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HI on the Streetz-Again-1/16/13

HI on the Streetz Again

As promised in the last blog, Here’s I.A’s Newest video of “Girls Just Wanna Have fun”  and yep, it did come out on Sunday, I just ran into a lot of paperwork at work and am just posting it today. It’s off of I.A’s Latest Album #FLYGHT808 and was produced by Hawaii based producert Kazu. It was shot in San Diego, CA by Jade Salud and Steven Moyer.  If you are interested in their services, Their Contact information is: and

I.A with Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!

And a bit more information from the last HI on the streetz, Also appearing at the Power 104.3 stage at the NFL Block Party are:  The BQ (The BeautiQueenGirls) Girls And still going strong after 18 years in the Hawaii scene, world renown DJ-GSpot.  Here’s a couple vids from them.

BQ Girls with Runway

GSpot Live in Action (slightly short vid, but a good one!)

And just added to the special edition Eat the Street Pro Bowl Style @7PM  Friday January 25, 2013 in Kakaako are I.A (As Seen above) and AV & The KinFolkz, Even though some of the vids on today’s page might be a bit PG, the shows at both Eat the Street and at the NFL Block Party will be still awesome, yet family friendly.  And Don’t forget the rest of the Power 104.3 stage features with Hip-Hop’s newest sensation: walterFRENCH (“Bounce That”) and Superstar DJ Steve Aoki  closing this year’s NFL Block Party with a full 1.5 hour set and he will also be doing a guest appearance sometime during halftime of this Years Pro Bowl. Train will be the Opening Act prior to the game.  Get your tickets while they last at

Stage 7: Official Line-Up (As of 1/16/13)
Power 104.3
6:45-7:50         G-SPOT
7:50-8:15         Walter French 
8:15-8:30         BQ Girls
8:35-10:05       Steve Aoki
And last but not least newest news regarding Celebs hangin’ at this year’s NFL Pro Bowl is Akon will be in town on Saturday January 25 and who knows maybe he’ll be checking out the Block Party in Waikiki.  See you on the HI streetz!

HI on the Streetz-1/11/12

StreetzBlog Logo black bg

Luda, Pro Bowl, Steve Aoki,WF all in the HI

January is one of the best month’s to be in Hawaii.  The Biggest Event is the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday, January 27, 2013. There are also many concerts and events that are in “conjunction” with the Pro Bowl and many that just happen because sooo many people want to be out here for the action. Here’s a quick Snippet of what to expect over the next month or so:

Ludacris In Concert: Saturday January 12, 2013

You know him from his music or for sure you know him from Fast & The Furious. He’s on Isle today and playing Tomorrow at the Blaisdell.  And BTW: Fast and the Furious 6 is due out Memorial Day! Here’s the Vid for “Get Back”

Honey Cocaine w/ DJ Carisma, Jazi, DJ Rellevant and Lil P Da Keeper: Friday January 18, Bar 7

This is Tyga’s Featured female artist. The one with the name that will be like some of my tattoos when I hit 75. Here’s Tyga with Honey Cocaine with “Heisman” Part two:

Next up is Eat The Street-Pro Bowl Style: Friday January 25, 2013

Lot’s of time on this blog I just act like I know a bit about something when I really do know a Lot about something. I just like to stay a bit on the DL.  This time, I’ll brag a bit. I know the NFL folks and my friend down the hall from me at work knows the Eat the Street peeps. So, I married these two up together. So, I’ll take credit for this one.  On Friday night prior to the Pro Bowl, there’s gonna’ be a BIG Food Truck Party and Streetz Event. All with pro Bowl Style including a performance by I.A and UV, cheerleaders, mascots, music, free Pro Bowl Tickets and I suspcect a few players will be there.Instagram #eatthestreet to win free Pro Bowl tickets. And Check Streetzblog out @streetzpix
If you go, Let me know if you liked it or not? Listed Below is the flyer with most of the info on it:Eat the Street Pro Bowl Style

The NFL Pro Bowl Block Party:  Saturday Night January 26, 2013

This is real new, real fresh, real BIG news and you’re probably reading it here first! Steve Aoki will be playing on the Power 104.3 Stage. Yep, Steve Aoki, the stage diving, crowd surfing superstar DJ who usually plays in Vegas will be at this year’s Waikiki Block party.

Also appearing at the NFL Pro Bowl Block party are Nesian 9, Maoli, Kapena, Kalapana, Cheerleaders, NFL Players, Mascots and my man-Walter French, who can be seen in the next video entitled “Bounce That” with Hawaii’s Hip,  Hype N’ Rhymin’ Style Ace – Romeo Valentine

And the last bit of information I have for you today is Hawaii’s IA stopped by the station wearing some sweet Carolina Blue, Flo Green Jordan Retro 3’s and he let me know that he’ll be droppin’ a new VID this Sunday.  Also received his latest CD-Flyght808 which has a tune on it called “Go the Distance” that’s getting a lot of hype supporting Hawaii’s own and Notre Dames Star Manti Teo!

Today I had a bit too much paperwork to do at work, so sorry I didn’t leave many links to tix or where things are at, if you can’t find something just leave a comment or text me at 808 479 9928 and I’m sure I can lead you in the right direction. See you on the HI Streetz!

Brooklyn Nets and sweet

Caught Up in The Hype!

It’s pretty funny actually, I’ve been to NYC 29 times but only 2x to Brooklyn. Yet I’m all caught up in the Brooklyn Nets Hype. It must be the Black, Grey and White color scheme and I’m sure Jay-Z being a big partner in the marketing scheme doesn’t hurt either. One of my friends Brother’s band made the hook for “Empire State of Mind”, so I have a special place in my heart for the song. And I totally dig it when they play it after the Knicks win a game at Mad Square Garden.

The 2 times I went to Brooklyn, I did have fun? it’s just I get so caught up in NYC, I run out of time to get on the train and go over to it. Maybe this year?

The First time I went to Brooklyn was in the early 90’s when my daughter was about 2 or 3 years old. I woke up super early, got on a train with her and her carriage and went to Coney Island. I remember being totally blessed by the infinite, because I made it there and back with her safely. When we got off the train, vodka bottles were being tossed around the train station like snowballs in a Chicago Winter. It wasnt at all like the Disneyland as I imagined. It was actually one of the scariest moments of my life. I’m not joking when I say “They were throwing around glass vodka bottles”  they were!  And the bottles were breaking into lots of bouncing bits of sharp glass, plus the people throwing them were staggering and swerving into and off of the metal fences like hand balls. We somehow made it out into the sun unscathed.

When I got out of the train station, I made it over to the Coney Island’s “Amusement Area” and it was pretty run down and dirty. So I didn’t trust the rides, thus I headed to what I know best-the Beach. It was here that I found serenity. The Nice blue water and freshly manicured sand saved my sanity and trip to Coney Island-Phew!

After that we had a bit of food then ended up at a HUGE Irish Festival. OMG another place not to be pushing around a baby carriage. After a quick look at the masses at the Irish gig, I headed back on the train and back to Manhattan.

The other time I went to Brooklyn was pretty cool, I went with my friend Alan who lives in Manhattan.  We went to check out the Basquait Exhibition.  I like making art and I do enjoy seeing it, but I move way to fast to stick around and really take it in like a lot of people. But the Basquait Exhibition was different.  We were actually the last 2 to leave and had to be shooo’d out by the security guards.  Then we had a delicious burger and headed back to Manhattan. Pretty fun time!

Lately I’ve been to the Nets website about 30 times debating on getting some gear.  I personally think it totally rocks! But so far, I havent put my money down on anything. Still a Bulls, Knicks and Lakers fan in that order. I suspect I’ll end up getting a custom jersey just for the fashion statement. But the Nets? Brooklyn?  hmmm At the moment I’m still a fan of NYC-Manhattan, Hawaii and Chicago (HiChiNy).  Although, I’m going to make it a point to check out Brooklyn this year when I visit NYC, I’ll let you  know how it goes. Or LMK where to go?

The video at the top of the blog is the announcement that NBA TV’s ” The Association” will be following the Nets around this year-starting October 16th on TV.  The HYPE continues! and BTW, This weekend is a Brooklyn Nets “All Mix” weekend on Hot 97 and I heard earlier today that Jay-Z will be streaming his 8th concert from the Barclay’s Center on YouTube this Saturday October 6th , 2012.  Anyone know how to record YouTube?  I have 3 classes on Saturday and won’t be home.  But I sure don’t want to miss another minute of the Brooklyn’s soemwhat Uhmm… Netoxicating.

October 17, 2012 Update: I just watched the first showing of the “Association” starring the Brooklyn Nets. It was pretty cool, Rosie Perez took Joe Johnson around the Neighborhood and introduced him to Gleason’s Gym and other Neighbors. The Show started off with a :34 freestyle rap by Fabulous. Next episode of the “Association” will be on November 2nd on NBA TV.

Streetzblog Featured in Hit Hip-Hop Video

“Shake Left..Shake right…you’re A** Gonna wind up on Streetzblog courtesy of Mackenzie”


Been promising this video for about a week and a half and here it is! walterFRENCH featuring Romeo Valentine with “Bounce That” produced by DJ(an)Rky.

Vid was shot at Soho Mixed Media Bar in Hawaii and right about at the 2:14 mark, Romeo hits the mic and gives an awesome shout out to streetzblog. About a week ago, When I teased the vid on FB, it  had about 360 views, Now (9-12-12) it’s reached over 7,200 and gaining views by the minute.

BTW: Tyler who’s also in the vid is working on some of Bez’s (Happy Monday’s) old school moves, he’s gonna’ bust out this Saturday (9-15-12) at Soho. Should go well when ol’ school meets nu Skool. Oh Yeah!

Big Thank-You’s to Walter, Romeo and Anrky. Hope you enjoy the vid, LMK.  Gonna’ go check out the new Topman/Topshop over at Nordstrom Right now. It’s triple points week thru Sunday! See you on the streetz.

Finding Kim K?

Kim Kardashian Tweets she's in

Thank You to and Kim K’s tweet for this picture! It was really cool of you to let us know you are in Hawaii! How cool is that!

Kim Kardashian tweeted this picture. She say’s that she is in Hawaii on Vacation and calls this picture “Happy Sunday” After I saw it on Twitter, I asked around and my LIVE not read on the net this time sources say:  “She is currently in Hawaii with Kanye West who is busy recording and finishing up his album which is due out hopefully before December!”

Then I asked my other source and he said “Apparently ‘Two Chainz’ is also here recording tracks.  Word has it that Beyonce and Jay Z are coming to join Kanye and Kim”.

Now there is a very exclusive recording studio about 5 minutes from where my dad lives near Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai that is for sure and that is probably where they are most of the time, at least that’s where Kanye most likely is hanging. Me, I work at 6 radio stations and know 2 people who know the people that run this “studio”  but for some reason, I have yet to me invited for a tour.  I have driven by it and it is hard to find, kind of like the old Batman and Robin TV show, hidden under some trees, practically under the water in a corner with gates and high security. Maybe one day, I’ll get an invite, I’d be happy to leak a few beatz to a track if Jay-Z, Beyonce, Two Chainz or Kanye would like it?  Up to you guys?   Or I can stop by and keep everything quiet if you like, I can keep a secret 100%.  We could always talk Kicks, I bet I have almost as many as Jay-Z and Kanye, hey maybe we can trade some too.  I wear size 10 and have a pair of size 8 and size 13 Lebron firstGame kicks I’d love to trade or sell to someone.

On the subject of Celebs, a third source of mine got to check out the video shoot of the upcoming Tyga Video.  Don’t forget Tyga is coming to town next week on August 23rd, along with Walter French and Glasses Malone. Both to really nice, solid guys.  I don’t know Tyga, but suspect he’s pretty cool if he has Walter and Glasses opening up for him.  Hit up Romeo Valentine if you need some tix.  His email is:  Let him know that streetzblog sent you and I’m sure he can hook you up with something..maybe some after party tickets..LMK what he says.

Wow, I sure got side-tracked tonight. I wanted to post up Kim then do a couple of polls. I guess I really must want to go to that Bat-Cave studio sometime.  Here’s the polls.. First is do you think Kim looks hot or not in this shot. Personally, I like her Salt, Sun and Sand waves in her hair and she looks quite happy1  Second poll is what beach is she at? We all live here and can’t figure it out.  I’ve heard everything from Sandy’s to Makaha to Kailua to Hawaii Kai.  It’s so bizarre how 20 some people who live here can’t figure it out? I don’t know either, to me it looks like a neighbor island or the North Shore. So please fill out this poll or the other or both.

BTW:  Last weekend Kim and Kanye were spotted over at Ward and also at a Starbucks somewhere on the island.  Let us know if you have a Kim, Kanye, Two Chainz, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tyga, Walter French or Glasses Malone spotting over the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes out, there’s not too many places to hide on Oahu. Have an Awesome rest of the week!

WalterFRENCH’s newest Vid-Nice T!

Check it Ooouuuut!! walterFRENCH’s newest Vid. I call it “The renegade” for Sprite and BET. Catchy Beat, crisp lyricism, nice black and white vid with sweet transitions. Super fresh vid too-it just released on 7/12/12. And check out Walter’s T, he’s wearing one of streetzblog’s own “How To Make it in NYC” shirts. Thanks Walter!!

When you get a chance Help Walter out with the BET HOT16 2012 and give him a like or two on youtube-TU!

*The HTMIINYC shirts were made in December 2012. Designed and sketched by streetzblog with the Photoshop help of DJ Romeo Valentine. Originally made for the “How to Make it in America” Shirt Contest, but we didn’t make the deadline, so we went ahead and had the shirts made. Only 48 of the black and white shirts were made. Designed in Hawaii, produced in Brooklyn, picked up in NYC, brought to Chicago to Oahu. Hopefully the color version will be out before Thanksgiving. Probably another run of 48.

Here’s an advanced look at the front and back of the color version:

DMX in Paradise-TU!!

Thank You to DMX for the Great personalized Autograph today.  He was looking pretty sharp, crisp white T, nice bling and I didn’t get a chance to check his kicks, but looks like he’s been keeping healthy and active.

Thanks to Shannon Okimoto for hooking up the cool Autograph.  And if you’re on Oahu tomorrow/Saturday June 30th make sure you check him out.  He’s performing Live in Concert at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.  Tickets available at or email the promoters directly at I’m sure they can hook you up with the best tix.  And probably some after hours action.  Just tell them that Streetzblog sent you.  Have a great weekend! If you go to the show let me know how you liked it!

Clippers Get Buzzed by High Flying Hawks-“Streetzblog on the Scene” 4-24-12

On The Streetz at the Hawk’s vs Clippers Game-4-24/12

I flew in to the ATL real early Monday Morning, did a bunch of Bizz all afternoon, then took a break at the Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers Game live at the Phillips Arena smack dab in the midst of the big City-IN DA ATL Baby!

The game itself was pretty exciting, real close throughout and very bangin’ near the end, looked like Blake Griffin was getting kinda’ pissed off.  He had over 30 points hitting almost all of his shots, but the D on the Hawks was pretty awesome in the last 5 minutes and the Hawks prevailed for the win. Much due to a close to half court bombing 3 pointer by Joe Johnson.

Since it was the Hawks game and not my typical escapade to check out the Bulls or Knicks, really good up front tickets were  fairly easy to obtain. AND for the first time in years, at face value!  SWEET like the TEA in the ATL! Above is an action shot taken from my seat behind the basket-my favorite place to sit for the best price!  Below is one more pic of the action, then on to more of the culture and street scene at the game.

Joe Johnson had on some of the custom HOTTEST J’s I’ve ever seen and that is a hard quote to say!  They were like a chrome blueish Purple all with the fly wire casting and the Jordan insignia on the back outside corner.  I tried all night to get a good picture of them, but was hard, most came out pretty blurry, but trust me they were FIRE. But I did get this up close and personal shot of him!

Celebs in attendance included the real “DR J”-OMG!,  Singing Sensation “Brandi” Rapper/Hip-Hop artist the Dream totally blinged out in gold and some pretty fly looking white black and red Jordans.

When I go off of the train/The Marta I received two free packs of the brand new Mentos, then as I walked into the arena I received a FREE Atlanta Hawks T courtesy of the Hawks and KIA and a FREE program-Wow-pretty nice!

Front and back of the Free T courtesy of The Atlanta Hawks and KIA!

Then I saw Dr. J-one of my biggest idols back in the Walter Payton/Dr J Days.  then the cool lights out! let’s yell and scream for the starting line-up-then the game.

Above-Art Like pic of the “Calm Before the Storm”  Used a bit of instagram on this baby!

Blake Griffin was wearing some nice red and blue Nikes-He looked just as monstrous as you would expect and plays without too much emotion,solid yet very emotionless. Well until the end when he got into some crazy scrambles right next to our seats, was pretty intense-thought they were gonna’ fight!

One of the announcers best phrase in a very loud voice was: “That Foul!!  .. was ..OFFENSIVE…MO WILLIAMS!”  The crowd loved the phrase I think more than the play..LOL

And you wouldn’t believe it, in my last blog I wrote about white Jeans and guess what, the guy two seats in front of my was wearing a pair! I’d say he was young and hip enough to pull the look off-And the Kicks and cell phone also added some flair to the look. and he had the ever sought after special grand wristband that let him go somewhere in the back for free drinks that looked like fancy bourbon.

And I did see a guy three rows in front of me with real Jordan 11’s released this past December, but I couldn’t snap a pic fast enough, but I did get a picture of these cool grey  11’s, not sure if they are real or fake?  what do you think?

I also bought a custom Hawks Jersey that has my main man Jordan’s number 23 on it and Streetzblogon the back.  When I was at the train after the game an 8 year old boy asked me who number 23 was? I said Michael Jordan, he said who? I said Michael Jordan and his response was “in your dreams” Well, I don’t exactly know what he meant, but yes, I will have good dreams tonite from my great day in the big City of the ATL.  I’ll probably add a bit to this blog some other time, but for now i gotta get some sleep. Aloha. Sweet Dreams!

Snoop, Tupac, Eminem, Dre, Nate Dog, 50Cent, Warren G 2012

Late Friday evening, I was checking out my twitter feed and found out that Swedish House Mafia was playing live on youtube at Coachella 2012. I admit I was a bit out of it not to know this ahead of time. But I did work a lot of hours this week and .. well just missed the NEWS. But as soon as I found this out I switched it over to youtube/coachella and saw 10.5 minutes of Swedish House Mafia. It was pretty awesome, just short.

Saturday I saw a few Ol’ regular “rock” bands and they were somewhat ok. But I was really looking forward to seeing Justice on Sunday. So on Sunday I turned it on, they, just like SHM only played 2 songs or 12 mintues of music. It just didn’t make sense that the two best EDM bands had the least airtime. Maybe the Coachella people don’t want the world to know..duh..that Hip Hop and Dance have taken over.

At least that’s my “conspiracy” theory for the lack of play for the dance bands. But I suspect they figured it was too late to change history with hip-hop. And totally made up for the lack of SHM and Justice with a stellar 52 minute show of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Snoop and Dre came on with Terrific backdrops and special effects.Then brought us Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and a nice tribute to the late Nate Dog.Then My two favorite portions of the night-Eminem all dressed in grey and black-sounding as good on the beat and slick as ever and TUPAC Shakur Live from the dead via hologram!! Now this was totally awesome! He first goes off by himself, then you see him and Snoop together on stage. By the amount of spleef Snoop was smoking I bet a few people in the front rows, were really trippin’ or blinking like crazy to see if what they saw was really happening.

It was pretty funny watching Snoops Eyes get smaller and smaller as the night went on. I for one don’t know how he can do so well performing while smoking all the time! And what’s so cool about Snoop is he always plays the songs that are his best hits, Tonight he did it and he for sure did it when I saw him at the Waikiki Shell. Thanks Snoop! I like it when the performers play what the fans dig instead of what they want to push at the stores or think is cool themselves. Oh and If you missed the show tonight, you can see most of it on hypebeast or check above for the super-cool super-awesome Holographic Tupac Tune. Just beware, unlike anything else on my site, this song does swear, but the coolness of the performance makes up for the swearing. Hope you enjoy it!

*Rumor has it that Playstation and XBox are to get Holograms in 2015, not sure how true that is, but I did read it on Twitter earlier this evening. How cool would that be?  I want to shoot arrows with Katniss. Or sing with AC/DC. LOL  What would you want to do?

Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Knicks VS Nets Game

Some fun Pix of Jay-Z and Beyonce checking out Jeremy Lin and the NY Knicks and NJ nets, along with Beyonce getting her groove on to some tunes at the game while Jay-Z talks to his neighbor.

Video courtesy of

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