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A Beacon of LIght and Darks from Warby Parker

First,Fresh,Fab look at the brand new Warby Parker Limited Edition Beacon Collection

Today/Thursday July 22nd 2014 is the Big release date for the Limited Edition Beacon Collection of Warby Parker Glasses. They come in some pretty sweet styles made for your Nightlife excapades or Daily sojourns. And probably one of the coolest things about these glasses is every time you purchase a pair, a pair is distributed  to someone in need through their non-profit partners. Warby Parker is also the brand with the Home Try-On opportunity. You can choose 5 pairs, try em’ for 5 days, see what you think, keep what you like and send back the others. Or if you’re like me, who never returns anything, you can keep all 5 pairs.  Get ready to add some stylish and classy looks to your outfits during the day at work or play. Or outside when you need a little Fun in the Sun.  Right now these two are making me really hungry!

Warby Parker Man and Lady Eating Noodles

Here’s a  couple of Warby Parker fans as they ponder what to do tonight as they watch the beautiful sunset. You and I both know, tonight, There’s no Sleep till’ Brooklyn. 

Taking on the evening in some styling glasses. Continuing the trend set in the 90’s where you don’t need a prescription lens to rock your style. The same trend made HUGE by the likes of D-Wade and Lebron James & Kevin Durant and Russell Westberg over the last few years during their post game interviews. This Beacon Collection gives you the opportunity to sport the similar trend, yet with a bit more of an understated style.

Check out the New Limited Edition Beacon collection below or see and seek out your newest pair of shades here.  Whether you need to style up your day look or protect your eyes in some glamorous shades at the pool or beach. There’s something for everyone here. Out of this batch I personally like the Tiger Tortoise frames with the electric blue glass. These would go great with a Navy two button sports jacket, a dark brown T,  some brownish gold Diesel Jeans, and of course my favorite burnished brown/gold Marc Jacobs Kicks.

And my most favorite of the collection are these two. I think I tend toward the tortoise color since my hair is like the glasses, always changing shades, similar to the colors in the glasses. Which are your favorite pair?

See you on the Hawaii Streetz, This weekend, I have a couple parties to go to, some basketball to play, and some Vitamin D to get at the beach…of course wearing a pair of very, very dark shades. I’ll be going out a bit stealth this weekend looking for some new trends and pictures to take and of course, I need to protect my pupils from the blazing Summer Sun.

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