beats? Are those bright yellow socks on his feet? He graduated college, but never learned the streetz.

This Daily Writing Challenge came from the Boy with a Hat. Here is the link to his blog. DPChallenge/Daily Post Challenge by WordPress.

What do you think of the Challenge?  50 words goes by very quickly. LMK if you try it and how it goes for you?


Hot Stars in the City


The Streetzblog Hawaii Designs Series chats with CityStars Apparel…Where Everyone Deserves to be a Star!



For this edition of Hawaii Designs, We sat down with CityStars Apparel’s, Romeo Valentine after this year’s Honolulu Festival Gala. Where we feasted on Delicious Delicacies from Ruth Chris Steak House, Morimoto Waikiki, Roy’s Hawaii Kai and Honolulu Coffee Company. Prior to the Jump event with DJ HED at Vice Nightclub. The picture below is from the Honolulu Festival’s Friendship Gala in front of one of the World’s largest Aloha Shirts. Romeo, DJ HED and Scott March 7, 2014

1. So, you recently celebrated your one year Anniversary, Has everything gone as you expected?

In our first year we’ve experienced a lot of turbulence but through it all it helps us grow. Without the turbulence we wouldn’t be able to overcome our fear of flying and reaching for the stars.

2. And you brought in big time DJ Carisma? How did you hook that up? Have you brought anyone else to Hawaii?

DJ Carisma is a friend of mine that I’ve met a few times she came out here but really linked up the time she came out here with Honey Cocaine for the Chris Brown concert. DJ Carisma fits perfect in our genre and what we are about, so it was great to have such a humble but successful person to bring in for our one-year anniversary along with Abby De La Rosa.

We have brought in other acts before such as YG, New Boyz, Tyga, DMX, DJ Drama, Glasses Malone, DJ Hed, and more. We also plan to bring a lot more fun shows and events in the future featuring some national acts. And for Spring Break 2014 we brought in San Fran’s DJ Amen.
DJ Amen Flyer

3. Are you a clothing company or like an all around lifestyle brand?

Both. We live this lifestyle in the night life to the music to the dancing we like to keep it fresh. We want everyone to feel like a star when they rock the gear.

4. What are your goals in 2-3 years with CSA?

Our plan is to take this dream we have and make it reality. When we do that we want to take everyone who supported and was their to contribute and help us when we struggled with us to the top. CSA wouldn’t be without the hard work and dedication everyone puts in.

5. The name of your brand is so perfect, it seems to fit so many different things that you do, from the designs to the shows. How did you come up with CityStars Apparel? And what does it mean to you?

The name didn’t come over night but when things come to you they just  happen. It fit perfectly with my lifestyle. I was in the clubs every night, promoting, partying, rockin’ the mic and in the day I was at the radio station (Power 104.3). It all sounds like fun which it is, but hard work so the city represents the hard work and the stars represents you being better than just normal. You are a CITY STAR.

6. Who creates and designs your shirts and hats?

Our main designers are Ryan “Dj First Class” Garo and I (Romeo Valentine). Along with Gary Dymally and Monica putting ideas together to help contribute and Ka’aina Nahale working hard on hand drawings that he comes up with or ideas we have that he can bring to life.

7. What type of software do you use to design everything?

Everything we do is in Photoshop. As well as drawings on a piece of paper which we transfer and redraw in Photoshop.

8. What has been your biggest seller?  And why do you think it did so well?

Our biggest seller to date has been the Louie Stars design we released in early 2013. I believe it was the best seller because the design pattern was catchy and our customers at the time liked the how long the design was on the shirt and of course our floral snapbacks are in high demand.

hot babe in citystars floral snapback

9. You recently made football shirts? How did you pick the teams you chose? Which was the biggest seller/hottest colorway?

We chose the 5 teams which had the best following in the state we are in which is Hawaii. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Oakland, Dallas and New England. The best had to have been San Francisco and Oakland.

citystars girl in football gear

10. And where were the Chicago Shirts?

We actually made a Chicago Design but it didn’t make the cut along with the Packers.

11. How did you come up with the idea for the football shirts?

We grew up watching football. It was cool to represent your team in the club without having to worry about dress codes of jerseys.

12. I really like the purple and orange Galaxy lanyards? They are very intricate? How many hours did it take to design and then produce them?

The lanyards where quick it was the design of the galaxy pattern that took a while. If you look closely there are small City Stars logo’s inside of the galaxy. We also have Hats with the same pattern.

14. How do you get the word out? I know I see you on Instagram a lot? Which social mediums do you use?

It’s all word of mouth and Social Media. We also do photo shoots and update our look books. Right now we are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Citystars black and white one

15. Do you think you could have had the same success with your brand 2 years ago before the social Media explosion?

That’s a tough question. I do believe us coming out when we did was perfect timing to really make a statement and get to the next level.

16. Where do you see Social Media going in the future? Are you on any newer mediums? Any cutting edge social media sites you would recommend to an up and coming designer?

Social media is a rollercoaster, by that I mean which social network will be on top and with that being said when the next social network comes out we are going to have to jump all over that social network.  We are willing to take that challenge to go to the top and keep rising. Right now though Instagram is where it’s at.

17. For the just getting going designers our there, what is the perfect size for an instagram photo? How bout the length of a FB or instagram video?

For designers starting out using social media, it is important for the dimensions to be just right. When using Instagram the photo has to be a square. Making your photo 5 inches by 5 inches will show you exactly what viewers will see. Facebook videos can be longer than Instagram videos. When creating a video it depends on what type of message you are trying to get across, thus affecting the length. A 15 sec Instagram video and a 2 minute Facebook video are good lengths to keep viewers attention. We like to use Instagram to reach our fellow CityStars because of how quick and easy it is to use.

Two Cute Girls at the Party

18. I know your clothing line is available on-line, do yo have your clothes in any stores in Hawaii? and Hatsby in Pearlridge mall which we will expand soon once we are able to justify ourselves as a brand.

19. Any plans on having a brick and mortar store? Why do you think its important to have a brick and mortar store in the digital age?

Of course we would love to get a flagship store but at the moment that isn’t in our lane and we understand that which will make us work harder to a goal.

20. Do you personally shop more on-line or in person?

On-line is easier plus you can see the deals.

21. Ok, so we made it to question 21, now tell us about your latest release, the galaxy snapbacks, Where are they available? Are they a limited release?

Yes, only limited amount are being made in the 2 colors with 2 style ways each. Once they sell out there will be no more. (The Galaxy Snapbacks  available now/4/3/14 at


22. And after the Galaxy snapbacks without telling too much, what are your plans for the Spring/Summer line? And maybe you could let us know a little teaser about what to expect in the Fall 2014 or the Winter 2015 line?

Let’s just say his name is COMET.

23. Anything else you’d like to comment on?

We greatly appreciate everyone who supports us and is a part of our vision to take things to the next level so we can get to a point to put on shows for everyone without being over charged. We aren’t about ourselves we are about the people. We all work Hard. Everyone deserves to be a star. We also want to thank our good friends at Hawaii’s Finest for helping us out with so much.



On the Streetz of U.H

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

I took 2 Computer classes over the weekend from 9A-4P on Saturday and Sunday. During the break from Day One’s class I had the opportunity to hit the streetz of the University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus.  Here’ what I saw as  art, Interesting or both.

Makiki Heat-University of Hawaii @ Manoa-6/29/13


The Free Store

This Free Store is located in the Art Building. It’s basically a free thrift shop. Drop Something off or pick something up.  The day I was there, it had a dusty carpet, 2 Books, an old car stereo and what looked like a pretty nice flannel shirt.  I suspect I’ll come back  sometime and donate a few things to give it a bit of an upgrade. I’m on a big time mission to declutter my home and office. The concept of the free store is a good one, it just seems a bit run down and I did step on a bit of glass-yikes!


The Broken Emergency Phone

On the TV news, I’ve heard of a few break ins and a bit of crazy things happening at U.H over the last couple of years, so when I saw the Emergency phone was broken, I figured it needed a picture taken of it. Mainly because I know UH has put a lot of effort into increasing security and this didn’t quite match their efforts. I also took a pic of it because it looks a bit artistic with the Pink Pastel and the Flo-Yellow in front of the green background. It almost looked like it belonged over in the Art Area near the Free Store.

UH Sign-streetzblog

Emergency Overted with the Security Escort Service

So, all is well with the safety efforts. This sign was just 10 feet away from the funky phone. And there were two PAY PHONES next to it. Pay Phones? I haven’t seen a pay phone in years. I’m sure the Pay phones were put there, near the Sign and also in place of the broken emergency phone.


4th of July Tie Dye

This is my favorite find. Something Different, interesting, new and innovative all in one sign. What Fun! Tie Dyeing Just in time for the 4th of July.  And it says Shirts are free, Kinda of wish I had a real student I.D. Sure hope they have Blue and Red Dye!


The P/Parking Machine

Ooops! I totally forgot to take a picture of this. I’ll get it on July 11 during my next computer class. Actually it’s more of a funny story and you can imagine the picture of the Parking machine.  I was walking back to class and bumped into a guy who said “I sure hope I don’t get towed, I couldn’t figure out where to pay for parking”  I was like “Uh, you pay at the green Parking machine” So I walked the man over to the machine and it has a HUGE P on it, the man said to me “See, that’s a P for Phone, it’s not a parking machine, it’s a phone.” Too Funny!

U.H Shoes-streetzblog

And since I’m a shoe guy

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the shoes made by the art students. They were all quite well done and nicely detailed.

On the Streetz in less than 20 minutes at University of Hawaii’s Manoa Campus. Who knew a few minutes of wandering could bring so much fun to the World. (All pictures taken by me with my iPhone4-s, Didn’t trick them out, you can see those at STREETZPIX on Instagram)

Party Rock was a Song that came in number ONE as the song of the Summer a couple of years ago. This year we have another Unanimous Song of the Summer for 2013.  Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky”.  This vid has all the lyrics, It’s a good way to learn the words before your next Bar-B-Que, Bar Hop or Beach Blast.

Fast & Furious & Full of Action

Spoiler Alert-I saw Fast & Furious 6 on Tuesday May 21, 2013-I usually don’t write about movies I’ve seen because I tend to tell too much. So don’t read any further in case I say too much about this movie.

I’ve been to 5 of the 6 premiers for the Fast & The Furious Franchise movies, only missed one, which I saw opening weekend (close enough). Even though, Paul Walker isn’t in it, my favorite is Fast and& the Furious-Tokyo Drift. From that movie is the reason I have a 2012 Black Mitsubishi Lancer & my daughter has a 2008 black Mitsubishi Lancer.  I suspect my second favorite would be the new F&F-Six. It’s really fun to see all the old cast members and if I needed to put the movie into a one sentence capsule it would be: Fast & the Furious Six has tons of action, it’s very entertaining, has cryp familiar faces, a couple car races, a massive amount of explosions and is like watching Oceans 11 or 13 vs GI Joe or the Avengers.

What’s Hot and Not about Fast & Furious Six


1.  Fast Cars:  At least 2 car races,  3-5 car chases, a speed racer style racer ala mad max & a Tank.

2. Lots of  Familiar faces:Vin, Han, Brian, Letty, Riley, The Rock,  Mia, Gal, Roman, Luda, Rita Ora, Elena, even Jason Statham/Ian Shaw shows up near the end.

3.  Classic F&F Humor:  Like when the Rock shoots out the candy machine and when they make fun of Tyrese.

4.  BIG finale-then BIGGER real Finale:  Just when the movie seems like it ends, it starts all over again with an even better finale Scene. Crazy!

5.  Mostly Happy Movie:  Only one person I cared about died, the rest I either cheered or laughed when they got toasted.

6.  Up Beat Soundtrack: Continues the tradition of catchy, beat bouncy EDM and Hip Hop through most of the flick. I especially liked Here we Go by Hard Rock Sofa  when Vin raced Letty. That was Bangin!!

2 Chainz & Wiz Kahlifa  with “We Own It”


1.  No Mitsubishi Lancers: Come on now. You get me to get TWO cars and for the last two movies I’ve noticed ZERO Mitsu Lancers, actually barely any imports in the last two movies. Mostly American Muscle cars and Military lookin’ vehicles.

2.  Cool People die:  I personally didn’t think it was needed at all. But Hans girlfriend dies. Then the already dead Han gets killed again in a flash-back?/flash-forward? at the end of the movie.  NOTE to F&F. I usually fast forward through Tokyo Drift when Han dies the first time. I surely didn’t need to see him die again in Fast Six.  Ugh!

3. No new Tech gadgets:  There’s no new fun smartphones used by Vin’s team.  They use ratty old walkie talkies. What’s up with that? Where’s the Samsung Galaxy S6? or the iPhone6?

Well with 6 HOTS and just 3 NOTs, I would give it a for sure “Go See at the Movie theatre” rating. I may actually go again this weekend. I will just leave before Han dies…again.

Luda & Guetta, & Usher are Getting Fast & Furious with “Rest of My Life”

The newest Daft Punk song-Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams sounds like 2008 Chromeo to me. What do you think?

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