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Trendy Watches

Video Views July 2014

These aren’t the watches you wear, they’re the videos that are fun to view.  First up is Re2pect, It’s one of those Where’s Waldo types of vids, where you can play a game and see how many *famous people you can spot.  It’s also a really nice video put on by Jordan Brand to salute the career of Derek Jeter of New York Yankee fame. *So far, I’ve seen Jeter, Spike Lee, Carmelo, Tiger Woods, Phil Jackson, Jay Z and of course, Jordan.

Next up, The Search for the Baddest, keeps us on the sports tip. This time it’s basketball. Pretty fun interactive vid.Does anyone have some extra time to come to my home  court on Oahu and shoot a view long shots or tricky dribbles?

I put this on FB the day it came out, but am putting it on the Video views blog posting, just to remind everyone that if you ever need a new or different word for grey, you can check out this streetzblog post from August 23rd. It’s entitled 50 ways to say the word grey, but I was  way to carried away and it actually has over 80 ways to say Grey or is it Gray?

Next up is the newly released trailer from the Hunger Games Franchise. This doesn’t have enough punch, conviction or intensity for me, but at least it’s an early taste of what’s to come November 21st, 2014.

And lastly a very early view of Mad Max-Fury Road. The thing that gets me in this, is it looks and feels almost like the Mid 1980’s. Where’s all the updated effects and technology?

See you on the streetz or maybe for this week only in the house watching vids.

A Beacon of LIght and Darks from Warby Parker

First,Fresh,Fab look at the brand new Warby Parker Limited Edition Beacon Collection

Today/Thursday July 22nd 2014 is the Big release date for the Limited Edition Beacon Collection of Warby Parker Glasses. They come in some pretty sweet styles made for your Nightlife excapades or Daily sojourns. And probably one of the coolest things about these glasses is every time you purchase a pair, a pair is distributed  to someone in need through their non-profit partners. Warby Parker is also the brand with the Home Try-On opportunity. You can choose 5 pairs, try em’ for 5 days, see what you think, keep what you like and send back the others. Or if you’re like me, who never returns anything, you can keep all 5 pairs.  Get ready to add some stylish and classy looks to your outfits during the day at work or play. Or outside when you need a little Fun in the Sun.  Right now these two are making me really hungry!

Warby Parker Man and Lady Eating Noodles

Here’s a  couple of Warby Parker fans as they ponder what to do tonight as they watch the beautiful sunset. You and I both know, tonight, There’s no Sleep till’ Brooklyn. 

Taking on the evening in some styling glasses. Continuing the trend set in the 90’s where you don’t need a prescription lens to rock your style. The same trend made HUGE by the likes of D-Wade and Lebron James & Kevin Durant and Russell Westberg over the last few years during their post game interviews. This Beacon Collection gives you the opportunity to sport the similar trend, yet with a bit more of an understated style.

Check out the New Limited Edition Beacon collection below or see and seek out your newest pair of shades here.  Whether you need to style up your day look or protect your eyes in some glamorous shades at the pool or beach. There’s something for everyone here. Out of this batch I personally like the Tiger Tortoise frames with the electric blue glass. These would go great with a Navy two button sports jacket, a dark brown T,  some brownish gold Diesel Jeans, and of course my favorite burnished brown/gold Marc Jacobs Kicks.

And my most favorite of the collection are these two. I think I tend toward the tortoise color since my hair is like the glasses, always changing shades, similar to the colors in the glasses. Which are your favorite pair?

See you on the Hawaii Streetz, This weekend, I have a couple parties to go to, some basketball to play, and some Vitamin D to get at the beach…of course wearing a pair of very, very dark shades. I’ll be going out a bit stealth this weekend looking for some new trends and pictures to take and of course, I need to protect my pupils from the blazing Summer Sun.


Public School x Jordan Brand/Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

I’ll tell you right out of the blocks, don’t get too excited about this pair of kicks. They will be very hard to find. They are limited to 50 pairs which are going to the friends and family of the Public School brand. The Good news is a similar pair will be produced and available at the Flight 23 shops in New York City, depending on where you find your research on the web, this version could be out by end of Summer or in 2015. There’s some conflicting information about the release of the NY23 version of these kicks.  The pictured version is entitled the PSNY.


I know, a little confusing.  I do like the PS on the back of the pair pictured. That’s pretty cool. The Icey Translucent outsole is sick.  And all black is a great color to sneak into work with or rock with a suit, maybe with a black or white T and a purple or blue pocket square.

See you on the Diner En Blanc Streetz this weekend! A very hard party to dress for, no black allowed, everything is suppose to be WHITE including the pants! Yikes! Maybe I’ll do a post on it, maybe I won’t.  As you know, white’s not one of my fav colors to be rockin’.




On the HI and High Streetz

Blood Orange Featuring Skepta-High Street

check out this new video from Blood Orange Ft. Skepta with High Street.  It’s courtesy of  SSENSE-1 of my 5 favorite on-line shopping stores.  My other 4 favorites are:  Barneys, Mr. Porter, H&M and ASOS.

I totally dig the English Accent in this Vid.  Enjoy!



See you on the HI and High Streetz. If you live or are visiting Oahu, Please stop by my friends Lucky Charm Cats Children’s book launch this Saturday July 12, 2014.  The special invitation is shown below, just print it out or screen shoot this page and I’ll see you there.  Free food, music, drinks and more!


So in Straw of it.

The Summer 2014 Straw Fedora Hat Trend

Wow! Crazy fast, Ultra quick, let’s look stylish yet all alike, mega-moving speed of light trend of the Summer.  The straw hat trend or as most of what I notice in particular the Straw Fedora Hat Trend.

Since early June, I’ve seen so many straw Fedora hats In Downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana Mall, Windward Mall and especially along the streetz of Kalakaua in Waikiki.  I saw them first, started taking pictures second. Made a draft of this post way back in early June, took some more pictures. Thought I was going to post 30-40 pictures. Realized I only had 4 good shots, 2 ok shots and 12 unusable photos. So, I figured the trend may die before I get 30-40 pictures, so figured it’s already July 8, 2014, I just better post what I have.

I’ll update it later in July, if and when I get some more shots. Just trust me on this one, In Waikiki alone, two Thursdays ago, I was counting 4 in 10 wearing some sort of straw hat and most were the fedora type.  I can’t wait any longer to post this. Hope you enjoy  the pictures. And I hope to get you some more. It’s once again time when my brain thinks it’s time for a DSLR, but once again I spent my camera money on suits, shoes and shorts. Such a shop-o-holic. I have 3 credit cards in the freezer. Might be time to put some ice around them…LOL Yep, they’re in the freezer like the Confessions of a Shopoholic heroine does with hers, but hers are frozen. Mine, so far are just in the freezer and not in my pocket. Baby steps, today’s rationalization is How can I blog about clothes, shoes and hats? If I can’t personally go shopping?

All Shots were taken via my iPhone 5s utilizing either the camera+ App or Snapseed App for post production editing. Are people wearing these hats this summer where you live?  Last Summer? Or not wearing them at all?  It would be interesting to know if it’s a world-wide phenom or just a Hawaiian Island trend.


Men’s Milan Spring 2015 Trend Report

The Newest of the New direct from Milan (Spring 2015)

Milan Men's Trends-Spring 2015

Picture Courtesy of Milan Mens Spring 2015

Today is July 4, 2014 and here we are looking towards Spring 2015. Where I work we try super hard to work 3 months out, at times  3 weeks and in cases like 4th of July weekend which is super busy for us we work just 3 days ahead of schedule. How do these Fashion Designers work close to a year or more ahead of time? Amazing!

I’m not messing around today and doing a guessing game or searching through All of the Mens Milan Spring Fashions for 2015. Just going to list out the Hot Trends for Spring 2015 directly from the June 25, 2014 issue of WWD. (Thank You for the awesome help-WWD).

Spring 2015 Milan Mens Collections
What is Trending:

  • Fluid Tailoring (Expected this Trend)
  • Denim and Faux Denim
  • Stripes, Nautical and Graphic Patterns
  • Retro-From the Fifties thru the Nineties.  (I’m personally seeing the 90’s in July 2014)
  • Luxe Loungewear (A 2014 trend that continues)
  • Carrot Pleated Pants-These are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  (Something new..YAH! Not sure if it’s something I’d wear, but at least it’s something new).
  • Voluminous Trenches to Cropped Sued Jackets
  • Athleticism (Continuing Trend)
  • A tropical Vibe (Very big in Summer 2014, especially the Colorful floral on black backgrounds)
  • Soft Bags
  • Chunky Sandals
  • Double-breasted Jackets in longer Silhouettes (Might be interesting) I’d like to see suits with a little looser fit, not sure how much longer I can keep up with the slim, slimmer and Ultra Slim look in suits).
  • Streetwear-Style Layering (One of my favorite trends)
  • Round Sunglasses (John Lennon Style? Not quite my style)

What do you think? What’s your first choice on the list?  Have you seen anything WWD may have missed on the list?  I know I said I wouldn’t guesstimate, but I can’t resist. Here’s a few  trends I’d like to see:

    • Three Button Suits that are not too slim, Tailored yet comfortable enough to move around in.
    • Metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze High-Top Brogues  in a nice dull matte sheen, so they look HOT, yet are wearable to work without garnering too much attention.
    • Double-Breasted suits, Well fitting, yet once again not too tight. With 1.75 Cuffs on the Trousers.
    • Plaids in various shades of Grey, Orange and Blue.
    • Streetwear with lots of rips, holes and frays.
    • Crisp, clean Black and White Streetwear in exotic materials.
    • Extremely soft, comfortable sneakers in Blacks, Greys and Whites with super bouncy soles in flourescent green, Ice Blue, Cobalt Blue and Electric Orange.
    • More Camo in Black and Navy blends with secret sayings and images blended into the camouflage.
    • Loungewear wearable to the actual Lounge. Along with a resurgence of Groovy Hotel Costes Lounge Music.
    • 1920’s x 1990’s. Like mixing High End Luxe with Thrift Shop or Fast Fashion finds.
    • Street Sign Wear.

An Industrial/Alternative/House Dj’s Top 10 Independence Day Tunes

DJ Sniper Wells


Hi, to have a really kickin’ yet still patriotic Party on July 4th, here’s a pretty cool list of tunes to play for your special soiree. Or mix em up a bit and play them for your Fireworks Soundtrack. The First batch are Sniper Well’s Pix, the next my second batch of pix and the last list is pretty traditional. Mix and Match and Have a Rockin’ 4th of July!! And please don’t Light fireworks while driving or throw firecrackers under any cars.

Sniper Wells at the Controls Top Independence Day Party Tunes

  1. KMFDM-A Drug Against War
  2. The Prodigy-Invaders Must Die
  3. Funker Vogt-Arising Hero
  4. Combichrist-Never Surrender
  5. Bob Sinclar-Love Generation
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Heads Will Roll (A Trak Remix)
  7. Rotersand vs VNV Nation-Shelter from Conflict
  8. Bee Gees-Stayin’ Alive
  9. KMFDM-Stars and Stripes Forever
  10. Axus-You make me feel Like (Peace and Love and Happiness)

Second batch I’d play

  1. Dupont-Behave
  2. Funker Vogt-City of Darkness
  3. Jimi Hendrix-The Star Spangled…

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