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Putting on the Fitz

Upbeat, Fun, and Very Amazing Performance Style

Whenever I go to Chicago, I keep my eyes wide open on the streetz for What’s Hot and Happening and I also watch late night TV to see what I may be missing living way out in the middle of the Pacific. During my last trip, I found this really fun band on late night PBS/WTTW TV on a show called the Artists Den.  They’re called Fitz and the Tantrums. I find this song very upbeat, fun, catchy and for some reason it reminds me of another song..maybe from the 80’s?  See what you think of it, one of my great finds on my whirlwind 4 day 4 night trip to Chicago this past Memorial Day Weekend 2014.

I totally dig the way they dance too, if you get a chance, check them out on the Artists Den. They do a pretty fun couples dance ala Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  I think if I did my life over or decide to change it in the future, I’d like to be the dancer in a band like Bez from the Happy Mondays or a Fashion Designer. I used to think  I dance so different from anyone else that it was too weird, nowadays I bet it would be a big HIT. And as I already have some successful T Shirt designs, I can still do the Fashion Designer gig, which I seem to be doing already, just not on a money-making endeavor, more for fun. A couple of things for me to think about. If you ask, I may give you a look-see of me dancing on YouTube one day. We shall See…Karaoke! well that’s something I’ve never even tried, so completely different story there..LOL

What did you think? Who do they remind you of or who do you think they remind me of? LMK if you know. The above song was my favorite song from their LIVE concert on the Artists Den. Next up is another tune that is also quite catchy. The whistling reminds me of World Hold On by Bob Sinclar or the Whistle Song by the late (RIP) DJ Frankie Knuckles. Give this tune a whirl and see if it just makes you feel good. I hope this or the first tune works for your happiness quotient for the day. I suspect I needed a bit of a boost today, I did a lot of paperwork and digital artwork that at times seems to send me into a bit of a tizzy. And guess what helps me the most? Writing on Streetzblog. Tonight as I drove home I was in one of those so bad to be driving right now moods. After writing this blog, my senses and body feel much more relaxed, calm and peaceful. With an extra boost of happiness from listening to Fitz and the Tantrums.

I would usually take this blog to the next level by researching the band out, but that won’t help my mood, it would probably feel like a chore  for me tonight. So lets just enjoy the tunes and call it a day. I’m sure if you’re more interested in Fitz, just check them out on wikipedia.

Dance, RUN, Jump!

ID Presents the A-Z’s of DANCE

I found this video on Kitt Noir’s Blog. Check out these dance moves! Looks like they remembered everything. Do you see any great moves they forgot to include?

DJ Amen and Don Benjamin at the JUMP

See you Thursday Thru Sunday on the Streetz of Chicago. If you’re on Oahu, Don’t miss DJ Amen and one of America’s Next Top Model’s Don Benjamin this Friday May 23rd at the Jump at Vice. Go Chicago Blackhawks-See you in about 32 hours.


What’s HOT Memorial Day Monday 2014

2nd Annual look at what’s Hot Memorial Day Monday

As a blogger I get stats and in these reports I can tell what people like to read the most. On Streetzblog, the biggest article ever was on the type of  headphones Michael Phelps wore during the Olympics. Second most read is anything about Jordan’s tied with Luxe Life Kicks, Next up is What’s Hot Memorial Day Monday 2013. So, here is the 2nd annual look at what’s Hot on Memorial Day Monday.

m2malletier-The IT Bag

  • The M2Malletier-Le Fleur Du Mal Clutch: This ladies handbag has the most radical looking handle. To me it looks like industrial metal used in a modern-day closet of the Rich and Famous. Others think it looks like a gold chopstick. The designers call it a Needle inspired by medieval armor. Celebrities from Eva Mendes to Cate Blanchett to Jessica Alba to Kate Hudson have been seen rocking this modern must see and must compliment clutch. I’m not really the official dude for hand bags, but I would call it this season’s IT bag. Looks so innovative, slick and in the moment-It’s gotta’ be the IT bag of the moment.  The M2Malletier-Le Fleur Du Mal Clutch can be your very own arm candy for $1,520 at
  • Frends Headphones: Pink, light blue, dark blue, black and yellow iridescent headphones. If you want to be seen and stand out from the crowd this is a great choice for you.  Rock to the Beat for $199.99 at
  • ASOS Iridescent Fabulous Platform Sandals:  These totally match the Frends Headphones. Purple, flo-green, pink, and light blue iridescent colors. With what looks like a white Vibram sole (Actually a Durable Flat Form Sole). Get your pedicure done then get your sandals for $76.22 at
  • Saint Laurent (Without the Yves) By Hedi Slimane Sunglasses:  This hip pair of lucite luxury has a golden honey hued lens and frame. These would go perfect with a pair of Marc Jacobs Bronzed Brown patent leather kicks. If you want the Luxe-Life Look in minutes, this is the pair of sunglasses made just for you!  Keep the Sun out of your eyes and the neighbors checking you out for $324 at
  • Louis Vuitton Yellow Bowling Bag:  If you haven’t seen this handbag in the hands of Michelle Williams I guess you haven’t been reading any paper magazines lately. This bag is in practically every Women’s Fashion Mag out there. It does look nice, even nicer modeled by the sexy Michelle Williams. It has 3 zippered compartments and is part of the L.V Mongram Empreinte collection. It would match nicely with the Honey Hued Saint Laurent Sunglasses.  Get your stand out Citron yellow luxe-life bag for $2,530 at
  • Alexander Wang Parental Advisory Sweatshirt: Sheer Stripe Knit Neoprene Sweatshirt featuring the infamous Parental Advisory Explicit Content wording laser cut into the fabric. Get your translucent and lucent gear for $995 at Alexander
  • Dior Homme in Hawaii:  Memorial Day typically kicks off Summer and according to Modern Luxury Magazine, Dior Homme is coming to Hawaii this Summer. Creative Director Kris Van Assche plans to release a collection intertwining the tuxedo and the beach. Sounds like fun! I need to get my name on the guest list for this grand opening.

khloe-kardashian-Parental Advisory sweatshirt by Alexander Wang

Dressed to Travel

Durable Suits Your Comfy Kicks

Can you believe this suit? It goes ankle-deep into the ocean then later in the video the model actually surf’s in it!  I’ve only seen this J. Crew Suit on the video so don’t know how well it would fair in the real world. From the looks of this video, it’s the perfect travel companion for your next business or pleasure trip. I don’t see a wrinkle in it either. Wow!


Suit Video


My feet hurt almost every day of the week, thus I’m always on the look out for some styling comfortable kicks. These look like a great find. Good looking enough to wear to work and according to the video, these should keep my feet comfy. I’ll take a trip out to the Red Wing Store and take a look at these.  They could be the shoe for me. Lately my feet have hurt so bad, I’ve been wearing dark black Jordan 13 Altitudes in a size bigger than I usually take with an Ultra absorbent back pain Pro Pain relief in-sole from Dr. Scholl’s. They seem to work pretty well,  just not the right look for important business meetings.


Shoe Video

I could use both the suit and the shoes. Memorial Day Weekend 2014, I’ll be in Chicago, checking out my nieces High School Graduation. Until I buy something new, I’ll bring my Jordan 13 Altitudes and a John Varvatos zippered suit jacket that can double as a piece to use for warmth. According to my iPhone’s weather app, It could be anywhere from 37% to 82%. Both items are a perfect match if you’re looking for that How to Make it in America look that Ben Rocks.

What do you recommend for travel clothing and Kicks? LMK in the Comments section.Have a Great Week and I’ll for sure see you on the streetz of Chicago.


IMPERFECT  Runway Show Fall Winter 2014-15

Earlier today, I had a Root Canal done, then got a bit of Sun and Fun at the Basketball court. I wanted to run a few errands and shop, but had to come home due to the dizziness and discomfort caused by my tooth and the 300mg of Ibuprofen. Thus, I am watching Basketball, listening to Drum and Bass on the BBC Radio One, watching runway shows and typing this blog.  The Massive Media Stimulation kind of takes the edge off the pain of  my tooth. Not really, but helps…I think. Instead I would rather sleep. Although, I am not tired one bit, actually quite wired. Enjoy the IMPERFECT Runway Show. While I continue to freak out from my tooth pain. Hopefully, it will be better Sunday morning. I want to go SUPing.

Highlights Include:

  • Very Nice Production value of this Video
  • Favorite look is the girl in the Blue and White Varsity Jacket with the Red cap, Sexy skirt and Stiletto’s
  • You can see the Fringe look in action…One of the biggest trends for 2014-15
  • The Lemon Yellow pants are quite nice with the regular yellow Basketball Shirt. Nice look
  • Dancers remind me of an 80’s Music Video mixed with some 2013 Daft Punk
  • Music sounds crisp and clean. Would be a perfect brand to team up with Chromeo. Retro 80’s Now kind of Vibe

Chromeo is so good at Big Time Hooks. Once again they don’t miss on this tune, Jealous (I Ain’t With It). “I get Jealous but I’m too cool to admit it” Such a fun Line. Do you get Jealous?

Not the 2013 Daft Punk, but my favorite tune by them…One More Time. Could be the theme of my tooth, it’s actually the SECOND Root Canal on the SAME tooth! The first was found to be IMPERFECT.

Be grateful, Stay Positive, Have a nice Sunday and hopefully,  I’ll see you on the Streetz.



Get your Gotham on

The buzz is heating up for the New Gotham series coming this Fall to Fox!

Check out this fresh trailer for the upcoming FOX GOTHAM TV series featuring a very young Bruce Wayne AKA the BATMAN. The internet is buzzing about younger versions of some of your favorite criminals too! These include:  Catwoman, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Poison Ivy. We still have  plenty of time to get ready for this, after watching the trailer, see below for some HOT looking gear from Patricia Field to Get your Gotham on!

As Promised here are some fun items you can get at Pat Fields NYC. I have the Vogue and Ghetto Snapbacks (Also available on this internet site). In December 2014, they were sold out of the Gotham cap when I was at their store. I know, I can always go on-line, but I’m on one of my on- line fashion shopping fasts until June. Shown below are the Badacious GOTHAM horned Snap Back Cap and the ADEEN Bat Boy Cap..both perfect for your Fall 2014 viewing pleasure and both available on-line at or at her store in New York at 306 Bowery between E. Houston and Bleeker St.  next to SSUR.

Gotham Hat at Patricia Field 2014

ADEEN Bat Boy Cap

Gisele and Bob Sinclar-Heart of Glass

Could this be the Song of Summer 2014?

Even though it’s only May 7, 2014. Myself and Streetzblog are calling Gisele and Bob Sinclar’s Heart of Glass, the Song of Summer or as we say on my DJ blog-This years #1 SUMMER STORMER *TM/DJSW.

Gisele hooked up with one of the hookiest producers of all time to re-make Blondie’s Heart of Glass for H&M. Ever since H&M came to Hawaii, I can’t stop  writing about them. And Now, Bob Sinclar! and Gisele! Together! This deserves a blog post for sure. Gisele Super Model. Bob Sinclar Super Producer/DJ.  I played the full song on my radio show this past Saturday and received many great calls and compliments. See the the Mini Ultra video of Heart of Glass here:

Watch the making of the video here:

And for my Birthday, Friday May 2nd Bob Sinclar performed for H&M right next to Walgreens in the Heart of Times Square, NYC.

If you liked Heart of Glass I’m sure you’ll ll enjoy these fun, older, extremely catchy Bob Sinclar tunes.   World Hold On, What a Wonderful World and one of my favorite songs of all time Love Generation.

World Hold On:

What a Wonderful World:

Love Generation:

I don’t really mention my music and Dj world on Streetzblog, I tend to keep that part of my world a bit on the DL. But, since Heart of Glass could be the #1 Summer Stormer of 2014, I figured I couldn’t keep my other world a secret and have you miss out on some of Bob’s older tunes. He’s been one of my favorite artists ever. One that American radio has not embraced too much, but as you can see, Bob is quite talented, popular and one of the world’s most popular best kept secrets. BTW: He’s really good friends with the biggest EDM groups of all time-Swedish House Mafia, as you can see in the middle video above,  he did What a Wonderful World with Axwell.

Since I spent all my birthday money on clothes and music, I now need to go eat one of my favorite cheap foods. Savory Lemon Yellow Potatoes.  Ahhh, they really are good and very inexpensive.  Since I also had caffeine for the first time in weeks, I’ll keep typing and give you my recipe for this Delish meal.

Buy a Big bag of round yellow potatoes from Sam’s Club or Costco. Put  them in the fridge so they last a long time. Take out 3 each time you make this dish. Slice them thinly with a sharp steak knife. Put in micro for 2 minutes. Flip potatoes, and press 2 more minutes. Take out, Pour heart healthy olive oil on them, Add lemon juice from the plastic yellow Lemon, and two small twists of Sea Salt. Put back in microwave for 45 seconds. Make sure you let them sit for a bit. Then eat the potatoes. Next up, the best part…drink the Olive Oil, Lemon, and Sea Salt mixture.It tastes just like lobster or crab  or whatever you like to dip into delicious Lemon/Olive Oil/Sea Salt Sauce.  Oh yeah, totally yummy and  saves you money for More clothes, More clothes and More  music.

Have a nice Thursday!



Mesh it Up

Meet your Summer 2014 Weekend Wear

ASOS Oversized Long Sleeved Mesh Shirt in Black Available Here for $31.10

ASOS Oversized Long Sleeved Mesh Shirt in Black Available Here for $31.10

Black Mesh Shirts without team allegiance are Hot for Summer 2014. Pictured above is the ASOS Black Mesh Long Sleeve Jersey. The first of the Meshable clothing I noticed recently. It looks nice, just wonder how it feels on the skin?

H&M Black Short Sleev Mesh Shirt availablel here for $

H&M Black Short Sleeve Mesh Shirt available here for $24.95

I received a $50 H&M Gift card for My Birthday, I checked out the website and found another Black Mesh Shirt. It’s on-line now. I didn’t see it in the H&M Waikiki Store. But by the time I finish writing this article, I suspect I will purchase a Black Mesh Shirt somewhere on the web, maybe it will be from H&M?

Reclaimed Vintage Longline Short Sleeve Mesh Shirt with number on the back. Available at this site for  $52.68

Reclaimed Vintage Longline Short Sleeve Mesh Shirt with number on the back. Available at ASOS for $52.68

This version has a plain front with Blue stripes on the sleeves and a big number 80 on the back. Pretty nice version. Would rather it re imagined with a number 1 or a number 23. Jerry Rice is the only number 80 I can remember.

Another Influence Black Mesh Football Jersey. On sale here for just $37.63

Another Influence Black Mesh Football Jersey. On sale here for just $37.63

Shown Above is Another Black Mesh shirt ala Football Style. It features a Black number 76 on top of the black mesh jersey material. This Another Influence Jersey is on sale for $37.63, down from the original prize of $54.44.

Whether you enjoy your mesh without a number, a Roman numeral 9, a big white 80, or a black on black 76, the black mesh look is a HOT Streetzblog pick for Summer 2014.  Note: The Black color may make it a bit warm to wear in Summer, you may want to save this look for Fall 2014. Either way, it’s a look that Rocks! See you on the streetz and hopefully at the movies this week.

Update: May 7, 2014 The look is also trending for Women as seen in the LIFUL MNML City Look Book Summer 2014.

Liful MNML City Black Mesh Shirt with White lettering.

LIFUL MNML City Black Mesh Shirt with White lettering.

Black Mesh with white number 05 on the back. Note: Liful MNML City also has shirts similar for Men.

Black Mesh with white number 05 on the back. Note: LIFUL MNML City also has shirts similar for Men.

Swishfull Thinking

Who Got Game?

We’re only in the first round of the 2014 NBA Play-Offs and it seems like we’ve seen 2-3 rounds already. Very thrilling start to this year’s NBA Play-Offs. Too bad the Bulls are out and the Knicks never made it. The Clippers and Warriors are both fun to watch, yet they’re playing each other in Round One. Other than those things, it’s very exciting and we just might see some pretty BIG upsets very shortly.

Checkity-Check this sizzling HOT App and Ball to get your game on!

Sometimes I can’t believe how far things have come in regards to tech and social media and how unbelievably fast this has all happened. Here’s the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and App, quite an amazing feat of technology and real world Ol’ school ball action all hooked up in one.

94fifty-Basketball and App

The 94Fifty basketball is a REAL B-Ball set up with Blue-Tooth Technology.  It tracks your the speed, spin and arc of your shot.  Then it sends all the Nifty-Fifty basketball info directly to your iPhone app. Available at 94fifty  for $295. Even though it’s quite pricey, if it would help me shoot like Steph Curry, I’d think about getting it. Like an iPhone, I think I’ll wait until the next version comes out.  (I only buy the S versions of the iPhones, they get rid of the bugs and work perfectly).

Swishes Do Come True

Another way to make it to the NBA or shoot like a star is to get the SWISH DVD’s.  I don’t have the newest version of SWISH, but I have the first and second versions and I gotta’ tell you the system does work. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can make 7 out of 10 free throws. I used to make 3-5 out of 10. And who knows if I ever get a chance to play inside, I suspect I could make 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. I’ve never tried shooting indoors since I learned the SWISH method. Note:  A couple of tricks from the Vid include things that you can see Steph Curry doing including getting more of an arch on the ball, shooting the ball higher in the air, pushing the shot a bit and…for the rest I think it best to pay a bit of $ for 1, 2, or 3 of the DVD’s. Here’s a sample of SWISH 3.

Tom Norland from SWISH used to email me a pretty happening Newsletter every month. See if you can get on his list, but last I checked with him he was too busy to write it.Maybe he’s become inspired again-it’s worth checking on. See you on the streetz, or maybe I’ll see you this Thursday thru Sunday at the Hard Rock Cafe, The beach, playing some ball or at the Mall.

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