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Back to the Future-The Hoverboard

The Real Deal is Very Close to Reality- The  Lexus Hoverboard

Today/Wednesday October 21, 2015 is the real day that Back to the Future Part 2 takes place. And the Cubs are in the NLCS, haven’t quite made it to the World Series, but they are in the running and that’s pretty amazing. The back to the Future Kicks came out a few years ago, they looked nice, but still don’t self tie.  And the Hoverboard is becoming a reality:
Check out the video of some skaters testing out The Lexus Hoverboard!
It’s called the SLIDE. It’s worth watching the video just to see it GLIDE over the water. And yes, this is real.  It works via  some pretty high-tech garblygook like cryostats, Liquid Nitrogen, Insulated Core, Magnetic Flux Lines, Superconductors and Permanent Magnets. And it’s made with a bamboo top, a very lightweight casing and a sleek, sexy, carbon fiber finish.

Have a Happy Back to the Future Day and see You on the Streetz.

If you have a chance, hit up Pepsi.com to get your hands on one of the few Back to the Future Pepsi Perfects. They will sell out quickly and are already going for $350+ on Ebay! (Cost about $20, if you can get one!).
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