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Shiny Happy People in Desigual

Bright Lights, Big Color

The Desigual #NYFW S/S Women’s Runway Show

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. Streetzblog is so on it to be there next September. For September 2014, we have the nice people at TRESemme and Mercedes-Benz to thank for the videos of some of the shows. Today we visit the ultra colorful world of the Spanish brand Desigual.


  • Color:  Spring and Summer is when the flowers bloom, the weather gets warmer and vivid colors return from the slushy sidewalks and the grey sky. This show puts you directly into Spring and Summer with the use of Bright Orange, Rockin’ Red, Lemon Yellow and Perfect Lawn Green. If you’re craving the flavor of  Spring and Summer this is the show to watch and the clothes to wear.
  • Black and White:  Even with all the great colors, Desigual was able to slip in a couple of very nice black and white pieces that fit well on the models and fit well within the show. Black and White goes so well together,who cares iit’s Spring and Summer. It works for me. And it didn’t hurt that Adriana Lima wore one of the B&W Mini dresses.
  • Happy:  Fabulous happy smiling models. It’s so awesome to see all these smiling faces on the runway with no uppity hipster attitude at all. Another great touch of happiness that Spring and Summer bring after a cold, dreary Winter.
  • Adriana Lima:  She’s the one with the biggest smile, the air kisses and charisma that makes her such a big time super model.  She gives the clothes that extra oomph of delight and happiness. Even though she’s on the computer screen, it’s hard not to smile back at her when she does the hair toss, smile wink.
  • Music: Just l like the clothes and the vibe of the models, the music is upbeat and fun. And tune #2 is very catchy, one of these fashion week tunes I look for then buy on iTunes.  I shazamed it and the song is Alexandr K & Gembird’s Back Home (Original Mix).
  • Hair:  Nice blend of traditional brunettes, blacks and browns with a tad of the ultra trendy IN look of the moment in hair, the muted fluorescents in various colors. Did I tell you I saw a business lady in Downtown Honolulu Rockin’ the light purple a couple weeks ago? Yep.
  • Shoes: More great colors including bright Yellows, Aquas, Pinks, Oranges and Greens. Now I really know the 90’s are making a big come back. I had a pair of shoes the same color of green back in 1996.

Shazam at Desigual-Streetzblog.com


  • The Ending: All in all a very well done show. Only lowlight i could find is at the end the models throw out flowers at the front of the stage. And each time they turn around to go back, they almost bump into each other. For such a happy show overall, this portion gave me a bit of anxiety.  I kept holding my breath so hoping no one crashed into each other causing chaos in such  a happy place.
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