Never lose your Keys again

The TrackR-Never lose your keys or phone again, unless you lose them both at once!


TrackR-Key Fob
This is pretty cool, yet kind of funny. What if you lose both your Keys and phone at the same time! Yet this would be so perfect for your remote control! That’s what I’d use it for, that silly remote is always within 10 feet of me, but somehow so very hard to locate.

Here’s the deal on the TrackR.  You can find whatever  you put the circle on utilizing your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Just attach the black and blue circle to whatever you tend to lose the most and the free TrackR app detects the location of your lost item. Note: The App is free, the little circles are available for a limited time for $28.99 and available here.   (Regular price is $39.95)

When you lose something like your keys or remote, the phone app will show you where they are on a map, and it guides you to your lost object in seconds using a distance indicator and a ringer.  And as long as you don’t lose your keys and phone at the same time. The coolest part about this item is if you can’t find your phone. You just go to wherever your little circle is located and  press and hold it.  This will automatically ring your phone.  If you can hear it, you’ll find it, even if it’s on silent mode!

This week, see you on the streetz of Oahu or maybe at the grocery store. There are two pretty big storms heading our way and I should probably hit up the store for some supplies.  But, typically they hype these things up so large that all that happens is a bit of rain. Hope that’s the case. One of my co-workers bought 6 loaves of white bread, another has 4 cases of water and a huge bag of charcoal,  they are out of water at many of the big box stores and grocery stores. So, I guess I’ll stop by a store or two and get something. What would you buy?


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