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How much is too Much?

Say What?

This Sneakerhead named Franalations has 800 pairs of Kicks.  How many shoes does one person need?   It’s just way too out of hand and foot for me to conceptualize. Although I am jealous of all those J’s. I thought 80 pairs was too many and I’m not quite there yet. LMK how many pairs of kicks you think are too many or just right?  Also take a sec to fill out the survey, let’s see how many kicks the Streetzblog reader has.  Should be fun to find out.  I bet it’s around 25 pairs. That’s my guess.  Have a nice Weekend!




Being in the flow is definitely something worth Striving for. I know when I’m there. I’m tapped into something that is far beyond my ability-Aleta Pippin

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Just this past Thursday night March 7, 2013, I was flipping thru the TV channels with nothing to watch when I stumbled upon a channel I didn’t know existed and was able to watch Spike Lee’s New York B-ballin’ movie-He Got Game. I haven’t seen that movie since 1998 when it first came out, then maybe again in 2001. I do like the movie, I just forgot all about it in the digital world until this past Thursday.

During the movie, Denzel Washington/Jake Shuttlesworth has a classic game of B-Ball against his much younger and fitter Son-Ray Allen/Jesus Shuttlesworth.  Denzel with major tape on his knees pops a few in and puts on a good show against Jake, mostly I would say “because he’s got the shoes”, he’s wearing a pair of black and white Jordan 13’s.  During the movie and especially during their game of 1 on 1, I was wondering when those kicks were retro’d. Also wondered if they ever came out? I for some reason didn’t recognize the colorway. But because of Denzel’s stellar performance in the game I wanted to get a pair to try out on the courts, to see if I could play like Denzel against the younger players over where I play ball.  (My right knee hurts too!)

But when did they come out? Come to find out from just a click or two on Google, these Kicks release THIS Saturday March 16, 2013 at the Nike Store and Jordan Brand retailers.  ($170) And yes they did come out in November of 1997. But don’t think they’ve ever been retro’d in this colorway.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking “They showed that movie on purpose this past Thursday, because Nike gave the TV Station a few bucks to show the movie with the shoes in it right before they hit the Stores”. Coince-A-Dinky?

Or maybe, I’m just a little paranoid because I’ve been reading forward thought leader William Gibson’s book, “Zero History”.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but a general theme in it is “Marketing Fashions to people thru various underground and unorthodox methods”.  I think that Nike-Air Jordan, utilizing the TV station and the movie He Got Game NABBED  me spot on this week!  I saw the shoes on an OLD movie last week and they are coming out THIS Saturday! “Say What?”

What do you think? An in the Zone Coincidence? Or Buy these kicks underground marketing tactic? Or…

In Case you need some help deciding on your opinion, You can check out the kicks and the game between Jake and Jesus right here:


Interesting Trivia from IMDb on this scene.  In the Original script Jesus was supposed to beat Jake 15-0, but Spike Lee asked the two actors to play as if the game was real. The film’s footage and scoring comes from the actual game played between Denzel Washington and Ray Allen.  Good choice! If Jake lost 15-0, I sure would NOT want to wear those shoes!  I’d want Ray Allen’s kicks, but those aren’t even Jordans, so prob neither.

Just Jordan!

It’s Gotta’ Be the Shoes!

Check out this fun Cartoon, it’s the Trae The Truth “All-Star” Special Featuring the AJXX8. What are you going to Rock this Weekend? Ol’ School? Retro J’s? The New 28’s? Maybe the new 1’s or 3’s? How bout them Barkley’s or Maybe some Melo’s, D-Rose’s or KD’s?  I know I’ll be working at the Great Aloha Run Sports Expo this weekend and I’ll have a different pair of kicks Friday Thru Monday. I started early today with my FAV and most comfortable Blazers with the Nike Brand Sign that reflects all the colors in the world, thus matching anything and everything I wear!

Next up is one of my favorite commercials of ALL Time, not just my favorite Kicks commercial. But this is why I wear my J’s even when they hurt my feet. And I swear they did make me jump higher back in the 80’s and 90’s. And today, with a little extra insoles and a half-size up, I actually do wear my Jordan Altitudes to play ball in. Not quite jumping as high, but it’s still gotta’ be the Shoes!

Now with MJ’s B-Day just a few days away, look what I found! The “Gotta Be the Shoes” (Michael Jordans 50th anniversary) tribute show! Over 7 minutes of Kicks, Action and lots and lots of Michael Jordans Greatest moments!

Jordan thru the years: I grew up in the first suburb outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. So, of course I was a big Bulls Fan, then a Bulls and Jordan Fan. My first pair of Jordans were the 4’s and I wore them until they completely fell off my feet. And I’ll tell you, I know FOR SURE I could jump higher in them than anything else in the world. One day I swear, I know I was in the big space of the net and seriously, I just missed the rim by not two but 1.5 inches! I know it was the shoes. 

Thanks Jordan, thanks Nike, your shoes kept me out of trouble for at least a  few years. I remember even beating the big 6’2 guy at the park one day. The one and only time we went one on one. Nowadays, My feet kinda’ hurt in my Jordans and I wear most of them out at night. But like I said earlier, I still play in my AJ13 Altitudes size 10.5 with some extra bouncy Dr.Scholl’s inner soles in them..And I swear, I still get that extra bounce in my’s gotta be the shoes!

Here’s the most up to date Jordan commercial that I bet we see a lot this All-Star Weekend. It’s got an “aw’lright” tag line – “Dare to Fly”..but if I was head of Brand Jordan I would have had Mars in it in and what would he say in the end..Yep..”It’s Gotta Be the Shoes”.

And Last Vid for today’s blog post is the Air Jordan XX8 Designer insights from Tinker Hatfield and Josh Head. They say in the video that this the XX8 is the most technilogically advanced AJ Basketball Shoe. Me, I’m not sold yet, they look like Kicks to wear out on a Friday night. Really not sure if I’d play in them. But, after all this hype this week, I’ll be at Footlocker on Sunday to check them out. At retail of $250, If they help me get anywhere close to touching the rim, I’ll cop em’. If not, I won’t. The commercial no longer says “It’s gotta’ be the shoes”.


Jordan Electric Green All-Star Update

The Black Cat is out of the Bag!

5 pairs of Jordan Brand Kicks Ready to drop soon (Feb 2013)

5 pairs of Jordan Brand Kicks Ready to drop soon (Feb 2013)

Jordan Brand will release a 5 Sneaker collection featuring the Black/Electric Green(Flo Green) colorway. They will be known as the “Stealth” All-Star Collection and will include the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 111, Jordan CP3, Jordan Melo M9 and the all new Air Jordan XX8.

 Thursday February 14, 2013: Will see the release of the Jordan Melo M9 and the Jordan Cp3. Both include the special UV ink that illuminates when seen under Black Light.

Saturday February 16, 2013: Will be the BIG day with the release of THREE Jordan night vision inspired Kicks. I suspect the Biggest and most sought after will be the Jordan 1 Retro Mid and the Jordan 111 both in Black/Electric Green. Also releasing on the same day will be the Air Jordan XX8. I’m so glad that they went back to labeling the Jordans by numbers. I remember complaining about the last few pairs and how they didn’t have a number. It’s so silly but Because of that I didn’t even buy a pair. Last Jordans other than Retro’s I bought were the 23’s.

I really dislike saying “Good Luck finding the 1’s and 3’s” and dislike saying even more that “I don’t know where these will be sold in Hawaii” The best help I can provide is to check out Premium Laces in NYC at 68 Spring Street or call up Eddie or Matthew at 212-334-4934. That store can either hook you up or let you know where to go to get a pair. Make sure you tell them that says “Aloha”. I’m sure that Footlocker at Ala Moana in HI will have the AJ28’s and sometimes they get the retro’s, but not always on the same day of release as the mainland.

Happy Mardi Gras! Check out on Instagram @streetzpix

Flight K1X Now Boarding for Take-Off

James “Flight” White Takes Off from the Free-Throw Line!

Despite D-Wade’s enthusiastic attempt to get Lebron James into the 2013 NBA All-Star Game Dunk contest, he will not be there. At least this year we do have James White from the New York Knicks who sky’s high and has some pretty dope new Kicks made by K1X. I wondered where he got shoes from, they are usually all one solid color and I’ve seen him in both the Orange and the Blue versions.

You can get a pair at year’s ago when I bought a pair  on the website, the shipping charge was almost as much as the Kicks and I had to go to Kinko’s to fax them a copy of my driver’s licence. It is a site in Germany. but hopefully by now they have worked out the kinks they had back when I bought a pair.

Here’s the Line-Up for this year’s NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. (Better be better than last year, that I think was the worst ever!) And it’s been a few year’s since Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard dueled it out in the best dunk contest since Jordan won a couple of them back in the Late 80’s.

James White (Knicks)
Terrence Ross (Raptors)
Gerald Green (Pacers)
Eric Bledsoe (Clippers) He’s pretty cool!
Kenneth Faried (Nuggets) The guy with “the hair”
Jeremy Evans (Jazz)

And keeping on the MJ50Tip, here’s a quick look at Michael’s notorious Foul-Line Dunk! (courtesy of TNT)

Birthday Celebrations for Michael Jordans 50th!


Michael Jordan is just days away from turning the Big 5-0 Check out Sportscenter now thru Sunday they are doing some pretty fun specials on him. Upcoming are his Kicks and Gear, Yesterday they talked about the Celtics game where they say he scored 63 points but my video at my house which I can’t find right now, says he scored 72 labeled in permanent black sharpie.  Something I think I’ll never figure out..hehe.

And Check out this dope Vid from TED done by Lemon Anderson.  It’s entitled ” Please Don’t Take My Air Jordans”, My mom would never let me wear mines when I went to downtown Chicagoland back in the 80’s.  We only wore our canvas Cons down there. I like the Video, rhymin’, vibe, gestures etc. Nice job Lemon! What do you think? I also wonder what Kicks are going to drop on MJ’s BDay?  Anyone Know? Maybe a secret Quickstrike? Hope I’m in Foot Locker when that happens!


(Updated blog post-Feb 11, 2013)
I received a text the other day from a bigger Snearkerhead than myself and they said that they think the Big Shoe will be the AJ1.  Maybe in that Black and Flo Green colorway?

And Hypebeast recently reported that the Air Jodan 111 Black Electric Green will release on February 16 and they also think that there will be a Black Electric Green AJ1!

Air Jordan 111 Black-Electric Green..Photo courtesy of

Air Jordan 111 Black-Electric Green..Photo courtesy of

For even more Black/Flow Green Kicks starting with the AJ1 thru the AJXX8, check out this great site to see the 28 Days of Flight. Each day they show us a New Black and Green Shoe, finalizing in the brand new Jordan XX8. Which you can see right now below:

AJXX8-Picture Courtesy of Forbes and Brand Jordan

AJXX8-Picture Courtesy of Forbes and Brand Jordan

Jordan Turns 50 on February 17-Same Day as the NBA-All Star Game..Hmmm..
The Nike Air Jordan 111 also turned 25 with the February 6 release of the AJ111 Retro 88 with the iconic Nike air on the heel. Picture below:



On February 17 ESPN’s Sportcenter will debut the full list of MJ’s 50 Greatest Moments. And NBATV has a special New interview with MJ on All Star Weekend. Let the Jordan Frenzy get even bigger. Hope he shows up at the NBA All-Star game this year!

Hello to the Melo 9’s

Carmelo M9 x Dave White -Tea For Two-London, England

I was wondering where this year’s fun and exciting Carmelo Anthony Video was just last week. And low and behold, here it is. A bit different from October 2011’s Helicopter jump into the Hudson, but still slick, fun and on point.

I like the 24 Karat Gold Leafe on the stars and the London/NYC Vibe. I just think this may be the first year I pass on the Melo’s. I saw them on-line and wasn’t so sure about them, then went to the store to see them in person. They have a Christmas Ribbon running through holes in the kicks. I seriously don’t get it,  I don’t like holes in my shoes and I sure don’t want rubbery Christmas Ribbons holding them together.

I’m hoping they do a Melo M9 Update or The M9.5 minus the holes and ribbons,  because the colors are HOT, the marketing is excellent, Melo’s one of my favorite players and last year’s Melo’s were the first Nike’s in years that didn’t hurt my (wide) feet.

Congrats to Melo for breaking the #Knicks franchise record of 30 str8t games with 20+ points. Thanks to Melo for playing against the Nets when I was in NYC and beating them. I was just a tad worried he may not play that day because he hurt is ankle a few days before it. And Carmelo has  my vote for MVP for 2013 for his play, the fact that the Knicks are finally winning this year and last, and  his excellent shooting..just not this year’s shoes. Good the MVP vote isn’t based on the kicks. What do you think about the Melo 9’s?

Chris Paul “Cuts Through L.A”

In honor of the New Jordan CP3 VI Shoe launch, Nike did a stunt in Venice Beach entitled “Cut Through L.A” This is the kind of video where I don’t want to tell you too much about it ahead of time. But being a blog writer, I can’t resist letting you in on a few fun things:

  1. One of my favorite parts is the lady with the NY coffee cup that’s spilling out plastic like coffee
  2. Chris Paul is wearing black, I’d think it would be Navy Blue and red? And check out what the defensive players have on! Yellow-which seems to me to be a bit of a jab on the Lakers?  Hmmm Kobe is a Nike Guy-Kinda’ funny.
  3. Where are the crowds of people watching this being filmed?
  4. The music soundtrack is perfect.
  5. And lastly, why doesn’t Chris Paul slam the ball in the end? Other than that Pretty crazy Vid.

What do you think?

Hot for Fall 2012

The Hot List-Sept 2012

Before I had a blog, I had a few websites where instead of writing about a lot of cool trends, kicks and clothes from around the world, I would just list them and put a few pictures on the site. Today, I will go Old School and just list what I’ve been seeing as HOT in Sept 2012. And since it’s a blog, I may add in a bit of editorial, but I will attempt to keep it pretty simple and easy to read.

And ooops, I guess My attraction to shoes is a bit much, looks like it’s almost all kicks and shoes. Next time, I’ll try better to mix it up a bit more.  Or not. I’m actually on another probation from buying shoes. (September 10, 2012 – December 15, 2012)’s TOP 15 List plus some Burlbling Under Extra’s

  1. Brown Shoes for Fall 2012-Double Monk Strap if  you can Rock em’
  2. TV Show’s-“Revenge”, “Person of Interest” and “Football Night in America”
  3. Aviator Sunglasses-it’s the anniversary of Rayban and Rayban made the first aviator sunglasses to help pilots see better while flying planes back in the day. And on Fashion’s Night Out, I bought a pair of Michael Kors Kauai Aviators, so gotta’ have aviators on this list.
  4. The Color Grey
  5. Brogue Boots-colorful Soles like Cole Haan’s, Camo like McNairy’s, And I still like the Grenson Fred version with the white soles.
  6. Dark Blue and Black Suit Vests-Worn either with a suit or without
  7. T’s with small V collars
  8. Movies-The Hobbit “An Unexpected Journey” and the New James Bond “Skyfall”
  9. 1.5 Inch cuffs on dress pants
  10. Camo
  11. Cobalt Blue
  12. The Lanvin Gangster Breifcase-Check out the new Lanvin store in NYC! I know I will in December
  13. The Jil Sander Paper Bag Purse-If you can find one!
  14. Jordan Retro 11 “Bred”-Or whatever comes out on December 22nd this year.  Was the Jordan 11 Columbia, then the “Playoff” now its the Bred.  They all look pretty good to me. Basically the black, white, Bright red and patent black Jordan 11’s.
  15. EXTRA:  The Fireman’s Coat-Maybe by Spring 2013?-I did see a couple nice ones during NYC’s Fashion Week.  Just not a perfect one for me yet.

Burbling Under:

The New MySpace-Justin Timberlake sure hopes so after sinking 35 million into it, The PS3 mini, Wii University or Just Oceanic Time Warner Cable Bringing your video games directly to your DVR or remote-Kind of a wait and see game on this one, the Mullet Dress, Gum Soles, Leather saddle bags-as seen on the runways for Spring Summer 2013 They Look a Bit heavy and hot for Hawaii-maybe a NYC trend? Tailored Slim Levi’s, Adidas Originals Top Ten Sleek Brogue Pack-If I could I would combine the low tops with the high tops-then these work.  Plaid Blazers cut at the waist, Bow-Ties: The real ones that you actually tie-that’s for sure not for me right now, and the clunky Jewel, Stones, and Metal Choker Knecklaces.

Picture of the Jordan 11’s courtesy of and picture of the Lanvin Breifcase courtesy of  Kicks first seen by Streetzblog on Sole Collector’s website and Lanvin’s first seen on Barneys website.

No Yeezy’s but Got Melo’s

Yeah, I know the other night I said I didn’t need any Nike Air Yeezy 2’s because I could just look behind my couch or in my closet for a new pair of Kicks.  But, when all the hype  happens for a new shoe and there is THAT MUCH HYPE I end up breaking down and either getting that shoe or something else.  This time I checked about 8-9 times for the Air Yeezy in Black/Solar Red, but then on Monday when my friend said he needed a new pair of work-out shoes, I said let’s go to Footlocker NOW.  We went, he bought his Adidas Kicks that will be put to good use and were a purchase useful and needed. Me, ever since I saw Carmelo wearing these in the 3rd play-off game, I’d been eying them on the web. So, when we got to FL and I found out that they were on sale, I put them on walked 3 steps around the store and bought them.

Not exactly sure where or when I’ll wear them other than out of the store..LOL! But, now my shopping urge is gone and I’m a happy (non) camper.  “Non” as in didn’t camp for Yeezy’s. hehehe.  It’s funny but the only Nike’s that don’t seem to hurt my feet are the Jordan 3’s, Lebron 3’s and the special pair of Blazers I have.  Sure hope these new Fly-Wire dealeo’s don’t hurt. I’ll let you know when I wear them.  Next blog will be “What to get for Father’s Day”  Until then..Have a nice Night!

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