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On the Streetz of Hawaii

Ja Rule and Ashanti. Aloha Tower Marketplace. Honolulu, Hawaii. 10/22/22

The Kicks and The Fashion

My friend and I got to the gig very early, so was able to check out the Kicks and Clothes. For the Kicks, Lots of Air Jordan 1’s, Yeezy’s, Converse, and a new brand for me-FAUX. On the clothing end, many T-shirts, both retro and with fun sayings on them, mega ripped jeans and a somewhat newer trend-The White Jean.

Let’s take a look at some of the Kicks and Clothes from the Ja Rule x Ashanti Concert on 10/22/22.

AJ1, Yeezy’s, Foamposite and some blk & wht coordinates

The White Jean Craze

KIcks on Feet and One in the Pocket

Not quite sure what was happening here, 2 shoes on feet and 1 extra shoe for the left side pocket. Hmmm…Interesting

And Here is the new brand for me-FAUX. They had some very nice glowing 3m on them

Ja Rule

The Concert

Ja Rule and Ashanti sang separately and together. Doing all of their hits. I personally liked Ja Rule Feat. Fat Joe and Jadakiss with New York, New York.


Before Ashanti sang her big solo hit she told a story. And it was a story I knew oh so very well. Ashanti talked about being in Hawaii 20 years ago. She was at a Meet and Greet that I organized at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park (Now Wet n Wild Hawaii). It was a rather hot day, we did a very intimate Meet and Greet. We took pictures and fed our listeners and Ashanti and her crew to some delectable Hawaii plate lunches. It was a memorable moment for me, our listeners, Kai & Knute, our on-air personalities and Ashanti. It was really cool to hear her tell the story at the 10/22/22 concert.

And of course I liked the Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti with Always on Time after all these years, still knew all the words.

Thanks to Kona and Ray Jr. for the nice area to watch the concert. Side stage, very nice, very VIP. And Mahalo to @justkimo for the great pix and videos of the night.

Extra Videos for your viewing enjoyment. Live from Aloha Tower Marketplace on 10/222/22

See you on the Streetz…blog!

Wiz Khalifa Blazing in the 808 State

Wiz Khalifa Live in Concert-Tuesday September 22, 2015 Neal Blaisdell Arena. Honolulu, Hawaii

I know Ya’ll got some things Ya’ll wanna be out there. Life’s a race, you gotta keep your pace. You heard..Unh. Wiz Khalifa 9/22/15

After socializing on the concourse for about an hour, we went in to the Blaisdell, found a perfect middle section seat and the concert began. Wiz sang, rapped, told us some nice words about life and danced groovingly through a fun and festive show. Complete with a band, DJ, custom backdrop and some sweet lazer lights in Blue, Green, and Red.

I had a fun night and would recommend seeing Wiz if he comes to your town.  He’s very happy on stage, is genuinely appreciative of life, has a positive vibe and puts on a solid SHOW!

Dressed to Thrill and Chill

Wiz wore all white including his shirt, pants, kicks and circular Man from U.N.K.L.E inspired specs. About half way through the show he took off his shirt so we could see his many tats. He’s pretty skinny and could barely keep his pants from slipping off. Wiz definitely had fun on stage and it was cool to watch him move and groove to his tunes. The chill part was the air all up in the Blaisdell Arena. Wow! or Whoa! I left a bit light-headed and couldn’t sleep until 3:30 am. Maybe it was just the adrenaline or the antibiotics I was on.

Nice Compliments to the Crowd prior to I work Hard

This was one of my favorite in between songs talk to the crowd moment. Before singing about how hard most of us work, Wiz told us all we were WINNERS!  I appreciate everyone for being here tonight. You spent your money on Gas, You spent your money on a ticket (Yes I did), You take the time to be here. You deserve to be here, You deserve to FkN Win! Don’t let anyone tell you different, you’re a WINNER. Front or back of the show, all my WINNERS all up in this B**tch.

I do for sure work hard and it was nice of him to acknowledge us. Nice to be noticed.  Another time in the show he spotted many of the people all decked out in Pirates Snapbacks, Jordan Jerseys, Sexy T’s and other hot Swag in the audience. He made people feel special which was very nice of him.  I think he’s really a smart guy after watching this show and man he didn’t miss a beat or a word. At least I never noticed it. Very crisp, cool, and totally on it!

Some Brand New Tunes, Power of the Performer and the End of the Show

Near the end of the evening before the finale of See You Again, Wiz played a few brand new tracks including a tune entitled No Social Media. I couldn’t believe the power of his influence on everyone. From going from almost every third person taking pictures with their phone to just 3 visible people on the floor. He persuaded almost EVERYONE to stop their electronics and just enjoy life. The words of the new tune went something like this: Don’t be on your phone, I’m starting to get upset, I don’t care about how many likes you get, you ain’t sh*T without the internet.

Me, I snap my pix quick, take a few vids so I can remember what to blog about. Other than that I like to enjoy the moment and groove to the tunes without abstractions. That’s what I believe at every show I go to. My favorite tune of the night was The Thrill (of it), the song that nabs a piece of the Empire of the Sun song Walking on a Dream.  It’s just really groovy and somehow I knew almost all the words.  And you can’t go wrong with See You Again. Even after hearing it all Summer long, it still sounded great in person.

The Show ended with everyone swaying their arms back and forth to See You Again, song made famous during the end portion of Furious 7. A very fun, festive, Tuesday night had by all in Honolulu, Hawaii. See you on the Streetz.

Power Bash feat. Chris Brown-Show Times


designed by romeo valentine for

Tonight’s the Big night for the 1st Annual Power Bash at the Waikiki Shell.  On Thursday, Iggy  Azalea and U.G.L.Y stopped by Power 104.3 for some interviews. Today, I have the approximate times that everyone will be hitting the stage.  I always like to know ahead of time who is playing when so I can time my day out.  So, figured you might want to know too.  (These aren’t exact times, but pretty close)  See you later tonight at Wet n Wild, then at the Power Bash.

  • 5:30 pm: DJ SOURMILK
  • 6:30 pm: AV
  • 6:45 pm: U.G.L.Y
  • 7:25 pm: HONEY COCAINE
  • 7:40 pm: HOK
  • 7:50 pm: IGGY AZALEA
  • 8:30 pm: CHRIS BROWN official

This Weekend’s Cocktail Small Talk Cheat Sheet-8-10-12

What I'm wearing today-July 2012-Streetzblog.comWell, this is an interesting blog today, I needed to re write it in my head 3 times already.  Finally I settled on “This Weekend’s small talk” Here’s why I think I needed a better title other than “who’s the entertainment at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.  It’s because, almost always, like 95% of the time, things I write are confirmed, real and true. This time however, the information is very sketchy and pretty hard to find.  And if you’re going out tonight or tomorrow, you always need something to talk about, so why not say “oh I read it on the net, it’s gotta’ be true”. Well, who really knows what will happen Sunday evening, but this is the best I could do in the time I had and the limited resources that are being provided by the secretive police over in London.

Here are the 5 (Unconfirmed) CONFIRMED acts expected to Perform at the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony:

  1. The Who – I heard it at the gym yesterday and read it on the net.
  2. The Spice Girls (Reunion) – I saw the Today show this morning and they did not say that they were going to perform, but they did Allude to it.  And I read it on the net. And D’Becks came in on the motor boat at the beginnign of the Olympics, I would suspect he will also be at the finale. And His wife has got to be close by!
  3. George Michael-I heard this on some radio station in Hawaii and also read it on the net.
  4. the MUSE-Most of the on-line English tabloids have these guys confirmed to perform live.
  5. One Direction-I heard this rumor way back in May and saw it on the net today.

Early on in April or May I mentioned that New Order, Underworld and Blur were going to play.  I have my doubts about New Order right now, since they pretty much disbanded according to my seat mate at work, Underworld I still have hopes for since the man in charge of the show-Danny Boyle knows them pretty well from Trainspotting, and Blur, well I think I was in a blur and got them mixed up with the MUSE. a 4 letter British band that’s not electronic or street sounding-Easy thing for me to do.

Now Here are the Unconfirmed UNCONFIRMED acts who may possible perform on Sunday: (In order of who I would like to see the most)

  1. Tinie Tempah – the rapper on Swedish House Mafia’s “From Miami to Ibiza”
  2. Madness
  3. Fat Boy Slim
  4. Pet Shop Boys
  5. The Specials
  6. Queen
  7. Jesse J
  8. Beady Eye
  9. George Michael
  10. Kaiser Chiefs
  11. Ray Davies
  12. Ed Sheeran
  13. Annie Lennox
  14. Kate Bush (oh man, that one song about running up that hill still makes my stomach cringe)

And there is still a buzz that Sr. Paul McCartney wants to come back for an encore and Here’s the news of the day-maybe?  Music Director of the Closing Ceremony-David Arnold has told the “Telegraph”  this will be QUOTE “The Greatest After Party in the World”.  Now what that alludes to is the Rolling Stones have been named “The Greatest Band” of all time, thus he may be hinting that the ENGLISH blokes-Mick, Keith etc may make an appearance.  It does make sense, but there’s not much concrete evidence on it other than the quote. At least there wasnt anything at 730AM on Friday August 10, 2012. 

Either way it goes, It’s gotta’ be pretty awesome.  Hey and even if I didn’t see or hear it anywhere, I bet there’s still a chance that the Chemical Brothers might make it out Sunday night-they did produce the track that they play in the Cycle-Drome at this year’s Olympics.   Have a Great Weekend!  Tonight I’ll be at Tsunami’s if you want to stop by and say Hi, I’ll get a pic of you for streetzblog. And tomorrow night I hope to go to Crystal Method.  See you around town and on the Streetz!

Get Busy (Child) This Saturday with the Crystal Method

Crystal Method in

The Crystal Method Return to Oahu this Saturday!

The Crystal Method return to Hawaii This Saturday August 11th at the newly opened Republik Concert Venue Thanks to BAMP Project and 00spot. Sorry the flyer picture is so small, I got it from a friend of mine as a link on Facebook, But if you need more information on the event, just click here or here  The last time they were here it was my same friend that hooked me up with an interview with them for Our world-famous XLR8TV Show that played on Olelo on Oahu. Now that was totally AWESOME! #funtimes

I remember the last time I saw them in Hawaii, It was quite a night! They played in Pucks Alley and Matt Grimm played a snippet of a song I was really digging and was telling him about at the time-“Music Sounds Better with You”.  He had it powered up on a pumped up remix with major steroids that I didn’t even recognize it, but I was still stoked he played it for me. Matt got the crowd warmed up and warmed up is NOT and understatement at all.  That place was a major Sweatbox. Even though it must have been 10 or so years ago, it was one of those times I felt too old to be at a place like that.(It was actually just too hot and there were too many people packed in there) But many years later and many more raves, concerts and EDM extravaganzas later, I’m still not too old to go to things that I like. What am I supposed to do?  See the Opera? or the Symphony?  No way Jose-I would rather stay at home and crank the IPhone in the iHome Speakers.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you like something do it, no matter what your age is. And even though this isn’t a fashion blog post today, if you didn’t hear me before, if you like to wear something and it makes you feel good-then wear it. Don’t listen to GQ or Details when they tell you some of the crip clothes and kicks are just for the kids.  I believe we only live once, so wear and go where you want.  And actually, you notice what you’re wearing much more than the crowd, nowadays many of them just care about themselves or they’re too busy tweeting on their smartphone to see you or the entertainment playing at the gig!

picture on
“We want you to See you This Saturday!” or “The 3 Finger Shaka”

Here’s one of my Favorite Crystal Method Tunes-“Get Busy Child”.  See you at the show.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky again and get to interview them Or maybe go surfing with them on Sunday?

And Since I’m not quite ready for sleep (12:04AM) Here’s “Keep Hope Alive” – The Live in the club Version.  Check out the Gals in the Angel Wings.

No Sleep Till Sunday!


Import Car Show Models-April Joy and Jenn July 20, 2012


When the Beastie Boys are in NY they shout “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Here in Hawaii this weekend, we scream “No Sleep Till Sunday”. Saturday from Noon – 1030PM is Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown and Saturday night til’ 3am is the 14th annual Lovefest at Kakaako Park.

Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown

Saturday July 21, 2012-Aloha Stadium-Noon-10:30pm:  Cars, Trucks,Hotrods, Bikes, Dog Show, B-Boy Contest, Bootie Contest, Hawaii’s first ever Tow Truck competition and as you can see from above-Import car models in the “Dream Model Lounge”.  $15 Pre-Sale tickets are available at Junk Shop Pros located at 1015 Dillingham Blvd or $20 tix available at the door.  I’ll be there around 2p taking pictures and checkin’ out the scene. Then I’ll be heading over to the Lovefest. *Thanks fo April Joy and Jenn for stopping by the station today!

The 14th Annual Love Festival

Saturday July 21, 2012-Kakaako Park-Whenever you get there until 3:00am:  The Biggest Dance party of the year featuring MSTRKRFT, SWITCH, MIMOSA, and of course the DJ’s who probably have been at ALL 14 Lovefest’s- JUNIOR SANCHEZ & DJREZA AND G-SPOT! Tix available all over town or at the door. If I were you, I’d upgrade to VIP or some VIP Cabana-Action, last year at the waterpark this event was so massive, it moved to practically the WHOLE Kakaako Waterfront Park.

I’ll be at the door from 4p-7p, so stop by and say “Hi” because just like last year, I’ll be checking out the fashions, kicks and garb.  Hopefully I’ll get some better pix this year. If you do say Hi, make sure I remember to get your pic!  *See what Last year’s Music and fashion was like by clicking here     

And on the music tip at Lovefest, I’m looking forward to MSTRKRFT, I’ve been playing Bounce on Sounds from the Scene since 2008, also played their remixes of Chromeo’s Tenderoni and D.A.N.C.E by Justice.  You may know them better from some of their latest tunes like Heartbreaker with John Legend, Beards Again and Back in the USSA. Or from some of their latest remixes of Katy Perry’s California Girls, Scream and Shout by Kelis or Zero by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

BTW:  For some reason I like to call them Mysterycraft but their name is really pronounced mastercraft-it’s basically the name of a Canadian Tool Company with all the vowels taken out of the name.

See you at the car show or the rave..either place, say “Hi” so I can get some good pix for streetzblog and remember “No Sleep Til Sunday!”

Official flyer of the 2012 Lovefest on July 21, 2012 on Oahu

DMX in Paradise-TU!!

Thank You to DMX for the Great personalized Autograph today.  He was looking pretty sharp, crisp white T, nice bling and I didn’t get a chance to check his kicks, but looks like he’s been keeping healthy and active.

Thanks to Shannon Okimoto for hooking up the cool Autograph.  And if you’re on Oahu tomorrow/Saturday June 30th make sure you check him out.  He’s performing Live in Concert at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.  Tickets available at or email the promoters directly at I’m sure they can hook you up with the best tix.  And probably some after hours action.  Just tell them that Streetzblog sent you.  Have a great weekend! If you go to the show let me know how you liked it!

Snoop, Tupac, Eminem, Dre, Nate Dog, 50Cent, Warren G 2012

Late Friday evening, I was checking out my twitter feed and found out that Swedish House Mafia was playing live on youtube at Coachella 2012. I admit I was a bit out of it not to know this ahead of time. But I did work a lot of hours this week and .. well just missed the NEWS. But as soon as I found this out I switched it over to youtube/coachella and saw 10.5 minutes of Swedish House Mafia. It was pretty awesome, just short.

Saturday I saw a few Ol’ regular “rock” bands and they were somewhat ok. But I was really looking forward to seeing Justice on Sunday. So on Sunday I turned it on, they, just like SHM only played 2 songs or 12 mintues of music. It just didn’t make sense that the two best EDM bands had the least airtime. Maybe the Coachella people don’t want the world to know..duh..that Hip Hop and Dance have taken over.

At least that’s my “conspiracy” theory for the lack of play for the dance bands. But I suspect they figured it was too late to change history with hip-hop. And totally made up for the lack of SHM and Justice with a stellar 52 minute show of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Snoop and Dre came on with Terrific backdrops and special effects.Then brought us Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and a nice tribute to the late Nate Dog.Then My two favorite portions of the night-Eminem all dressed in grey and black-sounding as good on the beat and slick as ever and TUPAC Shakur Live from the dead via hologram!! Now this was totally awesome! He first goes off by himself, then you see him and Snoop together on stage. By the amount of spleef Snoop was smoking I bet a few people in the front rows, were really trippin’ or blinking like crazy to see if what they saw was really happening.

It was pretty funny watching Snoops Eyes get smaller and smaller as the night went on. I for one don’t know how he can do so well performing while smoking all the time! And what’s so cool about Snoop is he always plays the songs that are his best hits, Tonight he did it and he for sure did it when I saw him at the Waikiki Shell. Thanks Snoop! I like it when the performers play what the fans dig instead of what they want to push at the stores or think is cool themselves. Oh and If you missed the show tonight, you can see most of it on hypebeast or check above for the super-cool super-awesome Holographic Tupac Tune. Just beware, unlike anything else on my site, this song does swear, but the coolness of the performance makes up for the swearing. Hope you enjoy it!

*Rumor has it that Playstation and XBox are to get Holograms in 2015, not sure how true that is, but I did read it on Twitter earlier this evening. How cool would that be?  I want to shoot arrows with Katniss. Or sing with AC/DC. LOL  What would you want to do?

Hot on the Streetz-Holiday Edition 120511

Hot on the Holiday Streetz-120511

Christmas 2011 if you have the hook-up -otherwise-Release Date is set for February 2012

1.  Jordans are always HOT for the Holidays.  But these babies aren’t due to release until February 2012.  I’ll be making a trip to NYC and Chicago in Mid December.  I’ll let you know if I spot any on anyone or if some of the secret shops have em’.  The next big December release are the Jordan Retro 11 Concords (Pictured below courtesy of Hypebeast. somewhere around December 23rd depending on where you live. A friend of mine from San Fran said he’d keep a pair on ice for me on these, we’ll see..Cause I know they will be a hard one to get at price.

Tinker made them Nice, Jordan made them Fly, I'll take mine on Ice.


Hot on the Holiday Streetz-Female Hotness

1.  Rhinestone Headphones/black with Silver Star:  $34 or special holiday price right now at 20% off for just $27.20.  Or check out my friends over at Custom Rhinestone Clothing.  They can hook you up with anything and everything under the “Hawaiian” Sun with rhinestones.  I’m getting my niece some nice gear for Christmas from them.

2.  The Hunger Game Collector’s Gift Pack: These are the books not the movie.  But the movie is one of the most anticipated of the Holiday Season.  Get a glimpse of what all the fuss is about by speed reading through these books.  Barnes and Noble $30 or special Holiday Haul price of $27 at  Personally I do not know how anyone can do so  much internet shopping and not run into crazy credit card debt.  but It’s you doing the shopping not me on these websites. Me I’d rather pay cash and shop in person. Save my Credit Card for trips and Hotel rooms.. and of course baggage fees.

3.  Lady Ga Ga Holographic nail Polish:  It comes with two colors to give your nails a “real” Holigraphic effect.  I gotta’ see it to believe this one.  Available for a  very limited time at  or at the Barneys NYC store.

4.  Custom iPhone Cases:  I had one of these done with my DJ art.  It was really easy, I just uploaded the art, centered it to how I liked it and within 4 days they mailed it to me.  You can make practically any type of picture or logo on your case. Cases are available 24/7 at  I’m pretty sure I paid about $34 and yes, I did put this on my credit card, but it was worth it. TIP:  Sign up for their newsletter!  Over the weekend I received an electronic coupon good for 25% off my next purchase.  Sweet!

5.  Cake-Pop Maker: For the last two year’s all I kept seeing in NYC  and Chicago were cupcakes, lately I’ve been seeing these mini cake with icing pops in Hawaii.  Now you can make them yourself with the Daily Grommet Babycakes Cake Pop Mini treat Maker.  $30 or get the Holiday Haul price of $25.50 at

6.  New Balance Custom Sneakers:  Seems everyone is getting into the custom game.  For customs these come with a pretty reasonable price tag too.  $115 at QR Code Tattoo-Healing up real well-Can't wait to show it off in the Big Apple in a couple weeks!

If you’re in NYC and going to Swedish House Mafia at Madison Square Garden-give me a text and we can get together and talk about what’s hot on the streetz where you live.  I’ll be doing interviews throughout the SHM night.  Text me at 808 479 9928 if you want to be in the Special Edition SHM at MSG-What’s hot fashion wise at the concert edition coming out on Saturday December 17, 2011.  I’ll get us a vid too of the Song of Fall 2011-Save the World by Swedish House Mafia.  BTW check out the Knife party remix of Save the World-It has some killer Dubstep riffs in it.

KCCN FM100 Birthday Bash 2011 Fashions…

The masses at the KCCNFM100 21st Annual Birthday Bash Waikiki Shell. 8/29 and 8/30 in da House!

This past Friday and Saturday night was the KCCNFM100 Birthday bash at the Waikiki Shell.  Clothing is basically T-shirts, shorts and kicks for the guys and Jean shorts or black skirts and various tops for the Gals. That said, here’s a quick listing of some of the HOT Streetz Stylez seen this past weekend.

For some reason I didn’t spot many happening kicks, Here’s what I did see in regards to T-Shirts that seem to be trending towards HOT!

Island Tat-The clothing sponsor who also had a booth with hats, shirts, and even shoes. They were able to stay close to the streetz with their tribal reggae designs yet still keep a nice somewhat underground street vibe.

Rogue Element-Had some pretty happening bright Yellow cracked smiley faces on black

False Crack shirts  made by T&C. These were quite simple and seemed very underground. Real simple dark grey on lighter grey shirts.  Probably could have stayed more street if they didn’t have the T&C logo on them.

Island Ray T shirts-Nice super bright pink flourescent designs on dark, dark black. Best I’ve seen Pink Look since the 80’s.

DLOC-These had a small green pot plant with a nice, solid silhouette  of King Kamehameha.   A little politically incorrect, but I did see many different brands using the King Kam statue silhouette including broke2gear and Defend Hawaii.

Defend Hawaii-Many different Island variations.  Other than, Island Tat, the hands down favorite and most popular  for this crowd.

abcdefgHI-I think it was made by Quicksilver, but not totally sure.

Broke2Gear-Saw a couple of the classic Blinged out with sweet, solid Rhinestone Bob Marley-“One Love” Shirts. One of my favorite shirts to wear when I travel, someone always asks me about it-Good way to meet new friends.

Neff Shirts-Fun Cartoony type shirts with big Neff Lettering on them. First time I saw these out in public. Then saw them again the next day at Zumies.

Quicksilver, Billabong, and Volcom  pretty much rounded out the rest of the brands.

A couple of other fun fashion statements:

1.  More Mohawks at the Birthday Bash then the at the LoveFest. Now that’s a big change.

2.  The most outrageous outfit of the night was a guy wearing a green camouflaged down WINTER jacket. It was nice looking, But and this is a BIG BUTT! It would have kept someone warm in Chicago in 17 degree weather, I’m sure it kept him nice and toasty in Hawaii’s 80 degree evening sunsets.

3. And the bright Green leaves flying high on the Waikiki Shell’s ceiling. See below:

Hmm, Nice, bright Green Leaves flying high above for all to see!

And before I watch Entourage, I gotta’ let you know I was able to take a shot at Tracy “Up All Night” Chan from Non Stop Honolulu, who usually is the one taking all the pictures.  Too bad its a bit blurry.  But my camera did take better pictures on Saturday night when I took them much slower and carefully.  First night, I had a bit of a hard time getting used to it. Look for lots more localized photos on Streetz blog soon.  Let me know what you saw people wearing at the bash or what you were wearing.  You can upload the pictures into the comment section or email me the pix or comments to me  at:

Non Stop Honolulu star Photographer and blogger at the Bash

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