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Dressed to Travel

Durable Suits Your Comfy Kicks

Can you believe this suit? It goes ankle-deep into the ocean then later in the video the model actually surf’s in it!  I’ve only seen this J. Crew Suit on the video so don’t know how well it would fair in the real world. From the looks of this video, it’s the perfect travel companion for your next business or pleasure trip. I don’t see a wrinkle in it either. Wow!


Suit Video


My feet hurt almost every day of the week, thus I’m always on the look out for some styling comfortable kicks. These look like a great find. Good looking enough to wear to work and according to the video, these should keep my feet comfy. I’ll take a trip out to the Red Wing Store and take a look at these.  They could be the shoe for me. Lately my feet have hurt so bad, I’ve been wearing dark black Jordan 13 Altitudes in a size bigger than I usually take with an Ultra absorbent back pain Pro Pain relief in-sole from Dr. Scholl’s. They seem to work pretty well,  just not the right look for important business meetings.


Shoe Video

I could use both the suit and the shoes. Memorial Day Weekend 2014, I’ll be in Chicago, checking out my nieces High School Graduation. Until I buy something new, I’ll bring my Jordan 13 Altitudes and a John Varvatos zippered suit jacket that can double as a piece to use for warmth. According to my iPhone’s weather app, It could be anywhere from 37% to 82%. Both items are a perfect match if you’re looking for that How to Make it in America look that Ben Rocks.

What do you recommend for travel clothing and Kicks? LMK in the Comments section.Have a Great Week and I’ll for sure see you on the streetz of Chicago.

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