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I’m a Barbie Doll

MOSCHINO Spring/Summer 2015 Milan Fashion Week Runway Show

When I feel good, I always write. When I feel blue, I don’t always write, but when I do, it helps me feel better. Kind of like eating a bag of chips, but much healthier. Today is a day, I would say I had a rough, slightly stressful day. I say slightly, because I know that it is me that makes me feel stressful, not the things that happen around me. Although, on a day like this, the outside influences broke through and gave me stress.

I also haven’t done anything fun lately and don’t have anything from around town to write about.  so when all of these various influences converge. I find a runway show and watch it a few times, then write about the Highlights and Lowlights. I looked for a men’s show, but didn’t see anything with enough Zing for today. Thus, I picked a fun MOSCHINO show.  After the Show below, I will write-up the Highlights and Lowlights. I’ll tell you ahead of time, there are more High than Low, since it’s such a fun atmosphere. Makes me wanna’ bust out my Jeremy Scott Winged Hi-Tops for tonight’s festivities.


  • Barbie Doll Look:  This is fun! I do know it’s not for everyone and has some body issues. But, for the fun value, it’s there. Many of the models in the beginning look exactly like barbies my daughter used to play with in the 90’s.
  • Selfie Stick Phone Case:  It’s part of the bright PInk Barbie collection. Looks just like the mirror and brush you would purchase at Toys R Us, but has an iPhone inside of the pink casing. Probably a must have item for Spring 2015. I like it better than the McDonald’s phone case. it has usefulness to it via the #Selfie stick and it’s fun! McDonald’s just made me hungry.
  • Colors:  Bright PInk, Flo Green and Bright Pink together, Bright yellows, a bit of black, and some brazen, bright, shiny Gold. Nice!
  • Sexiest Look:  The grey patent pants with the pink patent belt. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is a great look for you.
  • Rad Bags:  I like the big black and blue boom box bag, notice the MOSCHINO logo, yep it’s even on this. And the very tiny electric yellow back-pack is pretty sweet.
  • LBD: The Little Black Dress with the colorful polka dots is one of my favorite looks of the show and not far behind it the LBD with the slightly harder to read than usual MOSCHINO name.
  • The Models: I so love when they smile. These smiled, winked, looked sexy, swanky and oh so chic. And wow! Did you see the girl do the 360 on her roller skates. So Glad she didn’t fall off the Runway. I did see some eyes get quite big when she did her thing.


  • Worst Dressed:  Between the lady at the end with the Big red puffy thing around her waist and the yellow Bikini on top the blue skirt suit. I think that was the worst, just kinda’ tacky.
  • Sunglasses:  The Heart Shaped Sunglasses look just like the glasses they sell at the carnival for $2.50. I know the MOSCHINO line loves to take things to the extreme, but if these have a $300 price tag on them, that’s just not right.
  • Raincoat thingy:  Where did this even come from, it didn’t fit the vibe of the whole show and wasn’t very sexy or chic. Brownish green raincoat with some burnt gold. Yikes.
  • The 10-12 minute mark:  Towards the end, a bunch of mismatched stuff just started coming out of nowhere. Colors that didn’t go with the rest of the show, over the top tutus, art pieces, etc. Not sure if they needed this mix matched ending. The rest of the show was so cohesive, chic, fun,  slick and flowed so well together.

What were your HIghlights? Lowlights?  How are you feeling today/tonight?  I’m better after writing. And Hopefully the evening will be better than the day. See you on the streetz.

The Fifty Shades of Hype is Heating up

Fifty Shades of Grey-Newest Music Video-Ellie Goulding: Love Me Like You Do

The video starts with the latest trailer from Fifty Shades of Grey, then it turns into the newest Ellie Goulding tune,  Love Me Like You Do. Which actually turns out to be an extended trailer and shows even more scenes of the upcoming super hyped movie opening on February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day).

When the book reached staggering hype range, I did read it. That’s where sometimes books can be better than movies. I pictured 2 people way different looking than these two. I for one, for sure liked the 2 people that I saw in my imagination better than these 2. And I suspect, I’m a bit sour that no one in the Fifty Shades of Grey Streetzblog poll made the cut.  Oh well, with all the hype, the movie has to be good? eh? And Big-Ups to Seattle making it to the Super Bowl and having their city featured throughout this movie. I bet tourism goes well for them in the next 8 months or so.

Did you read the Book? Are you going to the movie? Have you seen the streetzblog post from a while back, giving you way more than 50 ways to say the word Grey or is it Gray? Does anyone know the difference? I can’t even find the diff on the internet! Leave a comment down below if you like.

Charli XCX Feat. Rita Ora: Doing It

We featured Rita Ora in her Adidas wear a while back, so figured we’d post up her latest video.  She’s also in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie,  playing the part of Mia Grey.

Check out this vid, a bit of a take-off on Thelma and Louise and their wild car ride. But what I  like is the 80’s vibe, the scratchy color effects splashing across the screen, the punkish attitude, funny guys at the pool and the #RetroChic aura of Ora and Charlie in the of the production of the video. Whatcha’ think?  Hit, Miss or just Fun to Watch?

See you on the streetz of Oahu this week, hopefully I make it to the Beach! Cross your fingers for me. Thanks!

Streetzblog Black and White 1992

Jimmy Got Shoe

I spot Some nice Patent on This video

Last year, I was very close to getting a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. They were Black patent leather. They just didn’t have my size and it was 8:55 p.m-Not the greatest time to shop.  I can’t quite tell what color these patent leather kicks are, but if they look as good in person as they do in this video, I just may need to re-visit my Jimmy Choo dealer. You may not even notice them, they flash across the screen so fast!

Also, it’s pretty sweet how this video uses 2 of the top 8 visual trends of 2015 in their video. Monochromatic Color and Sensory Immersion. These top 8 trends were announced earlier today (1/20/15) on an iStock Webinar. I’ll go over the top 8 iStock Top Visual Design trends in 2015 in-depth a little later this week. For those, who can’t wait, I’ve listed the trends below the video.

iStock Top Visual Design Trends For 2015:

  1. Point of View/POV
  2. Letterbox Look
  3. Busy with Boxes
  4. Monochromatic Color
  5. Sensory Immersion
  6. Super Still Life
  7. All Kinds of People
  8. Dynamic Women

See you on the Streetz on Oahu this week.

Some Cool Dancing to Warm you up on A Friday Night

Friday Night Dancing

Kendall Jenner is one of the HOTTEST gals around at the moment. So let’s let loose on a Friday evening with her and a bunch of other Sexy models dancing away in an ultra-chic swanky hotel room.This vid shows Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. I bet if they knew how cold it really was going to be, there’d by more layers on these hotties.

*Music is a tribal-influenced electronic lounge tune by the Martinez Brothers.

Have a nice weekend. See you on the streetz of oahu.

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