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In His Choo’s 2015

Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2015 London Runway Show

It’s only June 18, 2014 and Jimmy has your Choo’s Ready to Rock in Spring and Summer 2015.  Just when you thought you had all the shoes you need, a video like this appears on YouTube.  There’s so many nice kicks on here, I’m glad I have lots of time to save up for 2015. Check out the video on YouTube  or look at some more pictures from fashionising.com, see what your favorites are, then take a look-see at my highlight list from the Jimmy Choo SS 2015 London Runway Show.



  • Patent Leather Hi-Tops: Patent and Hi-Tops, 2 of my Favorite words and three Different pairs to choose from. Gold, Silver and black.  Wow!
  • Comfort:  Almost all of the Choo Shoes shown have comfy looking soles. Lots of crepe, rubber, and plenty of  bounce in most of the collection.  I like comfortable shoes and this collection definitely look comfy.
  • Colorful Monk Strap Brogues: These get me almost as quick as Patent Hi-Tops, yet I’m still don’t own a pair. Usually the soles are hard leather so I don’t buy em’. These look tempting, since they look a bit more comfortable and for sure very colorful in light blue, yellow and orange. Maybe these are 3 colors to be on the look out for in SS 2015?
  • Sockless:  I do like the look, just not sure if my feet can take the beating. And look at how high the pants are rolled up. Italy? Paris? Maybe Miami? Would be quite daring here in Hawaii.

Which are your favorites? Or least preferable?  Anyone know any of the models in the vid? Maybe I could get a pair for Summer 2014? Seems like a looong wait for SS 2015  Have a nice Summer 2014. According to the calendar, the official first day of Summer is this Saturday June 21st. I tend to like the old system of the first day of Summer being Memorial Day weekend and the last is Labor Day Monday. Here, where I live it’s Summer all year-long, except in Summer-Time the sun can burn you a bit more and the Waves are bigger on the South Shore/ the side I live on. If you live in Hawaii or come for a visit, you need to be just a bit more careful by using additional  sunscreen 30+ or over and especially more cautious with the waves. I wouldn’t recommend a surf lesson when the waves are bigger than 4 feet. As a surfer told me last week when I was getting bashed about, It’s pretty Gnarly out here today, you may want to go inside the reef. It was a 5-7 foot day and Hawaiian waves are actually double what the meteorologist tells us they are, thus a 5 foot wave is actually 10 feet tall!

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