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Men’s Milan Spring 2015 Trend Report

The Newest of the New direct from Milan (Spring 2015)

Milan Men's Trends-Spring 2015

Picture Courtesy of Fashionisto.com Milan Mens Spring 2015

Today is July 4, 2014 and here we are looking towards Spring 2015. Where I work we try super hard to work 3 months out, at times  3 weeks and in cases like 4th of July weekend which is super busy for us we work just 3 days ahead of schedule. How do these Fashion Designers work close to a year or more ahead of time? Amazing!

I’m not messing around today and doing a guessing game or searching through All of the Mens Milan Spring Fashions for 2015. Just going to list out the Hot Trends for Spring 2015 directly from the June 25, 2014 issue of WWD. (Thank You for the awesome help-WWD).

Spring 2015 Milan Mens Collections
What is Trending:

  • Fluid Tailoring (Expected this Trend)
  • Denim and Faux Denim
  • Stripes, Nautical and Graphic Patterns
  • Retro-From the Fifties thru the Nineties.  (I’m personally seeing the 90’s in July 2014)
  • Luxe Loungewear (A 2014 trend that continues)
  • Carrot Pleated Pants-These are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  (Something new..YAH! Not sure if it’s something I’d wear, but at least it’s something new).
  • Voluminous Trenches to Cropped Sued Jackets
  • Athleticism (Continuing Trend)
  • A tropical Vibe (Very big in Summer 2014, especially the Colorful floral on black backgrounds)
  • Soft Bags
  • Chunky Sandals
  • Double-breasted Jackets in longer Silhouettes (Might be interesting) I’d like to see suits with a little looser fit, not sure how much longer I can keep up with the slim, slimmer and Ultra Slim look in suits).
  • Streetwear-Style Layering (One of my favorite trends)
  • Round Sunglasses (John Lennon Style? Not quite my style)

What do you think? What’s your first choice on the list?  Have you seen anything WWD may have missed on the list?  I know I said I wouldn’t guesstimate, but I can’t resist. Here’s a few  trends I’d like to see:

    • Three Button Suits that are not too slim, Tailored yet comfortable enough to move around in.
    • Metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze High-Top Brogues  in a nice dull matte sheen, so they look HOT, yet are wearable to work without garnering too much attention.
    • Double-Breasted suits, Well fitting, yet once again not too tight. With 1.75 Cuffs on the Trousers.
    • Plaids in various shades of Grey, Orange and Blue.
    • Streetwear with lots of rips, holes and frays.
    • Crisp, clean Black and White Streetwear in exotic materials.
    • Extremely soft, comfortable sneakers in Blacks, Greys and Whites with super bouncy soles in flourescent green, Ice Blue, Cobalt Blue and Electric Orange.
    • More Camo in Black and Navy blends with secret sayings and images blended into the camouflage.
    • Loungewear wearable to the actual Lounge. Along with a resurgence of Groovy Hotel Costes Lounge Music.
    • 1920’s x 1990’s. Like mixing High End Luxe with Thrift Shop or Fast Fashion finds.
    • Street Sign Wear.
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