You only know my Name, not my Story


Balmain Menswear F/W 2019-20


  • Dope Sunglasses
  • Can’t go wrong with Blacks, Greys and Whites
  • Preppy Militant
  • The Music Rocks especially Fury Weekend’s Industrialized Pink Floyd Tune
  • Fits the vibe of the World in July 2020
  • Inclusion + Diversity
  • Horizontal stripes
  • The Black pants with the thick White stripe down the side
  • Elevated Dr. Who + John Lennon specs
  • That Hoodie! You know the which one!!
  • Specialty Slogans with meaning
  • Olivier’s Haircut and Outfit
  • The finale


  • The Flapping Grey Belts and Gray Accoutrements
  • The Funky Black material for the vampy Blade inspired looks. Seems too thin and a bit tacky
  • Frilly, Textured, Flowery, Material
  • Lack of Ability to Spot the Celebs in Attendance

About Scott Mackenzie

Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

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  1. Peter Kleschen

    Sunglasses are ridiculous…just stupid.
    LMAO at the jackets, especially the ones with open shoulders, absurd and non functional.
    Long sleeves also not functional, like a closeout buy from a straight jacket factory. Zero personality to the whole line, like it was designed by an AI computer program created offend humanity out of spite.
    The tassles and scraps of fabric DO make it look like the jackets went through the wash and are coming apart at the seams after one wash.
    Bet they don’t sell one single piece of clothing all year and stores just return them or write them off as total junk. Lock these designers up in a psych ward before they ruin more seamstresses sleep.


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