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Rob the original brings Major Hair Flair to the NBA Play-Offs

Tim Duncan Designed Hair

Rob the Barber’s got it going on with some amazing designs just in time for the NBA Play-Offs. I’m not a big fan of the Heat or the Spurs, but these hair designs are out of this world. Somehow I was lucky enough to stumble upon Rob on my Instagram earlier today, so I could show these pix to you. From what I gather, he uses standard barber clippers and razors for the cut and colored eye liner to make the fun and exciting colors. Here are more Spurs and Heat themed pictures of his designs:

Here is a selection of some the hottest designs from Rob:

And my 3 favorite super-fantastic-amazing color art pieces:

If you want to see more pictures, follow Rob the Master Barber/Artist via ROBTHEORIGINAL on Instagram or @robtheoriginal on Twitter. If you want to get in touch with him or make an appointment, email him here or check out his website at RobTheOriginal  What do you think of these hair designs?  What design would you choose?  LMK in the comments section.

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  1. Wow. Look at that! Utterly amazing.


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