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2021 is the year of the Jordan 1 and any kind of Dunk you can obtain. Cutting through the clutter of everything else are these. The USPS Priority Mail shipping box themed Air Force 1’s. I see this shoe floating in and out of my various social and web feeds and still dont know if it’s a real drop or not. But, it’s a Friday. So on Fun Time Friday for April 9, 2021. Lets have a look-see at these interesting kicks.

I do like the boxes that they are influenced by. You can stuff as much things as you like for one low price.The shoes like the boxes are white red and blue. The back of the show is probably the most interesting, which includes an area to sharpie up the “From” section. I suspect you could put your own name, Jordan would look dope or something even more expletive could get you some compliments or condemnations.

Would be kinda cool if they gave away some of these to Postal workers. Their standard show seems to be the All black New Balance Bland.

Have a Nice Weekend and See you on the Streetz…blog!

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  1. Nike Air post office kicks are a tribute to junk mail.
    I don’t understand why the Nike Air logo on the back is upside down.
    The heel ‘label’ looks like packing tape holding the sole to the upper because it broke during roughly handled shipment.
    This shoe upper is as bland as an envelope or plain brown wrapper. They should’ve used an upper with all kinds of stamps printed on it like a colorful mosaic of the best numismatic highlights, there are hundreds of beautiful stamps that could have been featured. Literally, this shoe has the style of their delivery trucks, the sole should have been black edged like the wheels. Anyway, postal employees could wear these as their authirized footwear instead of black Reeboks, they won’t sell a single pair unless they’re discounted 75%, they could just give them away to employees.
    If I bought these shoes I would feel like a first class idiot. These shoes would drive anybody to ‘go postal’.
    C’mon Nike, try a little harder, return to sender, delivery refused.


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