IMPERFECT  Runway Show Fall Winter 2014-15

Earlier today, I had a Root Canal done, then got a bit of Sun and Fun at the Basketball court. I wanted to run a few errands and shop, but had to come home due to the dizziness and discomfort caused by my tooth and the 300mg of Ibuprofen. Thus, I am watching Basketball, listening to Drum and Bass on the BBC Radio One, watching runway shows and typing this blog.  The Massive Media Stimulation kind of takes the edge off the pain of  my tooth. Not really, but helps…I think. Instead I would rather sleep. Although, I am not tired one bit, actually quite wired. Enjoy the IMPERFECT Runway Show. While I continue to freak out from my tooth pain. Hopefully, it will be better Sunday morning. I want to go SUPing.

Highlights Include:

  • Very Nice Production value of this Video
  • Favorite look is the girl in the Blue and White Varsity Jacket with the Red cap, Sexy skirt and Stiletto’s
  • You can see the Fringe look in action…One of the biggest trends for 2014-15
  • The Lemon Yellow pants are quite nice with the regular yellow Basketball Shirt. Nice look
  • Dancers remind me of an 80’s Music Video mixed with some 2013 Daft Punk
  • Music sounds crisp and clean. Would be a perfect brand to team up with Chromeo. Retro 80’s Now kind of Vibe

Chromeo is so good at Big Time Hooks. Once again they don’t miss on this tune, Jealous (I Ain’t With It). “I get Jealous but I’m too cool to admit it” Such a fun Line. Do you get Jealous?

Not the 2013 Daft Punk, but my favorite tune by them…One More Time. Could be the theme of my tooth, it’s actually the SECOND Root Canal on the SAME tooth! The first was found to be IMPERFECT.

Be grateful, Stay Positive, Have a nice Sunday and hopefully,  I’ll see you on the Streetz.



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