Dark Defined Elegance

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Givenchy Fall Winter 2021/22

Sleek set, pulse pounding soundtrack, Laser Lights and Lots of Black colored clothes. This is my kind of Runway Show! Dark, Defined, Elegance from start till finish. Check out the Givenchy show below as they take you on a little trip into the deep, dark, cauldrons of precise, distinct, crisp French tailoring. Any show with this much black is a winner in my book. The soundtrack and light show exude elegance of the Rich and Famous. Kinda like a James Bond Spy movie told in 10 minutes via hot models and slick, dark, perfectly placed, layers of clothing. With some great accoutrements Like the Giant Gold chain and the fun triple back packs and spot on make-up and hair styling.

I would dig going to the after-party of this show. Then heading over to Hotel Costes for a night cap or two. Of course wearing my black double hoodie, tailored black trousers, with the giant Gold chain and the triple back pack filled with enough gear to stay out till the sun comes up.

Here are the Highlights and Low Lights of Givenchy


  • The Vibe
  • The techno music and laser light show. Nice build up adding on layers as the video progresses
  • Lots of Black colored High-End tailored clothes
  • The Double Hoody look
  • The Triple bag back-pack
  • Black on black on black. Loving the layers
  • Vibrant oversized Giant gold chain
  • That grey skin tight sheathe dress
  • Any show with puddles is a winner. And black puddles even better!
  • The silver flasks worn as Necklaces. Nothing says Lets Party like a flask flinging around a Hot Models neck


  • The Color brown. High-End French Luxury clothing should never be brown. The blacks, whites and a tad of taboo red do the trick quite nicely
  • Some of that over the top bulky fur
  • The fuzzy fur Mittens. Uhm?
  • Main dislike is incorporating the knitted head-wear especially the creepy king crowns. Not even sure how they fit in to the HIgh-End tailored, dark, edgy, Spy Vibe. Could have used ultra High-End flat billed snapbacks. Maybe in black sleek satin or soft calfskin. Black logo on Black caps

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  1. WOW!
    That was incredible!
    Visually, choreographically stunning and the gold standard which all fashion shows could aspire to surpass with massive budget and tour-de-force creative visionary direction. Lighting, pacing, fresh tunes were spot on. Awesome!
    I loved the red boots at the midway point, loved the dresses throughout, the fitted black patent leather jackets, the purses, the consistent presence of boots, the backpack was a bit too much bulk (overkill unless going off to battle), hats and gloves were ridiculous, but very creative and unique (points for that), i liked the midpoint color red introduction to the black and grays and the choice of fabrics was super high end. Except for the real fuzzy and furry stuff (that seemed like only Disney and Loony Tunes characters going clubbing would look right in those, I kept picturing Daffy Duck, Goofy and Bugs Bunny getting their freak on at a cosplay sex club hard core scene).
    The brown was no good, agreed 100% with your takes on this show, the triple hoodies were very cool, this line should be a total smash success, I can see all the trendsetters and globetrotters snapping up these items with universal enthusiasm. Price irrelevent, many of these are must haves. I am blown away.
    Rave reviews for this one, great fashion and style.


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