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The Blue Bird’s Philosophe of the World 2015

Watch Video, Think of its meaning, then take a Hike or a Bike Ride with some Real People

Do you check your phone 4 or more times per hour?  Going berserk over how many followers you have on Twitter, FB, IG or maybe your blog?  This video tells some of us how the World is so obsessed over our Social Media that we forget to enjoy the real world and real people in person.

This makes me remember that just a few days ago, I was watching the new show Younger on TV Land and they told the main character what IRL means.  It was pretty funny for me, because I’ve read the acronym almost everyday for 2-3 years and for some reason I barely noticed it and when I did I thought it was a name of a fancy car or fashion brand.

It means In Real Life, but I suspect most of you know that. In my mind I think I live in Real Life more than on Social Media, but I do know when my IG doesn’t get more than 10 likes, it drives me a bit crazy and I get obsessive about getting it to be more. And It does drive me upside my head that I’ve never hit the 100 mark on Instagram.  I have 98 likes on 1 picture, it just can’t get to that magic 100.

So glad, I’m not in H.S right now.  On GMA I heard that girls who don’t get more than 100 likes on their IG account, get kicked out of the “Cool/In” club. How horrible is that!

Well that’s the Philosphe De La Vie that I received after watching this video. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you like the song? What do you think it’s saying about the world we live in today?  Is Social Media taking over IRL experiences? Is it time for a Selfie? or Two? Watch the vid, let us know, or just think about it over the next few days. Maybe try some new outdoor experiences.. but oh don’t forget to put it on-line and hashtag it up for some extra likes.

I apologize that this doesn’t quite fit my usual blog style. But since we’re involved in Social Media in some way shape or form, I thought it was worthwhile to show the video and Hey, what’s wrong with going off topic for a day or two? Maybe the post will get a like or 2? Or a comment or 3? #Hashtag I think I’m going surfing this weekend. Haven’t done that since 2014. I sure don’t want social media, blogging, computers, and the whole digital world turning into my IRL world. Which it seems sometimes and I suspect it may be becoming. Yikes! Could be the future generations real reality? Double Yikes! Have a nice week in cyber-space or in your own IRL perception of the World.

Oh, and check out the newest Star Wars Trailer below:

Rihanna on the Streetz of America (Oxygen)

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