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Gotham is Just Hours from Now

Gotham Premieres on Fox Monday September 22, 2014

I just watched the preview for the new Fox TV series – Gotham.  The Penguin looks very intriging to see his young life evolve. He’s already walking with a limp in the preview and he seems quite disturbed. Jada Pinkett Smith with her bright red streak of colored hair also looks like one to watch as she plays gangster, Fish Mooney-the theater disctrict’s over seer and the one with sites on overtaking the Falcone Crime Family and ruling all of Gotham. The city also looks fun! They said in the preview that it’s based on the raucous, chaotic NYC in the 70’s with some added 2014 elements like iPhones and other gadgets. It’s going to be hard to switch back and forth between Gotham and MNF. But might be time to reinstate my DVR.
Below is the newest Gotham trailer shown at the movie theaters and below it is the extended trailer. If you watch the new show, let us know what you think in the comments area of streetzblog.com

See some awesome Batman inspired snapbacks from Patricia Field from an earlier post of Gotham here

And I’ve spent the last couple hours preparing a Streetzblog Tips and Tricks for Halloween 2014. I’ll need to proof it on Monday and Tuesday, and most likely have it ready to post on Wednesday. This is another great year for Halloween celebrating. It should last a from Friday, October 24-Friday, October 31, 2014.

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