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Where the New Fashions Are? Tokyo-Spring 2013

The Tokyo Spring 2013 Fashion Week-Today’s Hot brands are Ne-net and Phenomenon
Ne-net-Where the Wild Things

I do like the Flannel mix match plaids. Reminds me a bit of Spain’s Desingual brand. Although I’m not very fond of the “Where the Wild Things Are?” theme. It kind of scares me to tell you the truth.I dont know why but it for sure gives me the chills. Maybe because tonight is Halloween..maybe not..maybe its just creepy. However I suspect the designer Kazuaki Takashima needed some shock value to get noticed in the cluttered Tokyo Street Fashion Scene.

This BIG shirt sure looks comfy..but beware of the BIG Fuzzy Creature behind the model!

Tokyo Fashion Week
And for the ladies, here’s a sampling of Ne-net’s new fashions for females. And once again-Beware! of the Fuzzy Creature behind the model. OMG! Glad it’s Halloween today, this doesnt feel quite as scary as it usually would, or maybe it does. That bird is really starting to freak me out, he’s like in all the pix I have!
Phenomenon is the second brand we’re highlighting today. I like the fun flair of the tie-dye colors that designer Takeshi Osumi uses in this jacket design.
Phenomenon Tokyo 2013 Spring
And Staying on Trend for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 here’s some of that eye-popping cobalt Blue from phenomenon. I’m thinking I may get a button down shirt of this color for Christmas, I do like the color on others, it just maybe a bit too bright for my usual palette.
Phenomenon-Tokyo Spring
Happy Halloween! I apologize for not doing a Halloween Kicks 2012 blog this year. Maybe since I’m on a Kicks Probation until December 15th, it was just too hard to be inspired, since I cant buy anything. You can always check out streetzblog’s Halloween Kicks 2011-It has most of the hottest treats for your feet on there already. What’s your Favorite Tokyo designer or Street Brand? LMK on the comments section or hit me up on the streetzblog facebook page 24/7.

Fashion’s Night Out-Honolulu, Hawaii 2012 –

  1. Fun Night throughout Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu 2012!

#FNO 2012
I promised you a full report on Thursday September 6, 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu, I didn’t know I would have so much fun it would take me until Sunday to tell you about it. OMG! Here we go, Today’s review of the #FNO streetz will be in thirds: First the Top 7 List with info and pix, a bit of editorial of the event, finishing off with some  more Pictures from the night out. 

1.  Chanel’s Limited Edition Nail Colors 2012:  For three year’s straight, I arrive at Fashion’s Night Out and Head straight to Chanel to purchase their 3 set of the HOT new colors before they sell out.  The first year I did this I bought the really awesome as Khaki Colors-I prefer to call them the Camo Collection and these were my favorites.  The Second year was perfect for my mom, three shades of Blue, her favorite color! This year the 3 colors didn’t do much for me-Plum, Pink and beige.  But since it’s a tradition I bought them and they aren’t for me anyways so hopefully my mom will enjoy the colors by the time Christmas comes around. Oh! And I was also able to purchase a special Limited Edition “Super Golden Vegas” which was only available in Vegas.  So, I bought all of them as Christmas Presents-sorry I sold out their gold! Get this which is totally crazy, my bill for NAIL POLISH was $199.95 including tax..OMG!  but lots of fun, I love being able to nab Limited Editions without having to hit up eBay.  I like this Chanel tradition, just hope next year the 3 main colors are better.  I pretty much thought they would go with a vamp Purple, a bright Purple and maybe a dull green.  That’s the 3 I would have done.


Here’s this year’s Colors from Chanel. Modeled by ARK Marketing Groups-Marilyn Cariaga-Thusday September 6, 2012

2. Michael Kors Kauai Aviators: The Michael Kors Store was for sure the most fun of the night. It was exciting just to be in there and to feel the vibe. Everyone was super nice and friendly and very enthused to be working on FNO. The store was packed too. They had some drinks and some tasty sparkling water in fancy glasses, but they didn’t even need a DJ to make this place rock! The employees and shoppers supplied all the energy needed. As you know, I’m a sucker for limited edition, so YES, I bought the Limited Edition Golden Aviators. I like to call them “RockStar” aviators-the store calls them Kauai and they also LMK that “They are just like Michael’s”.  The store actually had a whole table of offerings specially available for FNO including purses, sunglasses and Ladies T’s. Since The Michael Kors Store was so much fun and I did see them selling a TON of the T’s, that will be number 3 on the Top 10 list. Too bad they don’t do a black version for guys. And BTW: I have my eye on that burnt gold NYC watch they have under lock and key near the register-it was just a bit out of my budget for that night. I think it was $600 or $675. But it has a nice NYC impression on the front and even more detailed art on the backside of NYC. *Michael Kors receives the award for best store of the night! at #Fashion's Night Out at Michael Kors in Honolulu

The Gold one’s on me are the special FNO Aviators. Got em! Good Deal too. Listed at $98-For sale at FNO for $50!

3. Michael Kors Limited Edition Fashion’s Night Out female T’s: These had a bit of an 80’s vibe to them and featured the aviators. I saw one lady buying 4 of them!

4. Prada’s Men’s Levitate Shoes: I wrote about these a few days ago and was on a mission to check them out. They have Brogues in Tobacco and Grey/anthracite, a Chelsea boot in black and the pair I tried on at least 3 times at Fashion’s Night out-the black shoe without laces with a high-end velcro closure. All of which come with the Levitate sole which looks real similar to Some Nike Air Max kicks, yet at a closer look, they for sure have a High End designer vibe and attention to detail on the sole-check out the secret “Prada” written in the back of the brogues pictured below. Also pictured are the Limited Edition Black pair with the Velcro. Jacob who works there told me that 10 minutes after we left the store, they sold the only 2 pairs that they had AND we left at 8:50, the store closed at 9:00!!

Prada Levitate in Tobacco-Fashion's Night Out 2012-Honolulu

Prada-Levitate-2012-Fashion's Night Out Honolulu-

5.  Prosecco: Italian Dry Sparkling Wine similar to Champagne which was available at Prada, Chanel, Uno De 50 and Gucci. Best way to describe it is “It’s crisp, cool, vibrant, tastes and looks expensive, a perfect drink to get someone into more of a purchasing mood”.  Prosecco is Made from Glera/Prosecco grapes from Italy.  It’s Usually served unmixed or as the main ingredient in a Bellini Cocktail, which is a mixture of Prosseco and Peach Puree orginated in Venice. Back in the day, the Bellini actually had a tad of raspberry or cherry juice in it since Peaches were rare to find at the time. Nowadays, it’s almost always made with Peaches-sometimes even using the more expensive white Peach. (*Thank You to wikipedia for much of this information on the Prosecco Drink).

Prosecco Picture courtesy of

It was funny, the Prosecco even followed us to our after FNO dinner at Romano’s macaroni Grill-Who would know they’d have it on the menu? The Picture below is the food not the drink. (Chicken and Spaghetti with Lemon, Butter, Capers, Artichokes, and Mushrooms)

6.The BIG Watch:I spotted this on this fashionably dressed woman at Prada, takes her already pretty exquisite outfit up a notch. I’d say it’s even oversized for oversized. And over at Michael Kors I noticed many women trying on pretty BIG gold and silver watches a little smaller yet almost as big as this one. Nordstrom also had many larger watches for women this season, mostly in gold, rose gold and various colors like this one. I don’t know the brand of it..maybe a Nixon? LMK if you know?

StreetSyles at fashions night out in

7. The “Where’s Waldo” Trend: Remember the 1990’s “Where’s Waldo” books? Where you needed to look through the very intricate scenes to find the guy with the red and white striped shirt? Well, his shirt is now “In-Trend”. I first started noticing people rockin’ the look at this year’s Olympics. I saw them at both the Swimming Events and the Women’s Vollyball matches. Then just last week, the Olympic Gold Winning Women’s Soccer/Football team were wearing the red and white striped tops at their game in upstate NY. I was thinking about writing about the red and white shirts after that game just thinking maybe it was a “sporty” trend, but lo and behold, check out the picture of this girl in a nicely fitting sleek red and white dress, then take a look-see at the next picture with Taylor Swift rockin’ the red and white stripe look at this year’s MTV-VMA’s. By Thanksgiving, I bet you’ll be seeing the malls filled with these striped tops and dresses and by Christmas the mid-west should be wearing the look to High Schools and 20 something bars everywhere.

The where's waldo

Hey! I’m Not Waldo! Go look down the mall for him. #FNO Honolulu 2012

Taylor Swift-Rockin' the Where's Waldo Look-2012-MTV-VMA'

I’m not Waldo either! But I think I saw him up in the cheap seats!

That’s the Top 7, I was trying for the top 10, but ran out of time-at the event, not writing this. That’s where this short editorial comes into play for the organizers:

  1. The event was tons of fun, seemed like the most people I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been there. I do suggest that the Mall should stay open until 10p or Midnight.  By the time I got off from work, I made it there by 630 and 9p came way too soon.
  2. It seemed more people knew about the even this year than ever before. But many people didn’t know about the event happening.  One of my good friends was even there at the mall from 830-930 and just went to sears then ate Ramen, he said he saw no fashionista action anywhere. Maybe put some of the budget into hiring bloggers like me to help promote it next year. I’d also go with hip concert type flyers and posters up around town.
  3. Now, I’ve been totally positive all night.  But here is where I have to say something.  The Gift with Purchase!  Come on-spend $300 at the mall and get a few bottles of nail polish?  Everyone knows that the place to get nail polish on FNO is at Chanel.  That’s actually the only brand I buy. I’d much rather receive a Limited Edition shirt with the date and time on it.  And Make them special and collectible over the years.

After this paragraph are a few more pictures from tonight’s Blog which is almost a book-3.5 hours later!! There’s got to be a better way to get pictures from an iPhone on to a Blog.  And I didn’t even get to the pictures on the SD card.  Now, I need a bit of sleep,  I have people to see and places to be go on Sunday morning.  See you on the streetz and of course next year at Fashion’s Night Out 2013.  Upcoming blogs will be on Bobbie Thomas’ top trends for Women, who I saw the next night at AMC and as promised the walterFRENCH featuring Romeo Valentine video with the dope streetzblog mention in it.

Since my favorite colors are Blue and Orange together, here’s a pretty happening dress from Neiman Marcus, This was on the floor that DJ Krazy K was tearing it up with the Big Chicago House Beatz.

Fashions Night Out

I like this next picture of me in the Prada Aviators that match my clothes. It was taken by Marilyn Cariaga from the                 ARK Marketing Group. And the cool thing about it is it has ZERO effects on it, not even instagram, yet it looks pretty tricked out. about all it has is the HDR setting on the iPhone and a great photographer.

photograhphy by ARK-Marketing in

Thank You to Marilyn for hanging out with me at Fashion’s Night Out 2012. Looking pretty fashionable in the Michael Kors RockStar Aviators with the special limited Edition “Super GoldenVegas” Nail Polish from Chanel.

ARK Marketing in

And proof that we were there..

fashions night out

ARK-Marketing Honolulu at fashions night out in Honolulu Hawaii

Cool Tunes, Not sure about the fashions

Tunes and Fashions from the 2012 Summer Olympics OpeningCeremony!

Summer Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Before the Opening Ceremony started they traversed through the sky and showed the England’s countryside. And low and behold one of the Songs they played a snippet of was “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols. As the English would say that was pretty  “Cheeky”. And I’d call it pretty “daring” since it’s not the nicest song to play with the real Queen in attendance.  But pretty funny! And really no big deal since it’s gotta’ be 25-30 years old.  Punk music is actually pretty old!

Then there was some pretty cool greenery in the stadium that transformed to an industrial aged city complete with the molding and fusing of one big golden O, then the other four O’s attached through the sky to form the Olympic logo-pretty awesome stuff! So far everything is pretty cool, although the music isn’t as hip as I had hoped, but hopefully that will come later.

Next up Daniel Craig/James Bond met the Queen of England and they walked through red carpeting with some dogs to a helicopter. It flew through the sky from Buckingham Palace Passed Big Ben, the giant Ferris Wheel. And arrived at the venue, where James Bond and I guess the Queen? Jumped out of the helicopter into the fluorescent blue stadium while the James Bond themed played. I don’t know though, her dress looked pretty red when she flew down, but then looked pinkish orange. So, not sure if she really flew through the sky. But it was still pretty cool.

Where’s Pippa?  One of the most sought after bachelorette’s on the planet? I did see the two married chaps (Prince William and Princess Kate), but they didn’t look very happy.  Actually they looked a bit too cool for school to me. Although, they probably take thier lead  from the Queen who looked pretty stoic herself.

Next up, we got to see Mike Oldfield play bass to some slow then swanky song called “Tubular Bells”.  This is when I got bored and thought about turning it off.  But I’m still waiting for Mr. Bean and some ultra bangin beats to appear!

The real JK Rowling-the author of the Harry Potter series read a bit of a children’s book..  Then it was fun again with a giant 100-foot  puppet of Lord Valdermort.  Then a ton of Mary Poppins flew in to take on the giant Lord. And of course Mary P won the “fight”.  The lights are bright, the stage aglow but Where are the Ravers? I do however dig the reddish orange, Cobalt blue and dark blue hue and lights in the stadium.

Next up a live rendition of “Chariots of Fire”, that started off looking a bit boring. (I’m really not a fan at all of classical type music). But then Mr. Bean busted out his piano and goofed on his iPhone, He then joked around a bit more, which was pretty funny as he dreamed of running in the a Chariots of Fire movie. He was losing pretty badly, but then got in a car and made it to the front..Where he barely won the race.  Now that was pretty awesome!

Next up the digital age, this was a bit goofy with some fake looking goody-goody teens running around. But the music picked up a bit with some ska, The Who’s “My Generation”, “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones (Meredith Vierra started to sing to this-ugh), The Kinks, the Beatles, Led Zep, Madness, David Bowie, Queen which played for a while and was pretty spectacular, then the Sex Pistols which Meredith and Matt cut off (ugh) and   New Order, Frankie goes to Hollywood with “Relax”, “Sweet Dreams” by Annie Lenox, then OMG finally Keith Flint and the Prodigy did “Firestarter” and Underworld kicked in with Born Slippy-oh finally the good stuff!!! I rewound my dvr to watch the Prodigy and Underworld a second time. And it was funny when Matt Lauer said “whoah” whenFirestarter kicked in with the first beat and glowing Orange blast..hehe.  Then rapper Dizzy Rascal came on with some LIVE jams with a mean beat grazing behind him.  Next up, some Amy Winehouse and that rock song I don’t really like, Next some Hip Hop mini mix, and some low-key jungle-Then Out.

Next up, David Beckham blazed in on a speedboat dressed in a nice black tux with fireworks and a light spectacle all around him.

*Danny Boyle who did trainspotting and slum dog millionaire was the creative director of the ceremony and the person that put the whole event on.  I’d say “Well Done, got the British vybe, some great tunes and that sure looked like a TON of work to Coordinate and build the whole thng!”

Next up the athletes came in during the “Parade of Champions” this is where we can observe the fashions of the teams with a bit of help from the New York Times: BTW:  after the parade the Arctic Monkey’s played Beatles songs and Paul McCartney played 1.5 Beatles tunes including “Hey Jude”.  But I’m not a big Beatles fan, so I didn’t watch-I read it on the Internet as you are doing now.

Team Fashion info:

Bermuda:  Blue Suit Jackets and ties with Bright red “Bermuda” shorts and Skirts.

Italy:  Giorgio Armani Designed Monochromatic suits and striped ties.  BTW:  The Italian sailing team is rumored to have some pretty nifty Prada gear that they will be wearing later this week!

Canada:  Baggy Chinos and red track jackets-Didn’t quite match very well, was actually pretty off. I’d call it a bad take on 80’s prepster High School duds.

Denmark:  More Chinos and untucked white shirts. I kinda liked this look, but would have exchanged the chinos for skinny jeans or black suit pants.

Cameroon:  Bright Orange, Yellow and black robes and matching hats.

Cayman Islands: they had some pretty happening fluorescent green ties. But their blue jackets with the white piping were kind of’ ugly and too tight-did not fit most.

Brazilians: Lemon and Lime pants.

Oh Man-I didn’t know this went on so long, Not sure If I’ll get to everyone. But we’ll try and hopefully we’ll see some crisper clothes than all these ill-fitting camel brownish chinos.  Must have had a sale at the 1980/90’s Gap store. Before designers produced pants that actually fit and look more tailored.

Guyana:  Bright Yellow suits-extremely BRIGHT!

Hungary:  Nope not going to wear that stuff. Yuk. Not even if you tell me a famous designer made the get-ups. Just plain ugly.

India:  some very bright yellow dresses, turbans and scarves. Bright Yellow seems to be a big color this Summer

Netherlands: Had their duds designed by suitsupply with the women in Orange trench coats and the men in cobalt blue trenches and the men had bright orange pants. I dig the colors of the Netherlands – pretty sure that area is better known as Amsterdam.

Jamaica:  Really cool militaristic jackets and probably the brightest yellow pants of the night! *I want one of the jackets; I’d wear it with the boots from the Czech Republic

China:  If I liked the color red, I’d get me one of those nice red jackets with the subtle trim. (I heard the Pet Shop Boys in the background during their walk in the parade)

Czech Republic: Really nice sleek and pearlescent Rubber boots (Wellies) with matching umbrellas. These boots were one of the best fashion accessories of the night! I would for sure get a pair of them.

Cyprus:  White, Orange and blue track suits, too casual for my taste. Looked like what they would where for the events.

France:  White pants, dark blue suit jackets and red ties.  While the Americans looked a bit French with their berets, the French looked almost American in red, white and blue..LOL

Israel: More white pants.  Bright blue jackets and white shoes.

Fiji:  They played the Bee Gees, I guess because it rhymes.  Funny clothes. Black and White swirled jackets and white pants. Oh there’s those white pants again. LOL again.

Germany:  the Women had on bright Pink Jackets and the guys had on bright light blue jackets. Both made out of some sort of plastic.  Although, I did like their fedora hats.

South Korea: More white trousers. Nice white fedoras and ok looking blue suite jackets and ties.

Latvia:  White pants and red jackets

Liechtenstein:  The only ones I’ve seen in Jeans all night and faded jeans at that.

Monaco: Tailored skinny suits, pretty hip and happening.

Moldova:  Even more white pants, this time with blue jackets.

Nauru:  More ill fitting badly colored khakis.

Palau:  Khaki brown pants, this time with maroonish red jackets.

Portugal:  Light brown khakis, very brightly colored scarves with their country printed on them.

Puerto Rico: White pants, white hats, white shirts accented with black ties and black pocket squares.  Pretty retro-chic.  Nice choice, I just would have had them in black pants, not the ubiquous white.

Senegal:  Bright Yellow dresses for the ladies and the same colored robes for the men.

Slovenia:  Bright blue and green shirts, grey suits and since I’m a shoe guy, I need to mention they had on matching bright blue and bright green kicks on too!

Spain:  Some guy had on a pink wig.

Sweden:  Yellow blue white striped long sleeved RUGBY shirts. Was different that’s for sure. We used to wear Rugby shirts back in 1982.  They attempted resurgence a few years ago, but never quite as big as they were in the 80’s and for sure not a 2012 style. Maybe if you’re a boat shoe type of dude.

OK, I’ve had enough of this after the rugby shirts and I gotta’ work Saturday morning. Where the Frik is England and London! Or as they like to call them-Great Britain. Oh Good they are playing U2’s “Beautiful Day” that will help me get to the end of the parade. I like that song!

America: Ralph Lauren designed Blazers and the controversial because “they make no sense at all” French BERETS! I totally do not get this at all.  I sure won’t be sporting that look anytime soon. And get this!  Guess what color pants-WHITE! Although the button down white shirts had Nice, Crisp Rounded Collars on them. And wait what’s going on?  They ALL have smart phones and are spinning around in circles taking pictures and videos. That’s the only team I saw doing this all night and Almost ALL of them were doing it.  Interesting eh?

Great Britain: White Jackets with Gold aluminum foiled looking accents made by retail chain “Next”. The backs of the jackets were actually pretty happening-the gold foil worked on there. And they had White shorts. Supposedly these designs were kept secret until today. Not sure why, doesn’t seem like I would have stolen any of their design ideas. Maybe the back design? But Hey the Queen almost smiled and Kate did smile! And they played David Bowie’s “Heroes” which was pretty awesome. *And after they finally played the “Chemical Brothers”. YAH!

Ok, I suspect this is the longest blog I’ve ever written. I guess I had Too much caffeine and exercise today. And it was pretty fun to write about the white pants, khaki pants, bright yellow, bright blue clothes and of course all the fun tunes they played all night that typically don’t get played at things like this.

See you Saturday at the KCCNFM100 #lastbash at the Waikiki Shell.

KCCN FM100 Birthday Bash 2011 Fashions…

The masses at the KCCNFM100 21st Annual Birthday Bash Waikiki Shell. 8/29 and 8/30 in da House!

This past Friday and Saturday night was the KCCNFM100 Birthday bash at the Waikiki Shell.  Clothing is basically T-shirts, shorts and kicks for the guys and Jean shorts or black skirts and various tops for the Gals. That said, here’s a quick listing of some of the HOT Streetz Stylez seen this past weekend.

For some reason I didn’t spot many happening kicks, Here’s what I did see in regards to T-Shirts that seem to be trending towards HOT!

Island Tat-The clothing sponsor who also had a booth with hats, shirts, and even shoes. They were able to stay close to the streetz with their tribal reggae designs yet still keep a nice somewhat underground street vibe.

Rogue Element-Had some pretty happening bright Yellow cracked smiley faces on black

False Crack shirts  made by T&C. These were quite simple and seemed very underground. Real simple dark grey on lighter grey shirts.  Probably could have stayed more street if they didn’t have the T&C logo on them.

Island Ray T shirts-Nice super bright pink flourescent designs on dark, dark black. Best I’ve seen Pink Look since the 80’s.

DLOC-These had a small green pot plant with a nice, solid silhouette  of King Kamehameha.   A little politically incorrect, but I did see many different brands using the King Kam statue silhouette including broke2gear and Defend Hawaii.

Defend Hawaii-Many different Island variations.  Other than, Island Tat, the hands down favorite and most popular  for this crowd.

abcdefgHI-I think it was made by Quicksilver, but not totally sure.

Broke2Gear-Saw a couple of the classic Blinged out with sweet, solid Rhinestone Bob Marley-“One Love” Shirts. One of my favorite shirts to wear when I travel, someone always asks me about it-Good way to meet new friends.

Neff Shirts-Fun Cartoony type shirts with big Neff Lettering on them. First time I saw these out in public. Then saw them again the next day at Zumies.

Quicksilver, Billabong, and Volcom  pretty much rounded out the rest of the brands.

A couple of other fun fashion statements:

1.  More Mohawks at the Birthday Bash then the at the LoveFest. Now that’s a big change.

2.  The most outrageous outfit of the night was a guy wearing a green camouflaged down WINTER jacket. It was nice looking, But and this is a BIG BUTT! It would have kept someone warm in Chicago in 17 degree weather, I’m sure it kept him nice and toasty in Hawaii’s 80 degree evening sunsets.

3. And the bright Green leaves flying high on the Waikiki Shell’s ceiling. See below:

Hmm, Nice, bright Green Leaves flying high above for all to see!

And before I watch Entourage, I gotta’ let you know I was able to take a shot at Tracy “Up All Night” Chan from Non Stop Honolulu, who usually is the one taking all the pictures.  Too bad its a bit blurry.  But my camera did take better pictures on Saturday night when I took them much slower and carefully.  First night, I had a bit of a hard time getting used to it. Look for lots more localized photos on Streetz blog soon.  Let me know what you saw people wearing at the bash or what you were wearing.  You can upload the pictures into the comment section or email me the pix or comments to me  at:

Non Stop Honolulu star Photographer and blogger at the Bash


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Find Out Bond’s Gear Here Before the Movie premiere on November 9, 2012

It’s a Nice Picturesque Sunday Morning in Hawaii-Trade Winds are blowing just a bit and Sun is Shining perfectly.  The Beach is only 10 minutes from my condo, but Sunday mornings are my favorite day to rest my aching feet, eat a tasty breakfast, have a real coffee instead of the instant stuff I just drop into the cup and pour hot water on Mon-Fri, and write. So, before heading to the beach or to the mall (LOL) As you may know I’m still on a shoe probation until December 18? And Now I’m also on a clothes probation until the same date, but man that mall is calling me more than the beach!

Before I do anything, I wanted to let you know all the cool clothes, gadgets and accessories that Daniel Craig will be wearing in the upcoming James Bond “Skyfall” movie.  I usually go to the Bond movies and try to figure out what kind of mobile he has or how did he get that suit to fit so perfectly? However, Entertainment Weekly has supplied us with much of what we need to know ahead of time.  Here’s the Run-Down on Bond’s new Gear: (Thanks to EntertainmentWeekly)

  1. Smartphone:  Nope not the iPhone5, He’ll be tracking the bad guys on the new Sony Xperia T Android Smartphone.  It’s available in Britain right now and the U.S version will arrive just in time for the Holiday’s for those living stateside.  I think it will be cool to see how they make it do all sorts of things on the big screen-hopefully it has some of that floating 3-D “action” once it comes out to the general public.  Me, personally I think my iPhone 4S is the best smartphone I’ve ever had and I like it so much I don’t even want to take a chance with this or the iPhone5.  The 4S just always works and never causes me trouble even with 2163 pictures and 720 songs on it!
  2. Suit:  Now this is where it gets fun! The designer of his suits gave the movie’s production team 60 suits JUST for the Opening Scene!  30 of them for Daniel Craig and 30 for his Stunt Double-I wonder where they are? It would be awesome if they did a contest to win one or auctioned them for charity, that’s quite a lot of suits and Daniel Craig is 5’10 just like me-One can wish! James Bond will be wearing Suits, Tuxes, Shirts, ties and even shoes designed by Tom Ford exclusively. Only his underwear is generic-if you want to know, EW says-he wears the Boxer-Brief in white.
  3. Sunglasses: YAH! He’s going to be wearing Aviators similar yet different from the Michael Kor’s Aviators I purchased during fashion’s night out.  Actually they look a bit like the Prada pair I wanted that night, but were a bit pricey. These of course are designed by Tom Ford and are “Ruthenium Aviator Style Marko Sunglasses” basically the blue-ish grey lens similar to the Prada pair from Fashions Night Out in Honolulu.
  4. Wrist-Watch: Bond’s still going with the Omega. In this movie he wears two different versions.  I think Omega has done a great job marketing the Omega/James Bond Connection through their print ads in GQ.  I pretty much have that one implanted in my brain.  I personally like the Orange dial style.  But when it comes to watches my wrist gets pretty itchy with most everything other than my Krink-NYC-G-Shock. Not quite the GQ or JB look I’d like to achieve, but at least it doesn’t itch. Not to say that the Omega would itch, it’s just a bit pricey for me to take the chance.
  5. Cuff Links:  Now depending on the price of these babies, I think I might need to get a pair.  They are black with a silver James Bond Crest on them. The Bond Family crest is very classic, provides the essence of English Aristocracy, and a definite feel of  The Old School King Arthur Power vibe. These are also designed by Tom Ford.

You may notice in the trailer above that Daniel Craig (44yearsold) is pretty ripped. I’m sure Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness will let us in on the specifics on his regimen. But if you can’t wait, here are the highlights from the

  1. Craig Gave Up Smoking and Junk Food
  2. He cut back on Carbs and Alcohol
  3. Lifted Heavy Weights Really Fast
  4. Ate High Quality protein including Chicken, Fish, Eggs and Shakes
  5. And also consumed lots of vegetables and some fruit

Nothing too earth shattering from the list above.  But it’s sticking to it that does the trick.  I suspect he also ate 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day instead of 2-3 big ones. I personally try to do a similar regime, however I get way too consumed in projects I work on and totally forget to eat sometimes, that is one of the worst things I could do. But I am working on getting better on that.  I also only drink water nowadays.For years I used to chug 2-5 bottles of Gatorade a day! I think changing to water is a pretty big accomplishment for me! Just harder to be “Like Mike” Great Marketing gets me all the time!

Have a nice Week, See you at the Beach…or the Mall!

Top Fashionable Movies of all Time

The Top 28 Fashionable Movies of all Time

(As Voted on by the Streetzblog Staff in May 2020)

With Many of you at home looking for something to watch.  We’ve compiled the best Fashionable movies of all time.  Have a nice time watching all of this Greatness.

1.  The Devil Wears Prada: (2006): This movie has it all.  Lots of NYC action, Fashionable attire, A Love Story, Paris, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and a variable Vrais/faux rendition of Anna Wintour. At least 1 Million dollars worth of clothes and accessories were used in the making of TDWP including a $100,000 Fred Leighton necklace worn by Streep.  Watch for the CERULEAN (Blue) speech, it gives an entrepreneur an quick 4 minute MBA in the Marketing of clothing.  The cast is power packed with:  Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker, Adrian Grenier, Gisele Bundchen,  and Heidi Klum. And fun fact:  The writer of the book-Lauren Weisberger plays the twins Nanny! The staff at Streetzblog has seen this movie at least 14x.  It is by far the number ONE best overall fashionable movies of all time

2.  Zoolander: (2001) Fun, Outlandish, Fashionable, Can you say Cameos and Orange Mocha Frappucicnos! Such a good movie about the world of male modeling. Stiller vs Wilson. Who is gonna come out the winner?  Not enough room to mention all the stars, some include:  Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor,  Will Ferrell, Milla Jovovich, Tom Ford, Fabio, Winona Ryder, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Paris Hilton, Cuba Gooding Jr, Karl Lagerfeld, Natalie Portman, Justin Theroux, Gwen Stefani, Vince Vaughn, and Donald Trump. Fashionably BIG Quotes:  Derek Zoolander:  I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being REALLY, REALLY, RIDICULOUSLY good looking…And I plan on finding out what that is. Billy Zane: IT’S A WALK-OFF!! (Drop that mic!)

3.  Blow Up: (1966)  Fashion Photography, HOT Models, London, The Swinging 60s, Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll from start to finish. Not much is missed in this movie. Bold Stripes, Slinky shiny dresses, Mods, Rockers, Glamour, Day-Glow colors. It has it all including some trippy mimes who play tennis without a real ball and a cameo appearance and song by the Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Keith Reif. A Great movie to watch for inspiration for photography and creativity. If you want some inspiration for the swinging 60’s, this is a must see movie

4.  Coco Before Chanel: (2009): One of our favorite Actors-Audrey Tatou portrays the iconic beyond belief classy-Coco Chanel. This is the history and story of Coco Chanel!  Fashion Passes. Style Remains  *Pro Tip:  If you are having a rough day, watch any or all of Audrey Tatou’s movies, they are going to make you happy. Most of her best movies are in French with English subtitles. Well worth the reading of subtitles and can help you learn French/Francais

5.  The September Issue (2009): Anna Wintour takes you on a behind the scenes adventure as she prepares for Vogue’s Fall Fashion Issue for 2007

6.  We’ll take Manhattan (2012):  One week of the life of Jean Shrimpton (Model) and David Bailey (Photographer). The Swinging 60’s are in full effect in NYC!

7.  Unzipped (1994): The Behind the scenes world and process of Izaac Mizrahi. Some nice tips on creating a collection. A must see for any budding fashion designer. Features the biggest Super Models of all time:  Linda Evangilista, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford

8.  American Gigolo (1980)  Richard Gere wears the most spectacular monotone suit, shirt and tie never seen before on film.  Every guy  in the 80’s tried to dress like him. It basically made Giorgio Armani a household name in the 80’s.  We all wanted an Armani suit to look like Richard Gere. Monotone throughout. A look still happening in the year 2021.  Russet Brown, to Taupe, Sage Green, Charcoal and Cornflower Blue. The suit, the shirt the tie and many times the socks all matched in one shade of said colors. this is the movie that spurred the monotone craze that has yet to stop.  If you can’t think of what to wear, go Monotone and it will take care of itself. GQ and American Gigolo go hand in hand in the early 80’s.  The Male Fashionista was never the same. The clothes made the man and the movie

9.  Mademoiselle C (2013):  A gem in the rough. High Quality, exquisite videography. The story of former Vogue Paris Editor in Chief-Carine Roitfied as she moves to New York to launch her high end magazine. Many, many fashionista’s. Tom Ford, Kate Upton, Karl Lagerfield, Kanye West, James Franco, Riccardo Tischi, Anna Wintour, Sophia Loren, Giorgio Armani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Bruce Weber and even more than what we listed

10.  Breathless (1960) Jean Luc Goddard. Peg legged black pants with hi-collared with cuff sleeves New York Herald Tribune T. Could be in fashion in Dec 2019. Men’s 2 button suit jacket with wide super short tie could also see a comeback. Sunglasses, Hats, striped shirts, pleated skirt, short hair, so many things to list. Check out the main characters chain link bracelet, very a la mode right now at Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Even the ultra petite women’s bag is on trend in 2020.  The movie helped to launch the French New Wave cinema. It did the same with style + clothes

11.  Saturday Night Fever (1997) The 70’s, Disco Fever and John Travolta’s 3 piece White Suit.  No other words are needed

12.  Liquid Sky:  (1982) Can you say 1980’s Nu-Wave Make-up.  Deep in the underground came the movie Liquid Sky. Seen by many a punk rocker and New Waver as influence for their make up style throughout the 1980’s. Liquid Sky sports Big hair and nice bites of colorful clothing that infused, enthused + ensconced the 80’s vibe throughout the world. Neon Lights, Neon Make-up and multi-colored hair. Looking for Nu Wave Inspo for your 80’s make-up or fashions, watch this movie!

13.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Audrey Hepburn looks Elegant, Classic, Crisp, Clean, and Extremely well put together.  The movie features the definitive moment of the iconic Maison Givenchy-Black Sheath Dress. She also has some great oversized Tortoiseshell sunglasses, and strands upon strands of Tiffany Pearls along with her long black satin gloves. Such an amazing, classic look copied for many, many years. And we can’t leave without mention of the double breasted bright ORANGE Givenchy wool Coat. As you know, we love the color Orange here at Streetzblog. Veracious Quotes: Holly Golightly: A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick. And I’ve got to do something about the way I look. I mean, a girl can’t go to Sing Sing with a Green face

14.  Pretty Woman (1990)  Chanel, Louis, Gucci. If it’s a Hi-end brand Julia Roberts gets to shop there. Richard Gere takes the monotone look into the 90’s with some variations, adding different shades of grey and even a printed tie.  And if you want that Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, White Pocket square look, it’s best seen on Richard in Pretty Woman. Edward Lewis:  Wake up! It’s time to Shop!!

15.  Mahogany (1975) Diana Ross is an aspiring fashion designer from the South Side of Chicago. So this is for sure a real deal fashion movie. 70’s exuberance, Beaucoup bell bottoms, Knee high boots, Dark washed jeans, Wide-brimmed hats, and Jersey dresses. And a bit over the top which we thought pretty dope, the Purple Lame, Metallic Embroidery and the Glow in the Dark Geisha’s. Wowza! Song: Do you know where you’re going to?  Quote:  Rome is like a rich old lady. She covers her wrinkles with things that shine 

16.  Pret a Porter (1994) Silly and Fun satire on the fashion world. Growing up we could never figure out if this movie was real or fake. Still confuses us..a bit to this day. Pretty sure it is fake..LOL Stars include:  Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, Tim Robbins, Sophia Loren, Danny Aiello and many others. Note:  You may find this movie under the name Ready to Wear, seems over the years they switched the marketing of said movie to an English title

17.  Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Talk about Shop til’ you Drop, OMG this girl can shop!  The Nurmero Uno curator of the fashionable clothes in movies-Patricia Field says of the clothes: They are Colorful, Bold, Energetic, Voluminous, Eclectic, and comedic. Prominent Brands include: Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Milly.  Lots of pink, many colorful dresses and don’t forget the infamous Green scarf! Rebecca Bloomwood:  When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again. And one of the best lines of all time:  You Speak Prada?  Did you know that the proper definition of a shopaholic is ONIOMANIA a term used for the compulsive desire to shop.  We know someone at Streetzblog who’s got that Oniomania.  Do you know anyone?

18.  Zoolander 2 (2016)  Not nearly as good as the OG. But fun to see many cameos including: Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Valentino, and Vera Wang

19.  Ciao Manhattan (1972) If you want to see the Real Edie Sedgwick and not a movie about her, this is movie to watch

20.  Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) We include this movie not because it’s about fashion, cause its not, but because it depicts 80’s Madonna inspired fashion spot on. It’s like being transported to the Unique Boutique, Antique Boutique, or Canal Jean Company in downtown Soho, Manhattan in 1986. Madonna and Rosanna Arquette.  Get Into the Groove with oversized Ray-bans, layers of chains and necklaces, oversized scrunchies and the Epochal multiple black rubber bracelets Madonna is famed for wearing. Giving every 13 year old for 30 years something to buy at Claire’sThe Club scene (at Danceteria) also depicts the vibe of the time, the clothing and the dance moves.  Madonna’s style on the Big screen. Fun Facts: The Vintage clothes store they visit was called Loves Saves the Day and was located in the East Village until 2009.  The Orange baseball jersey Susan wears after her clothes are stolen has the initials MC. Madonna Ciccone. The super famous embellished cropped tux jacket from the movie sold at auction for $265,000

21.  Factory Girl (2006) Hollywood’s portrayal of the next IT girl, Edie Sedgwick.  Comes complete with a spot on Andy Warhol.  See Sienna Miller as Edie, Guy Pierce as Andy, Jimmy Fallon as Chuck, Includes tunes by David Bowie. Fun Fact: Sienna’s eyes are grey but they are brown in the movie because Edie’s eyes were brown. Quote:  Andy to Edie: You’re the Boss, Applesauce!

22.  GIA (1998)  This is a pretty harsh movie, so be prepared. Drugs, the early days of Aids, and one of the first super models.  Starring: Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Faye Dunaway

23. Sex and the City (2008)  The TV show shook the world with Many a good looking outfit, So many shoes and non stop bags + purses. The movie continued with the theme with Carrie’s Ballerina Skirt, Samantha’s Suits and Fun Floppy Hat, Carrie’s stylish Head-wear, More hand bags, faux fur, and of course many, many Manolo’s.   Quotes:  Louise:  It’s a Rental. Like Netflix for Purses. Carrie: Some labels are best left in the Closet!

24. Quadrophenia (1979) The Sharp dressed Mods-Skinny Suits way before their Massive popular explosion, Skinny Ties, Buttoned up Polo Shirts, Stylish Trench Coats, Mod parkas and Extremely Tricked out Multi-Mirrored Vespas. VS the Rockers clad in black leather Motorcycle jackets adorned with spikes, patches and paint.  Jeans or leather trousers and white silk scarves. Head gear was also black leather with studs and spikes.  Don’t miss the best dressed of the bunch, the leader of the Mods-Ace Face (Sting). Great soundtrack provided by the Who. Reign O’er Me + Doctor Jimmy and Mr. Jim. Fun Fact:  The pinball machine that Jimmy plays on is the exact same machine that Elton John jams on in the movie, Tommy

25.  Clueless (1995)  63 Outfit changes make up the looks of the 3 affluent High School Mall rats. Including 53 different kinds of tartans and plaids.  Mid 90s Beverley Hills preppy. Mini skirts, knee high socks, and platform Mary Janes. Faux fur handbags, Feather trimmed coats and fun colorful hats complete the looks. The lingo in the movie also changed the way many of us talked for years to come.  Couple of fashionable quotes from the movie.  Cher:  You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my Feet and Mel:  Do you know what time it is?  Cher:  A watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, Daddy.  Stars: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy

26.  John Wick 1, 2 + 3 (2014) (2017) (2019)  We include the John Wick movies because the suits in the movie are just so utterly completely beautiful!  The Cuts and Colors of the suits make this movie series with Keanu Reaves very fashionable.  Various shades of black with some Midnight Blue.  Richard Gere Would be quite proud. Killer Quotes: You want a war? Or you want to just give me a gun? Well John wasn’t exactly the Boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the Boogeyman

27.  Qui Etes Vous Polly Maggoo (1966) A movie that is a bit odd. Yet fascinating. If you want #retrochic, Here it is

28.  The Model (2016)  Kinda’ creepy movie about a model. honorable mention

SOUL TRAIN wasn’t a movie, but you gotta dig the far out fashions.  There’s also some Saturday Night Fever Dance segments in this Video.  Enjoy!

What movie is your favorite?  What movie would you add to the list?  Let us know in the comments section.

See you on the Streetz…blog!


Spring into Style

MDA Soiree 2014


MDA Spring Soiree 2014

Last Saturday April 11, 2014 marked the beginning of Spring with the 15th Annual MDA Spring Soiree. Each year, this event marks the night that everyone wears the newest styles and fashions for the coming Spring and Summer Months.  This year the invitation said Black Tie or Sparkle.  Here’s a few pictures on how the crowd interpreted this theme.  Along with the Fashion and Style pix are some beautiful shots of Waikiki to help you enjoy the atmosphere of this year’s party. For Additional pictures of this years Soiree, check out Honolulu Pulse.


Stay Cool and look Great in these Spring Time Suits

Guys if you’re looking to stay cool and look hot this Spring. Check out  some of the following Spring suits  from Bonobos for some nice options. The Cool Cottons and stylish seersucker suits are guaranteed to help you stay nice and comfy, yet still very stylish for the warmer weather Soirees, Yard parties, Roof partying or just kickin’ it on a Saturday night.

Let’s check out some of the newer very on trend Cotton suits.

I’m digging these seersucker suits, especially the navy blue.

Or you can be traditional and stick to the wool suits updated in the newer slimmer cuts. They carry various Wools from 110’s to 130’s. See more here.


Or you can cut it up with the Is this trending this year or last year’s double-breasted suit. I think It doesn’t really matter, If you look good in something wear it. And these DB’s are slimmer and sleeker than the suits from 10 years ago. I remember huge shoulder pads and fairly baggy fits on the older double-breasted suits. These are slimming and cut for the Modern Dude.  Oh and make sure you keep them buttoned when standing, then you can unbutton them while sitting. Although I do like watching David Letterman at night especially because he’s from NY, it drives me crazy when he doesn’t button up his DB’s. I sometimes catch my self screaming at the TV for him to button up, but of course I know he can’t hear me. Maybe, he’ll read streetzblog and start buttoning up his Double-Breasted suits.

Check out this nice Dark Navy wool DB suit. the fit is quite nicely tailored, which produces a great silhouette for many a body shape.

If you look good in DB's, wear them. This is cut so sleek it almost looks like a single breasted suit from this photo angle

If you look good in DB’s, wear them. This is cut so sleek it almost looks like a single breasted suit from this photo angle

The Modern Fitted Double -Breasted Suit. Make sure you keep it buttoned up for Ultimate style!

The Modern Fitted Double-Breasted Suit. Make sure you keep it buttoned up for Ultimate style!

If you get invited to a Black Tie Gala Bonobos even has some tux’s for you. These are also cut close to the body and look crisp, clean and ready to Rock at your next party.

Black Tie means Black tie. This is what you should be wearing. You can always turn it up a bit with a fancy pocket square.

Black Tie means Black tie. This is a great choice for you to wear. You can always turn it up a bit with a fancy colored pocket square.

Colorful Pocket Squares for your next Soiree, Garden Party, Roof Top Gathering or Wedding

Colorful Pocket Squares for your next Soiree, Garden Party, Roof Top Gathering or Wedding

Another Black tie Affair Suit/Tux. This one with a very nice lining.

The Black Single Breasted Tux with a very nice lining.

I hope some of these options help you out when you’re getting ready for your next Spring or Summer Event. See you on the streetz or maybe at a Spring or Summer party. I wouldn’t mind being invited to a Roof Top Gig, I’ve never been to one of those before. I’m personally thinking about getting the Seersucker suit or the navy Double-Breasted. What is your favorite look?

Opening Ceremony Style 2014

If you like Puffy, you’d like These looks

German Smurfs. Picture Courtesy of

German Smurfs. Picture Courtesy of

I like to talk positive in 95% of my blog posts. And in this one, I wouldn’t say I’m being Negative. I just think the looks shown at the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in general were pretty awkward and waaaay to Puffy. Maybe, the designs were made more for warmth than style. But with all the money everyone has, Why not make one look for the Ceremony, then have another look for the pre and post events?

With this post, I didn’t do any research on who the designers were or didn’t even look at any other blogs or news sites. The opinions listed below are from my own Fashionista view of what my impression of this year’s looks were like. Some were good, but most were not that stylish from my view-point. My number one favorite was the Netherlands.  What did you think of the looks?  Let me know in the comments section.

*Sorry if I missed your country, this is the second time I’ve done a Live blog to the opening Ceremony and it’s a bit overwhelming to keep up.

Bermuda:  Red Short pants! Suit Jackets, Ties, White button down shirts, Long dark socks and black business man shoes. Did I say Short pants? Guess they were Bermuda Shorts. Too Funny.

Bulgaria:  Pretty styling looking ski jackets in bright blue flashy yellow with fashionably fierce furry hoods.

Brazil:  Bright Yellow Shirts. Funny looking thick bulky scarves tied in awkward knots. Not one of my favorite looks.

Great Britain:  Dark Blue Slick looking puffy down jackets with burgundy hoods. The best look so far. Something I would and could actually wear. (Adidas)

Venezuela:  Extremely Enthused One guy in multi colored garb.

Germany:  Yellow, Green, Light Blue Jackets, with red pants.  They looked like some kind of cartoon character, I guess maybe multi colored smurfs?  Don’t know who designed these uniforms, but Whoa, must have been someone who went to too many Love Parades! Pretty daring look, just way too bright and cartoonish for my taste.

Israel:  Just some bright, light blue and white ski clothes. Not quite daring enough.

Ireland:  Kind of a New Balance version of horizontal Camo? Nice Green color with Horizontal colors interwoven throughout.   The most Street look as of yet.

Italy:  Usually a pretty Stylish country. This attempt was close with the dark blue and white striping. But the coats were too bulky to show off the style correctly.  Must be really cold this year in Italy.

Canada:  Very conservative. Looked like Canadian Mounty’s/Firemen. Classic Red and Black Canadian Colors.

Kyrgyzstan:  Looked like they were wearing hand-made hats made of Newspaper. Ooops.

China:  Once again, way too much bulk in the down jackets. Made them look “stuffed” instead of fit. I’d keep these coats for the post game warm down. And have another look for the Opening Ceremony.

Lithuania:  Flourescent Green puffy jackets. with bright yellow pants. hats and scarves with the same bright colors.

Liechtenstein:  Fairly interesting attempt at Pop-Art.  In Red, Blue, White, just looked a bit too done already, in the 80’s.

Mexico:  Dark blue or black with white trim.  Looked just like that movie Tron. If they turned off the lights you would just see silhouettes with white lines.  Interesting.

Netherlands:  I usually like this team, since Blue and Orange are my two favorite colors together.  And this year they didn’t fail me.  Nice, Thin not puffy dark blue down jackets with awesome bright Orange accents and interiors.  A really nice look. something I would Rock on the streetz of New York and probably Chicago.

USA:  Where’s Waldo?  I do live in the U.S.A, thus you can tell I’m not bias at all. I do not like these silly over decorated, gaudy sweaters and hats. And goofy baggy white sweat pants. They remind me of Where’s Waldo? No kidding here. If I were the US design team, I would have gone with a  much more understated look. A dark blue thin down Jacket from Uniqlo would look nice. With some tailored dark blue or black fitted slacks and some hip shoes like the new flat soled Doc Martins or some other Hi-End Sneaker like a Rick Owens or a Marc Jacobs. Note: The backs of the sweaters were looking ok, some nice Stars and a simple USA. It’s the front that was way too much.

Poland:  White, White, Grey, White and some red. I guess I’ve never been there, so don’t quite get the look.

South Korea:  Colors and style looked good. but once again way too puffy.

BTW:  The music has been pretty hip, pretty nice Dance beat throughout the ceremony.  A bit generic at times, but still sounded pretty progressive for the Olympics. I thought the London Olympic Opening Ceremony had the best music ever!

Chinese Taipei:  Bright Blue gowns like a High School graduation.  Whoa!

Togo:  Ok I guess the winter Olympics is more about warmth than style. I’m starting to catch on.  Interesting colors on top-looks like yellow and a dark purple?. And some pretty cool icy silver Zippers on the ski pants.

Ukraine:  Some nice street style jackets.  Kinda Camo, kinda animal print. Not sure which animal-maybe an Owl? Interesting look. I Didnt even notice the pants.

Second BTW:  I’ve had enough. But I need to wait until I see Russia,it  wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t watch long enough to see the host Country’s Clothes. So, I will continue with this “Live” blog from the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

France:  Grey down jackets made to look like suit jackets with an awkward khaki colored pant. The grey tops were a nice attempt at some style, but the pants were like goofy American office attire.

Third BTW:  The silly announcer just said that some people have been dancing for 25-30 minutes. Like it’s something lame to do, what’s wrong with him? Never been to a Rave before?  People dance for 4-6-8 hours and it’s fun, yes FUN.

Switzerland:  All Bright Red all the Time.

Sweden:  Didnt notice the clothes but I saw the NY Rangers Goalie waving the flag. That’s pretty cool.

Fourth BTW:  Ok when is this going to be over. I need to get dressed to go out for the night.

Russia:  Finally, OMG. And they are wearing Red, White and Blue? A classic Russian look. with a bit of 2013 Nu School  Docker’s flair in their red pants.  It would be really cool if they played a “Pussy Riot” song when they came out. But don’t think that Prez P would dig that.

Well, that’s the official Streetzblog wrap up of what most of the Countries wore. I liked the London Olympic Opening Ceremony much better. The music and the designer duds, but it was kinda fun to live blog the Ceremony. Hopefully, I’ll have the night off in two years and will once again bring you the next Olympic Opening Ceremony of Style.

Have a nice Weekend. See you on the streetz. Now I have just enough time to get myself dressed for an evening of fun and Frivolity. No puffy jacket for me tonight. Gonna’ Rock my dark blue and black plaid pants, a black comfy yet fitted T from H&M, and my flat soled black Doc Martins, my most favorite and MOST comfortable shoes I’ve owned in years!


Being in the flow is definitely something worth Striving for. I know when I’m there. I’m tapped into something that is far beyond my ability-Aleta Pippin

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Just this past Thursday night March 7, 2013, I was flipping thru the TV channels with nothing to watch when I stumbled upon a channel I didn’t know existed and was able to watch Spike Lee’s New York B-ballin’ movie-He Got Game. I haven’t seen that movie since 1998 when it first came out, then maybe again in 2001. I do like the movie, I just forgot all about it in the digital world until this past Thursday.

During the movie, Denzel Washington/Jake Shuttlesworth has a classic game of B-Ball against his much younger and fitter Son-Ray Allen/Jesus Shuttlesworth.  Denzel with major tape on his knees pops a few in and puts on a good show against Jake, mostly I would say “because he’s got the shoes”, he’s wearing a pair of black and white Jordan 13’s.  During the movie and especially during their game of 1 on 1, I was wondering when those kicks were retro’d. Also wondered if they ever came out? I for some reason didn’t recognize the colorway. But because of Denzel’s stellar performance in the game I wanted to get a pair to try out on the courts, to see if I could play like Denzel against the younger players over where I play ball.  (My right knee hurts too!)

But when did they come out? Come to find out from just a click or two on Google, these Kicks release THIS Saturday March 16, 2013 at the Nike Store and Jordan Brand retailers.  ($170) And yes they did come out in November of 1997. But don’t think they’ve ever been retro’d in this colorway.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking “They showed that movie on purpose this past Thursday, because Nike gave the TV Station a few bucks to show the movie with the shoes in it right before they hit the Stores”. Coince-A-Dinky?

Or maybe, I’m just a little paranoid because I’ve been reading forward thought leader William Gibson’s book, “Zero History”.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but a general theme in it is “Marketing Fashions to people thru various underground and unorthodox methods”.  I think that Nike-Air Jordan, utilizing the TV station and the movie He Got Game NABBED  me spot on this week!  I saw the shoes on an OLD movie last week and they are coming out THIS Saturday! “Say What?”

What do you think? An in the Zone Coincidence? Or Buy these kicks underground marketing tactic? Or…

In Case you need some help deciding on your opinion, You can check out the kicks and the game between Jake and Jesus right here:


Interesting Trivia from IMDb on this scene.  In the Original script Jesus was supposed to beat Jake 15-0, but Spike Lee asked the two actors to play as if the game was real. The film’s footage and scoring comes from the actual game played between Denzel Washington and Ray Allen.  Good choice! If Jake lost 15-0, I sure would NOT want to wear those shoes!  I’d want Ray Allen’s kicks, but those aren’t even Jordans, so prob neither.

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