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A couple of J’s for the End of May

Some J’s for the end of May!

Air Jordan Metallic Green Samples now available on ebay at this moment (May 21 at 2:00pm HST) for $620-Only Size 9.  And below these we have the Air Jordan Son of Mars Black, Red, elephant print with Ice blue soles.  Whatcha’ Think..Cop or Not?

Clippers Get Buzzed by High Flying Hawks-“Streetzblog on the Scene” 4-24-12

On The Streetz at the Hawk’s vs Clippers Game-4-24/12

I flew in to the ATL real early Monday Morning, did a bunch of Bizz all afternoon, then took a break at the Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers Game live at the Phillips Arena smack dab in the midst of the big City-IN DA ATL Baby!

The game itself was pretty exciting, real close throughout and very bangin’ near the end, looked like Blake Griffin was getting kinda’ pissed off.  He had over 30 points hitting almost all of his shots, but the D on the Hawks was pretty awesome in the last 5 minutes and the Hawks prevailed for the win. Much due to a close to half court bombing 3 pointer by Joe Johnson.

Since it was the Hawks game and not my typical escapade to check out the Bulls or Knicks, really good up front tickets were  fairly easy to obtain. AND for the first time in years, at face value!  SWEET like the TEA in the ATL! Above is an action shot taken from my seat behind the basket-my favorite place to sit for the best price!  Below is one more pic of the action, then on to more of the culture and street scene at the game.

Joe Johnson had on some of the custom HOTTEST J’s I’ve ever seen and that is a hard quote to say!  They were like a chrome blueish Purple all with the fly wire casting and the Jordan insignia on the back outside corner.  I tried all night to get a good picture of them, but was hard, most came out pretty blurry, but trust me they were FIRE. But I did get this up close and personal shot of him!

Celebs in attendance included the real “DR J”-OMG!,  Singing Sensation “Brandi” Rapper/Hip-Hop artist the Dream totally blinged out in gold and some pretty fly looking white black and red Jordans.

When I go off of the train/The Marta I received two free packs of the brand new Mentos, then as I walked into the arena I received a FREE Atlanta Hawks T courtesy of the Hawks and KIA and a FREE program-Wow-pretty nice!

Front and back of the Free T courtesy of The Atlanta Hawks and KIA!

Then I saw Dr. J-one of my biggest idols back in the Walter Payton/Dr J Days.  then the cool lights out! let’s yell and scream for the starting line-up-then the game.

Above-Art Like pic of the “Calm Before the Storm”  Used a bit of instagram on this baby!

Blake Griffin was wearing some nice red and blue Nikes-He looked just as monstrous as you would expect and plays without too much emotion,solid yet very emotionless. Well until the end when he got into some crazy scrambles right next to our seats, was pretty intense-thought they were gonna’ fight!

One of the announcers best phrase in a very loud voice was: “That Foul!!  .. was ..OFFENSIVE…MO WILLIAMS!”  The crowd loved the phrase I think more than the play..LOL

And you wouldn’t believe it, in my last blog I wrote about white Jeans and guess what, the guy two seats in front of my was wearing a pair! I’d say he was young and hip enough to pull the look off-And the Kicks and cell phone also added some flair to the look. and he had the ever sought after special grand wristband that let him go somewhere in the back for free drinks that looked like fancy bourbon.

And I did see a guy three rows in front of me with real Jordan 11’s released this past December, but I couldn’t snap a pic fast enough, but I did get a picture of these cool grey  11’s, not sure if they are real or fake?  what do you think?

I also bought a custom Hawks Jersey that has my main man Jordan’s number 23 on it and Streetzblogon the back.  When I was at the train after the game an 8 year old boy asked me who number 23 was? I said Michael Jordan, he said who? I said Michael Jordan and his response was “in your dreams” Well, I don’t exactly know what he meant, but yes, I will have good dreams tonite from my great day in the big City of the ATL.  I’ll probably add a bit to this blog some other time, but for now i gotta get some sleep. Aloha. Sweet Dreams!

Da Bulls take Lin to School


I know,I know I’ve been helping to hype the Linsanity just as much if not more than anyone. But when you put me live at the United center just down from the center of the big city. My instincts and MJ memories remind me of who’s my main team. The D Rose dunk that you will see on ESPNs sports center exemplifies this feeling to a T and the feeling was totally excilleratting. Or as the announcers said

get up or get out the way!wheres my poster maker and too fast too strong too good!

You can get the stats and more of the game elsewhere. Here I’ll let you know about some fun things you can only get from the first hand experience of being there.
I saw many black red green and white Bulls jerseys. Mostly Rose then Jordan Boozer Pippin Noah Korver and some Knicks jerseys most of them Melos with a scattering of Lin jerseys and a bunch of Linsanity T’s. In regards to kicks there were lots of fake J’s the coolest were an aqua colored version of the 10s. There were also real J’s including cement 3s, white and black 4s and a pair of concords!
The weather was exceptionally warm and I did see a bunch of teens in shorts unheard of in most March winters in Chi Town.
Celebrities at the game included Charles Oakley, Scottie Pippin, the Bears-Chris Williams and Chicago Mayor-Rahm Emanuel.
The Rose dunk had the whole place going wild with a standing ovation, they dropped t shirt parachutes from the rafters,the crowd loved when Scalabrine came in The game and Rose was getting seriously pissed at Lin and the refs and thus went on a scoring tear to win the game.
On The streetz they had Rose not Hoes and White Mamba shirts, lots of really friendly happy people and a big Bennie the Bull van banging the jams! A very fun night indeed. Now I’m watching the replay on CSN. Then getting on a plane and will be back in the 808 by Tuesday night. LMK any street trends you notice in the meantime. TTUS

On The Streetz of the ATL-3/9/12

The photo above is a really cool looking building in mid-town Atlanta.  Supposedly it’s officially called the silhouette Building. I like to call it the “Man in Black” Building, since it looks like a guy in a nice black suit with a Fedora and white  Frenchcuffed shirt.   What do you see?  (Photo courtesy of  This is kinda’ Cool-Hawaii’s own Jake Shimabukoro is performing at the Ferst Center for the Arts in the ATL on March 31st.  If you’re looking for some cool tunes at completely free prices, check out City Cuts Barbershop-they have some awesome mix tapes over by the free newspapers-they also talk a mean B-Ball talk over there and can cut some hair like “totally unreal good”.  And down the street from the BB shop is the nationally acclaimed restaurant as seen on the Food Network-“Chicken and Waffles”.  You gotta’ try these babies-order the Midnight Train-4 HUGE chicken wings, a nice sweet waffle with syrup of course and don’t forget to wash it all down with a delicious nice and tasty “Sweet Tea”.  Pretty fun town, just a little spread out so it was hard to spot the street trends.  About all I noticed were a lot were gals wearing lots of buckles on their boots and I saw 4 pairs of Jordan White 4’s, so they do know What’s up in the shoe game.  Have a nice weekend.  I’ll be in Chicago this weekend.. hit me up on Twitter @scottmackenzie3 or friend us on Facebook/streetzblog.  I’ll have a great report from Chicago including seeing the Bulls vs Jeremy Lin, Carmelo and the New York Knicks playing this Monday Night. Until then have fun, Keep your Kicks clean and your eye on the streetz !

“Knicks” Air Jordan Retro 4 are buzzing on the net right now

Photo courtesy of

I know it’s almost Midnight Hawaii time, but right now I’m watching the Knicks and the Heat, I know the game’s over, but in my world it’s only halftime with the Heat beating the Knicks 51 to 47, super exciting game. But the Heat do look pretty good. And while I watch the game, I’ve been checking out the sneaker news and ugh it’s ugly out there.  There’s riots and gun shots going down right now for the Galaxy Foamposites and at the Kobe Orange Volts seem to already be sold out.  But as I was looking at all the ugliness and fact that I wont be seeing any of the All Star Kicks anytime soon, I came across these nice pictures of the Air Jordan 4’s dubbed the “Knicks” version. In my Opinion, Jeremy Lin should get rid of those funky black and white shoes and Rock these starting this weekend at the All-Star Game. And me since my favorite four colors are Blue, Orange, Black and Slate Grey, I would much rather have a pair of these any day then the galaxy’s and the Volts.  Doesnt matter to me that the Galaxy’s are going for $1600 if you can find them. I’d rather have a pair of kicks I like then cost a lot or are too hard to find. There’s not much info out on these anyhow, but I do hope they arent too hard to cop.  Anyone have any details on when they come out and where?  Let us know here at  Now I gotta’ get back to my game.  and Please don’t let me know who wins..LOL

For more pictures of these click here

Air Jordan Retro 4’s-White Cement Out Now

Air Jordan iv-White-Cement-Picture Courtesy of

Here they are! The brand new Air Jordan 4 Retro White/Cements, these just came out this weekend and as of Sunday 2/19/12 they are going for $265 on eBay. Me personally, I don’t much like white kicks, I really dont have the time or patience to keep them as clean as I would like. Thus, it’s ok if I don’t get a pair of these.  I’ve still got my eyes on some Jordan 11’s-really in any color. But as I mentioned before, I need to make a big score before I can get them. Kinda’ like a little goal of mine. Gonna’ get some Space Jam or Concord 11’s (Yeah I know they have a lot of white on them, but the Patent is totally SWEET!) and hopefully a black or Green St. Pats Jeremy Lin Jersey-neither are out yet, but I have my eyes out for both colors!  Here’s a nice pic of Kanye West Rockin’ some Retro 4’s-Man, this guy must have one of the best J’s collection around.  And when are those Yeezy’s coming out? Hype is gonna’ disappear if it’s not soon.Me-I’ve got my eyes on the NikeFoamposite One Galaxy’s right now-those soles glow too and they are bad ass!

And here’s a nice picture of Marcus Jordan swishin’ and dimin’ in his own pair of Air Jordan retro 4 white Cements.  During this game he had 17 points.  It’s funny other than D-Wade and a few others, I don’t see to many people wearing J’s to actually play B-Ball much anymore, mostly we all wear them to go out to the mall, concerts and the clubs.  Funny how things have changed.  I actually never wear my J’s to play Ball-I tend to wear my 10 year old retro Penny’s-they seem to have the biggest bounce and best cushioning for the crackly cement court across the street from my pad.

Marcus Jordan Scores 17 points in his Jordan 4's. Picture courtesy of

You know what I like best about the 4’s in white is these were the shoes that were highlighted in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do The Right Thing” back in the day. Buggin’ Out who was usually pretty pissed off was wearing his nice, clean bright white J’s when they got scuffed by a bicycler. He huffed and puffed a bit, but than whipped out his toothbrush and took quick care of his scuff, bringing them back to the brand new look-the only LOOK you Rocked when you were wearing J’s back in the day. That was such a classic moment in the movie-If you’ve never seen it, rent or buy it and see the nostalgia of the infamous white 4’s. If you don’t have time to see the movie, here’s a quick excerpt from the scene:  Buggin’Out: You almost knocked me down, man. the word is “excuse  Me”. Clifton:  Ah, Excuse me, I’m sorry. Buggin’Out: Not only did you knock me down, You stepped on my BRAND NEW WHITE AIR JORDANS I just bought and that all you can say is is “excuuuse me?” Clifton: What! Are you Serious? Buggin’Out: Yeah I’m serious…Now, If I get some 4’s, these are the one’s I’m gonna’ get-Black/Fire Red/Grey. Or I may wait for the Grey’s to come out again, I missed them last time by ONE day, they still had 9.5’s and 10.5’s but no 10’s the day I went to Niketown for my Grey/Maize.

My next 4's? PIcture courtesy of

Air Jordan Retro 3-Jay-Z and Beyonce


Jeremy Lin has been taking up a lot of Blog time lately and for good reason. But since the Knicks lost today, I figured it would be a good time to get back to some HOT shoes and clothes. I was looking for some fun pictures of the Air Jordan REtro 4’s since they came out this weekend, but while looking for the 4’s I found this great picture of Jay-Z wearing His White 3’s and Beyonce has on her Loubatons-I gotta’ admit I don’t know much about women’s shoes, but I do know that the L’s are pretty expensive.  My sister asked me if I could re-create a pair for her since the pair she was trying to score were $3400 retail. This picture is from March 12, 2011 at a Nets game in New Jersey-Soon the Nets will be playing in the Bronx-That should be pretty fun! Picture is  courtesy of  Next blog posting will have the Air Jordan 1v retro 4’s in White Cement.

I also like this picture because they look so happy together and their outfits match nicely without doing the “Twin” Match, just nicely complimentary.  And I wouldn’t mind a pair of Jay-Z’s Jeans.  Everytime I see him he rocks some pretty nice Jeans and fatigues.

With Zippers, you dont have to tie your shoes ever again!

Converse-Addict by NIGO - Photo courtesy of hypebeast.comAfter being in NYC and Chicago and seeing things in real-time, it's a bit hard for me to get back in the swing of things out here in Hawaii. Usually, I feel normal after a couple of weeks of being back here, this year..I'm still craving the excitement and instant fashion finds on the streetz in the big Cities. Good thing is I still have some notes for some great Blog postings of HOT places to shop and score in Chicago and some awlright stuff from the suburbs too. Until I find me notes in my suitcase, I figured I'd put some nice shoes up for your Friday night. These are Converse-Addict by NIGO, Available sometime in March in Japan. I found the picture on and followed the blog posting to NIGO-where there's a few more pix. These have nice Vibram soles and the happening side zipper. I got a pair of Camper's in NYC that have a side zipper and the best thing about these is-You DON'T have to ever tie your shoes again!! So far, these Cons are available in Black and White. Whatcha' wearing this weekend? Let us know over here at Streetzblog. We'd love to see some pix too. Saw some nice Jordan 6's on Twitter last night too-Blue Olympics set to hit the stores sometime in July 2012. Here's a few pix of my Campers with the Zippers that I purchased in Soho, NYC Dec 2012

Zipper so I never have to tie them again, plus ultra Coushy-Flexy red bottoms

In-Style Right now-hip, trendy fronts, with easy entry and exit zip sides

Some Hawaii News:  Rihanna is on Oahu this week, rumours are she is going to go to Zanzabar maybe *tonight/Friday Night or tomorrow or Sunday. And should be Heading to Winter Wonderland at Wet n Wild on Saturday Night.  Eddie Griffin is also here and is going to Zanzabar tonight.  And “How to Make it in America” star, Luis Guzman is somewhere out here in the 808.  So, even though it’s a week before Pro Bowl, the stars are already starting to stagger in.  Check back here on Wednesday and I’ll let you know who else I either see or hear about being out here. Usually Pro Bowl Week is packed with sport stars and entertainers, we’ll also be checking their feet to see what their wearing.  Have  a nice weekend!
*I talked to my friend KC Today/Saturday and he confirmed that Rihanna was at Zanzabar last night!! “ once again giving you the TMZ advance notice”

Lucky You Live Hawaii!

I spend most of my year in Hawaii, although this year I’ve been lucky enough to go to L.A and Seattle and in about a week I head to NYC then over to Chicago.  And since I grew up in Chicago, it totally freaks me out when I see people in Hawaii wearing winter coats! Just today as I walked to work from my parking structure, I saw TWO different girls dressing like it was 34 degrees outside.  The first girl had a full-blown red Down Jacket WITH Hood and it was totally zipped up.  The Second Girl was even more bundled up wearing a long black jacket down to her knees buttoned up and Yes, She also had a hood and Yes, she had it on over her head!!! If you’re reading this from anywhere else in the world you must be thinking WTF! like me!  It’s like 76 degrees outside.  I was in too much of a hurry to get to work, but this is similar to what one of the girls was wearing:

I saw a Girl wearing this today in Honolulu, Hawaii!!

I guess all I can say is cold weather is all relative to wear you live.  Cold at 76 degrees?  Me, I don’t really mind 35 degrees on up. When it gets to 17 degrees that is not fun for me! Well, now on to another subject. Last night I was prett over worked and the too lazy to post a blog so I tweeted pretty quickly about the fashions at the 2011 Surfer Poll.  The Surfer Poll hosted by Freddie P and Sal M  took place last night at the Turtle Bay Hotel on the North Shore. Now, here’s a couple of sample shots of what most of the pro surfers were wearing. Almost all of them had either bright plaid or dark plaid.  and most shirts weren’t flannel, More of a nice soft cotton variety.

Here’ another shot of the hipster plaid look that seems to be pretty in right about now. (“The Funk Soul Brother, Right about now”: Fat Boy Slim)

Pretty happening shirt December 2011

And here’s a picture of a shirt similar to what the great Kelly Slater was wearing last night:

My sister actually bought be a knock off of this designer dud at Target the other day.  I’ve actually gotten a few great looking plaids over at Target.  Check out the Missoni and Meroni Brands.  I especially like the feel and long-lasting material that the Missoni’s are made from.  I have a Missoni in an untraditional plaid of Orange, Blue, Black and White.  And my Missoni is Dark grey and black similar to the look as seen above.

BTW:  My favorite surfer to watch in the Ocean is John John Florence with Kelly Slater coming in a close second.  John John was wearing a pretty nice black suit with black shirt and dark jeans.  Looks like he’s gearing up for BIG things to come.  Right now, he’s surfing the best in the WORLD!  He came in 5th in Haleiwa, 1st at Sunset and Today he totally went off!!! at Pipe! He even received the first score of a perfect 10 today at Pipeline!  Hope the finals are John John vs Kelly Slater-that would be killer.

And since I’m going to the mainland soon and I have a new iPhone, I ‘ve been seeing a lot of these gloves in the mags.  Fingerless, usually made of wool. Some have some pretty cool stripes and colors mixed in with the all black gloves. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’ve been seeing in the magazines.  I’ll let you know if I actually see them in the Streetz of NYC or Chicago.

Been seeing these in lots of mags and the Express mailer

Must be cold in this guys house..LOL

And to finish tonight’s post off, I leave you with a pretty happening piece of Jordan jewelry.  Me, I like it, but I’m saving up for the Air Jordan 11 Concords set to drop on December 23rd 2011.  See you in the line-up, probably somewhere in Chicago!  Text me if you’re there and we can chat about what’s happening in your city for the holidays.  My text number is 808 479 9928.



Hot on the Streetz-Holiday Edition 120511

Hot on the Holiday Streetz-120511

Christmas 2011 if you have the hook-up -otherwise-Release Date is set for February 2012

1.  Jordans are always HOT for the Holidays.  But these babies aren’t due to release until February 2012.  I’ll be making a trip to NYC and Chicago in Mid December.  I’ll let you know if I spot any on anyone or if some of the secret shops have em’.  The next big December release are the Jordan Retro 11 Concords (Pictured below courtesy of Hypebeast. somewhere around December 23rd depending on where you live. A friend of mine from San Fran said he’d keep a pair on ice for me on these, we’ll see..Cause I know they will be a hard one to get at price.

Tinker made them Nice, Jordan made them Fly, I'll take mine on Ice.


Hot on the Holiday Streetz-Female Hotness

1.  Rhinestone Headphones/black with Silver Star:  $34 or special holiday price right now at 20% off for just $27.20.  Or check out my friends over at Custom Rhinestone Clothing.  They can hook you up with anything and everything under the “Hawaiian” Sun with rhinestones.  I’m getting my niece some nice gear for Christmas from them.

2.  The Hunger Game Collector’s Gift Pack: These are the books not the movie.  But the movie is one of the most anticipated of the Holiday Season.  Get a glimpse of what all the fuss is about by speed reading through these books.  Barnes and Noble $30 or special Holiday Haul price of $27 at  Personally I do not know how anyone can do so  much internet shopping and not run into crazy credit card debt.  but It’s you doing the shopping not me on these websites. Me I’d rather pay cash and shop in person. Save my Credit Card for trips and Hotel rooms.. and of course baggage fees.

3.  Lady Ga Ga Holographic nail Polish:  It comes with two colors to give your nails a “real” Holigraphic effect.  I gotta’ see it to believe this one.  Available for a  very limited time at  or at the Barneys NYC store.

4.  Custom iPhone Cases:  I had one of these done with my DJ art.  It was really easy, I just uploaded the art, centered it to how I liked it and within 4 days they mailed it to me.  You can make practically any type of picture or logo on your case. Cases are available 24/7 at  I’m pretty sure I paid about $34 and yes, I did put this on my credit card, but it was worth it. TIP:  Sign up for their newsletter!  Over the weekend I received an electronic coupon good for 25% off my next purchase.  Sweet!

5.  Cake-Pop Maker: For the last two year’s all I kept seeing in NYC  and Chicago were cupcakes, lately I’ve been seeing these mini cake with icing pops in Hawaii.  Now you can make them yourself with the Daily Grommet Babycakes Cake Pop Mini treat Maker.  $30 or get the Holiday Haul price of $25.50 at

6.  New Balance Custom Sneakers:  Seems everyone is getting into the custom game.  For customs these come with a pretty reasonable price tag too.  $115 at QR Code Tattoo-Healing up real well-Can't wait to show it off in the Big Apple in a couple weeks!

If you’re in NYC and going to Swedish House Mafia at Madison Square Garden-give me a text and we can get together and talk about what’s hot on the streetz where you live.  I’ll be doing interviews throughout the SHM night.  Text me at 808 479 9928 if you want to be in the Special Edition SHM at MSG-What’s hot fashion wise at the concert edition coming out on Saturday December 17, 2011.  I’ll get us a vid too of the Song of Fall 2011-Save the World by Swedish House Mafia.  BTW check out the Knife party remix of Save the World-It has some killer Dubstep riffs in it.

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